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>be 24

My fellow robots, how old are you and do you still wake up with morning wood?
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I stopped getting morning wood at around age 14
I am 27 and yes I do
27, still do
do you fap everyday? or maybe you're just losing your libido

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I get those goosebumps everytime yeah
You come around yeah
You ease my mind you make everything feel fine
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>tfw it's winter where I live
It's so comfy tonight
il dump some of my shit, if it says tumblr on the file name its because I got em off google images
this one is just an interior, i dont have much comfy art but il post it anyway

my gf has started making me wear a condom because she doesn't want to have to clean herself up after she takes a load.

Talk about lazy
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she's trying to hide the fact that she doesn't want you anymore, anon

she wants a cicada cock to run her through instead
get aids and die slowly
shes cheating on you, just FYI

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The gathering is only two weeks away.
Who is coming?
Are you worried about meeting other robots in real life?
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MGTOW camp will be about 2 miles south of the main camp
I feel bad that ur thread failed, so I'm giving you a bump m8
I want to kill myself but not by being raped then murdered by a serial killer in a death camp in the forest.

Thanks in advance.

I've grown to enjoy my illness
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How does the illness start manifesting itself upon its onset? Do you just basically one day wake up all out of it, or do the symptoms creep in?
The symptoms creep in. For me it started with social withdrawal and lack of care for self hygiene, then I started hearing the voices and getting paranoid, then the delusions started. I'm on clozapine now and I kinda miss going through psychosis
How exactly did the voices start and what were they like? The thing runs in my family and just this morning I heard the disembodied voice of my father for a while, thinking he'd somehow gotten home when I was supposed to pick him up with a car, so I went out to apologize for somehow missing his call, looked through the house and realised there's nobody there. Anything like the illness, or just something else?

>*squirts in your face*
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>*pisses in your face*

Gross now I'm infected with roastie juices! Learn to aim you filthy slut *kicks you in the cunt and takes my laptop and gets up and relocates* *puts in headphones and pretends to ignore you so you'll leave me alone*
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*blocks your path* blox

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Give me one reason to not just end it right here.

How is it fair that the one most important thing that will decide the rest of your life is decided at birth and can't be changed
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>believing the bullshit 4chan feeds you
> 2016+1
> Still believing in IQ
that's a cut willy with a nice curve

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Post your thicc 2hus, feel free to go overboard, but lets just keep most of the posts at just THICC.
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This is not attractive. Take your degenerate fetish(mental illness) elsewhere, you lard loving faggot
that's just fat, not thicc
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So adblock doesn't work on youtube anymore I tried using uBlock and it worked a couple times but now I just saw a ad. Fuck youtube.
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why are anime posters so stupid? I haven't seen an ad on youtube in a year
i see the yellow mark in vids but i still don't see ads on youtube
How do you guys do it? I get stupid ads.

>*violently rolls around on the floor*
>*repeatedly slaps own forehead with full force*

What do you do?
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put my dick in her mouth, she is clearly showing symptoms of SDD (semen deprevation disorder)
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*shrieks and bites your dick off, starts crying*
The correct answer is surprise buttsex.

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>tfw power top born in a twink body
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>twink body
aka not working out. No one is born big. Go to the gym nigger
But gaining muscle is a lot harder for some people because of differences in testosterone levels. Guys with low testosterone won't gain much muscle even if they go to the gym regularly.
shut the fuck up with the excuses and hit the gym you faggot, it's not because you complain that you'll wake up ripped

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Hey anons what's up?
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Do you like papa johns?

watching some educational show on the civil war
everyone is going to parties tonight

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Does she remember me bros
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I hope she does, post her answer
could take days, who knows, its possible this message went into that "other" inbox that doesnt give you notifications
Why didnt you add her first?

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This is deception

Fraud is illegal, why isn't this?
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Yeah, people shouldn't be allowed to look how they want. Boo freedom.
I like her freckles better than the make up
She's doing it for Chad and Chad doesn't mind.

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Guys, I think I got cancer in my neck and I'm not gonna do anything about it.

Also, what would you guys do if you got cancer?
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you see a doctor immediately. if u dont, u die
i would go thailand and fuck as many prostitutes and thai lady boys i can.
Keep on trucking until it gets painful, then commit suicide probably. I don't want to do chemo or radiation

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