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How the fuck do people genuinely enjoy this shit?
>bland as fuck tasting food
>pack so many ice cubs in their cups that it's only about 1/4 of actual drink
>takes an eternity to deliver their food
>employees wear gay rollerskates
>has a drive thru that is effectively pointless since it takes the same amount of time to make their shit as the drive in
>overpriced as fuck
>their food is just plain fucking nasty
Why would anyone voluntarily spend their money on this shit?
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>white people problems
gtfo shitskin no one cares what you think
other places dont serve tots

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tfw no cutie trainee doctor gf to eat breakfast with
why did i throw her away just so I could think if i wanted to settle with her
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The best one will always be a memory - but you have to remember that nostalgia is a dirty liar.
Time'll help, Robot.
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she knows I can find more attractive women, thing is i'll never find one that has my back or I can trust if things go to shit
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I mean, you found one, yeah? It'll happen again, even if it takes a while. Those things aren't instant.

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i want help.png
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any frends here /legaly retarded/?
im not doing good on life right now
but butt hurts from sitting
momy wont let me have my blanket
can you guys help me make food pleas?
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what do you want to make friend?
i would like maceony its very nice but momy dosnet let me cook in the kitchen i need help pleas
please help guys my brother sad he wont help me on 4 chan anymore i think i know about 4 chan more but i am not doing good so please help pleas

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Hakuna Matata.

It means no worries, for the rest of your days!
It's our problem free... philosophy!

You know wagie, these two words will solve ALL your problems!

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase... Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze!
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy!
Hakuna Matata!

I'm telling you wagie, this is the great life... no rules, no responsibilities. And best of all, no worries! Well wagie?
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fuck this you're right! time to quit wagecucking. time to join the worry-free NEET life.
Didn't the Lion King literally have to eat bugs in order to live this "problem-free" philosophy? So yeah, enjoy your cockroach breakfast.

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hi guys, as a female robot i have decided all i am good for is my looks since my personality sucks peepee... :3

doing a live stream and talking bout my life and answering questions, fuck it please join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jA19HhnnPI
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bumpity poopy bum bum! pls join or i will cries :{
you better listen to my shit faggot
these are some of my favorites albums by myself


me singing Death Grips songs

more vaporwave/mallsoft

and this
Unironically kill yourself you dumb whore

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>tfw you need to wank before you go to sleep, and you can't jerk off without porn anymore, but now all porn disgusts you and you can't watch it without getting mad.

What the fuck do I do now?
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nobody cares. shut the fuck up.
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this will help
Jerk to the good vibes you had while jerking off to porn

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download (2).jpg
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images (4).jpg
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>Be me
>Descendant of the sun god Ra
>Literally die by being tricked into going into a box
>and drowning
>a fucking box
This is why Anubis is the best Egyptian god of the dead

Discuss Egyptian gods
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Egypt is gay, Celtic gods are where it's at.

Eat a dick, stupid fucking Anubisposter
I would like for thoth to sit on my face
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>let me take seat so I can bump this thread real good...

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Is it true that with longer nails it hurts to jack off?

Is it true that some guys hump their pillows?
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I've had pretty long nails before and never had any trouble. Never humped my pillow before.
>Is it true that some guys hump their pillows?
See I've tried that and I can't get anything out of it Im not sure if Im doing it wrong or what
How long would you describe your nails though?

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How tall are your parents?
mommy - 4'11"
daddy - 5'8"
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At least you're not a manlet, though, right?
mom - 5'2"
dad - 6'5"

i ended up being 5'4"
mom- 5'8
dad- 6'0

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Who was that girl you knew who couldn't run in gym because of her boobs by the time she graduated high school?

Who is that girl who thinks H cup is a normal bra size?

Pictures and stories welcome.

>Bonus Round
Who is that girl you follow on instagram with unreasonably large breasts? The weekend macromastia thread welcomes gigantic tits regardless of how you find them.
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Who is she i need sauce
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There was no such girl in my school.

I wish there was.
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Just some instagram broad.

Social media is so ubiquitous that literal freaks of nature are just out there to stumble on.

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>dream about crush again
>wake up to crushing loneliness
>an empty stomach
>boner that will go unresolved
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Wank, shower, and Taco Bell when you get done considering suicide.
This is the robot life.
My friend, what do you accomplish with this? How has this thread and rumination helped you?
This isn't even the robot life, it's just common sense.

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>menstrual blood

What did I do to deserve such a horrible fetish?
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That's really not that bad, man.
I'm not saying that I have the worst fetish in the universe or anything. My fetish is impossible to indulge without feeling horrible about myself, and it sucks. I wish I didn't have these feelings
Someone know my pain

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>muh muh plant just a plant just a plant it's just a plant muh plant guys it's just a plant muh plant muh plant
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>muh muh plant cures cancer just a plant muh plant muh plant big pharma just a plant
potsmokers are almost as bad as chads
Did anyone ask you, bootlicker?

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So is it true when you fap late at night when everyone is trying to sleep they can hear you? Or at least the person in the next room? I imagine they probably can hear my footsteps but once I just stand there and start fapping can they hear the slapping sound? Also wouldn't the floor vibrate with me rocking it back and forth and the wall echos that?
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>Also wouldn't the floor vibrate with me rocking it back and forth and the wall echos that?
I literally hump my bed to get off. Is that bad?
No but i'm pretty sure if you have rooms next to each other the person in the other room can hear you pumping your bed if it's dead silent in the night
Relax, honey, it's just the building settling.

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