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Why is pegging so hot?
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Because it's taboo and kinky, and your prostate.
because youre a faggot beta bitch
>when she spanks you while pegging you and calls you a good boy when you come handsfree
>then she kisses you gently and tells you how made a big mess
>she pulls our and makes you kiss the tip of the dildo
>she smiles on you

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>tfw the only bf I've ever had gave me a black eye yesterday then forced himself on me
There wasn't even a reason, he was just drunk and angry at the world, and I got in the way. I don't even know what to do now, he's left and I've packed my things but I don't know where to go, and it's my apartment. If I try to kick him out, he might hurt me.
Why are men so cruel?
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Stay. Leaving wouldn't change anything
I wish the word filter for femanon would go back to being cumdumpster
As it should be.
Too bad he didn't just kill you instead roastie.

>hear recording of self
>turns out I sound like a fucking faggot
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Everyone thinks they sound like a faggot.

I thought I 100% sounded retarded until My first gf told me she really liked the sound of my voice, I still don't believe her to this day

But yeah how you hear yourself and how other people hear you is totally different.
Really?? Let me see.
>sing in a car a lot
>start to think I am pretty good at this
>record myself
>want to kill self
>never sing in car again

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>tfw no psychopath gf

Its an abstract feeI
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I know the feel anon.

Original comment, fuck the robot.
Any aspd fembots out there?
I was incorrectly diagnosed with aspd due to mania from bipolar disorder years ago. You don't want to be with a woman you're constantly worrying will hurt someone.

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Post your gay images and posts. Anything goes.

Keep it to one thread
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>Final year of HS
>This is 2015 so every beta is "gay" or at least "bi" to look cool
>Put it on display all over the place then act offended when you so much as mention it
>"Oh my God that guy has such a great ass oh my God I'm so gay"
>"What? Uhh, yeah, I'm gay, is that a big problem to you? It's like 2015 dude you really shouldn't be so '''heteronormative'''"
>In my own time start to like anime cute boys like the ones you psoted
>Long for a qt who is like me that I can cuddle with in bed and play videogames with
>All the "gays" at school are just ugly people
>Already avoiding females at all costs because I know they're manipulative, high maintenance, needy
>One day a female friend of a friend and I are talking
>I'm just beeing myself, I like to crack dumb jokes a lot
>No matter what I do I'm laughed at so may as well try to own it amirite
>"Ohmigod Anon you'd be perfect for Becca"
>A couple days later she comes up to me with some poointheloo and a horde of schoolgirls
>"This is Becca!"
>From her looks and personality I can tell she's as bottom of the barrel as I am
>Was basically promised a guy with at least two desirable traits (not a terrible person and over 6')
>"Well, you're a fine young lady but I'm afraid I'm not interested in becoming an item."
>(Again, intentionally talking like an idiot so it looks like I want people to laugh at me)
>"But you've only just meeeet her c'mooon ask her out!"
>What the fuck even is this conversation why are there so many harpies
>"We did just meet! That's the point!"
>Continue to politely decline, poo looks upset
>"Is it because she's brown!?"
>"What? How did you get that idea? Look, truth be told I prefer my own sort."
>None of these brainlettes have ever heard that term before
>"I mean, I said I never wanted a GIRLfriend, right?"
>Precede to get none of that "oh my God who cares" treatment as I'm flagged down for the rest of the year about this because they gossiped to hell
These don't even work as containment threads
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>meeting normies at work
>"so anon you got a girlfriend?"
>*nudges me* "damn anon she's a 9/10 don't you agree?"
>"you prefer ass or tits?"

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Is this meme making fun of the absurdity of what r9k considers a "Chad"?
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This one's pretty clever
The best one tbqh
That one is great.

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I just got 100 subs on my Youtube channel. Every single reply in this thread will be posted in the newest video as a 100 sub special. Say literally whatever you want family
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Whoever made this video is a huge faggot
100 subscribers is literally nothing. Why even bother persuing a YouTube career?
Kill yourself cuck faggot. Also, everyone unsub.

Come here and post your types and talk about them. Then have fun getting made fun of for said types.

>INTJ Edgelord
>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
>Beginner level
>Advanced level
>Bonus test

discord: 39dbhaY
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Hope you're doing well senpai
Original source of graph
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Bingos available upon request

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Dear A,

I wish things could go back to the way they were.

You and I had something quite meaningful, at least to me.

All those years, now suddenly meaningless. I'm sure you moved on, maybe you met someone else. Given that you haven't tried to contact me I presume that you have forgotten me.

What happened to you? Something in you changed. I'd say for me, it changed in late 2015. You used to be this sweet, caring person, but towards the end of our friendship, you turned into a bitter, selfish, empty person. You seem to care about nobody but yourself.

You threw away something which could have turned into something really quite special, so I hope it was worth it for you.

I do miss you.

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Dear Laura

You should add me back to Skype I miss talking to you in the evenings

Pls respond
Forigve me
>Forigve me
What did you do?

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>tfw no gf
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>falling for the gf meme
your life would be just as shit if you had a gf. in fact, it would be worse because you'd just attract a shit gf to begin with.
sudo apt-get install gf

Ok so, so hello you fuckers, I new here and just came here from random and the people in the thing I made were kind of assholes to me and they were rude and they made fun of me but in a wierd way and everyone keep saying the n word, also who is anon? I came here because on YouTube I saw a video that this place does legendary internet pranks and is like ground zero for memes. I couldn't find any memes, all I saw was naked girls some naked guys???????? Every area of this place looks the same and it feels kind of wierd. Anyways I'm sorry if I talked to much, but I asked this guy on b (random) where to find the memes at, or the meme collections and he told me that people at r9k are living memes. Everyone here seems sad or wired or gay or something and you still say the n word a lot here. (Why do you say that so much, racists are ignorant?) Also where are the memes? And where is that robot thing in the first message in this place? I haven't seen it. Also, where is the meme collection? Also hello, you can call me FMultimate, I'm kind of an expert on memes (I have an iFunny account with over 100 subs, I'll tell you it if you ask me). Also hello.
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>copy and paste into google to make sure this is a copy pasta
>Mfw it's not
What are you doing? Why are my comments blocked or whatever?
How old are you? You're not supposed to be on here if you're less than 18, and I'm pretty sure you're underage.

any robots here still play tf2?

probably not bc of the stupid fucking matchmaking and hackers
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I play tf2 on the xbox one. It's still pure and clean
sucks it never got updated but i do remember getting into a hacked lobby where it was free for all heavy in some shitty box map

its was great
Occasionally. Every time /v/ starts up a server I'm usually there until it dies a week later.

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>stick my hand in water
>it gets wet
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Fucking Obama
>pee after i cum
>penis hurts for a bit
>cut self with sharp knife
>red water cums out

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>tfw hopeless fucking loser, literal human garbage
>tfw still can't bring myself to suicide
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who is she,op.

do yuo have any more pictures or her home address?
File: 1495755583932.jpg (521KB, 1292x1360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Her name is apparently Emma Rohan, except she's not *that* Emma Rohan, and she deleted her entire online presence back when 4chan first noticed her existence.
If you reverse image search OP pic you can find some archived webms and shit.
I can see myself doing it soon, to be honest. I'm a waste of space

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What's /r9k/'s opinions on Eliza?
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She doesn't matter
what can we say about her that hasnt been said a million times? shes a genius, an icon, a revolutionary, a pioneer, a trailblazer, a goddess, a legend, and the only hope for humanitys future
Is she 18 yet


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