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what essentials do I need?

toothbrush and toothpaste

what else?
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enjoy your flouride poisoning, dumb american.
a way to treat water, either chemical treatment or some kind of filter
shelter appropriate for whatever environment you're in (maybe just a blanket, maybe a tent and insulated pad and sleeping bag)
a shovel and something to wipe your ass with
flossing is not bad neither is brushing

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how to deal with depression without medicines (i've never been taking them, are they helpful? and what are negative effects of using them)
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if your not literally on the verge of killing yourself ssris wont do too much, i was very suicidal but i started antidepressants and it didnt totally go away but it made me feel content enough to not want to just end it all. but if youre just mildly depressed ive heard ssris wont help too much. but it cant hurt to try them. staying on them long term has made it virtually impossible for me to get an erection (im on antipsychotics too) but im actually okay with that because now i dont have to worry about women. you might not be though. I have a friend whos been on em longer than i have and hes still able to bust nuts so the side effects will vary
>Have a Chad friend
>Really nice person, helped me when i felt like shit etc.
>Popular with plenty of friends and a gf that he loved
>Financially secure
>Killed himself recently
>Turns out he was diagnosed with clinical depression two years ago, was supposed to be on medicines since then but he chose not to take them

Take from that what you want.
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I would suggest cannabis but you said no medicine

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Should I just say fuck it and hire an escort, robots?
I'm seriously considering it.
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Yeah unless you still think you have a chance at getting it legitimately but you dont
Nah. I'm a 31 year old KHV and it drives girls crazy. I don't really have anything going for me except for that. There are so many girls who just want to fuck me for bragging rights. I haven't done any of them yet because I like to see them fight over me.
I'm still a few years away from wizardhood, but you're probably right
Does it really count if I paid for it?
People also say to wait for the right person but that's a meme isn't it? Unless you're attractive and confident.
I don't want to wait that long man

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Come in sit down and share your music with fellow anons and get some feedback on your tunes

Here's a song I just wrote and I'm looking for feedback or criticism on it the starts a bit shakey but I like the end

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recommend high time comfy tune also break the habit is quite good
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by goy you'll never earn those shekels with music like that add more jew and you'll be true
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I liked listening to this and I usually dislike listening to guitar-vocal soloist pieces that were all recorded at once

I'm a rapper if anyone likes rap and I've made some beat tapes too if yall like lofi

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problem with 4chan.jpg
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>pen placement
attention whore
Anon, it's youtube, everyone there is an attention whore.
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>the nerd community

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>This is someone's son all grown up

Where did everything go so right?
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Im not sure if i'd call that "right" anon. whoevers son that is may not be too happy about it. Then again, i dont know much about transgenderism, and i certainly dont know anything about the relationship between this boy and his parents. I try not to worry about it too much.
Stop posting the same pic related you ape
When parents stopped punishing their kids in fear that child protective services would take their kid away.

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How will history look back on us?
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It won't

Freedom like that is very rare.
It won't even know we were there, it will remember leaders, big events, but it won't know about any struggles of millions of individuals
NEET culture will live on forever through memes; how can you people be so blind?

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Is it bad if I unironically like this song? Like not just the rhytm or whatever, but the lyrics aswell.
I am not muslim nor do I "celebrate" when terrorist attacks happen, I just enjoy this music a lot.
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You probably just like nationalistic and fascist music. Go and search some European marches or something man
I guess that makes sense, I have always felt like I am very easily led by other people, I have a hard time putting something someone says as lies or whatever. Could this be bad?
The song is good though

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Are you sure you should be freaking out that much anon? Im no expert on human hair by any means but i dont think some grey hairs mean that much. I'd recommend trying to relax, i heard stress was pretty bad for your hair. I'd try not to worry too much if i were you.
I have 3 already and am only 22.
I kinda dig it desu. Looks cool.
>tfw have head full of grey hair
i am more worried about my constanza hairline tbqh
oh and im 21

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Is it just me or does /r9k/ feel really empty nowadays? And I don't mean your souls.
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yeah its slow a lot of the time
/r9k/ has always sucked but its startin to suck worse now.
its because all the underage normies had to go back to school

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Does suffering really build character?
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It also hurts you and can potentially fuck you up.
not really. it is only what people with shitty lives tell themselves so it makes them feel superior in some way to those who didn't have shitty lives.
Nope. You become either an apathetic stone person or a pessimistic, hateful person.

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tfw literally can't look at my own face without feeling shame and disgust over how ugly I've become is this unusual? to be like that
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nope i feel the same way

i wish i was cute
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what am i gonna do about genetics

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Now choose, you mother fucker. Choose.
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daughter since its more normal for girls to be sluts

having a whore son would be awful
Homosex whore son. As a man, Id naturally be jealous of the men plowing my daughter. Since I'm not gay, I wouldn't really care if my son was a homosex cumdumpster
Can I have a homosexual daughter instead?

I'm an American living in Bern Switzerland and although it's a nice place I'm still a khv loser. Even worse, my accent never seems to go away and people keep asking me about the U.S.

It's so embarrassing but that's life I guess. Where are you guys from?
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How the fuck do you manage to be a virgin in a foreign country?
That's impossible unless you are fat.
1. I rarely leave the house
2. Even if I did leave, I'd feel severely out of place plus I'm not very attractive
Well if you are white you shouldn't have gone to switzerland (unless white latin american), probably should have gone to east asia for easy pussy.

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say you're faced with two options:

>Commit suicide and avoid all pain


>Continue to struggle against empty promises for little eventual pay off

What would you choose?
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No pleasure can be experienced without pain, so B.
The latter because I'm going to be dead eventually.
Ask who is asking the questions.

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