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How do I get a girl to do this for me? Bonus points if she looks like Daenerys.
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Hell if I know, but if I could, I'd replace cow milk with a woman's milk entirely.

Fuck yeah, lactation! Best fetish!

Its not just lactation, I would be giving her a good fucking in addition to the milking.
I would prefer to gently milk her by hand.

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>stopping smoking is hard

Why do normies repeat this shitty meme so much? I literally stopped in less than a month, went down from half a pack a day to 3 cigs a day, then quit cold turkey last week.
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Been over a year, never recovered from the brain fog.

Wondering if nicotine really benefitted my brain chemistry, or if the sudden decline in focus just sent me too far down to recover in a reasonable amount of time.
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quit smoking for a year but realized there is literally no reason not to if you just limit your intake and have self-control. Meanwhile my parents smoke a pack a day and are getting old and won't quit. I worry about them, smoking is something you do when you are young for the benefits nicotine brings to your motor skills and concentration.
>from half a pack a day


haha hahaha

"hey guys what do you mean it's hard to quit masturbating? I went from masturbating once every 6 months to never masturbating at all! Let me pat myself on the back"

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/vidya thread/
Post steams etc

Looking for a fellow robot to play csgo with. Anyone here just starting out and want to play?
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My url is /id/Trevligt

Just add me, don't know when I'll be able to play tho

how do you kiss a grill? I want to know just incase
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here is the answer, faggot
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The first time I made out with a girl I literally just copied what I saw in a yuri hentai one time.

I circled my tongue around hers like twiddling your thumbs, and I would occasionally thrust my tongue to the back of her mouth to run it over the top of the back area of her a tongue, a sweep over it.

When she copied that second move I did and did it to me, I would suck down on her tongue on it's way out, and release it slowly.

She called me a good kisser.

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Give your best reasons to not try to become a normie and be a functioning member of society.

Pic unrelated
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I'm trying to but I think the best I'll ever be is a cyborg. Most facets of normalfag life seem pretty boring
I don't want to party every weekend and pick up some roastie to pump and dump.
I'll be happy as long as I get a job and manage to maintain a small circle of friends.
Because I did try and they rejected all of my attempts.
Because our society is fragmented and alienating

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Do you believe in love?
And the promise that it brings
That you'll never grow apart
Well that's what she said to me
Why did you have to go?
We were inseparable
You and me will always be together for eternity
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women are all the same but being in love with a man is not for everyone
try god, he will always love you

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When do girls start feeling good with their cunny?
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Literally at birth or earlier. It has fucking nerve endings doesn't it? It's not like you don't grow nerves until puberty...

>best ____ of all time

i fucking hate people who say this
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>best joke of all time
>best tv show of all time
>funniest thing of all time
>best song of all time
usually when people say those things the next day they have a new best x of all time

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What happens when women go through life hating beta males then gives birth to a beta son (80% of males are beta so most women give birth to one at some point)

Do they subconsciously hate their son?
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The spiteful bitches usually try to control every aspect of that kid's life. Usually ends up ruining their life as they have no aim in life, only mindless apathy as they can't function without someone dictating every step of their life.
beta males are more nurture than nature.

a woman who hates beta cucks wouldn't raise a beta cuck. but if it does happen out of negligence, she just wouldn't bother caring about the kid. she would blame him for being a retard or whatever. shit happens.
this guy had a loser mom and a beta dad. control freaks don't survive with a real man.

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Shlomo Goldberg wants to know why you aren't working right now
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I keep getting vids of niggers fucking white women on my phone.
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Stop downloading them then
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They can satisfy in a way that white men could never imagine.

>t. cuckposter that posts on a manchurian duck fishing forum

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>its a "doing well on nofap and having hope for the future" episode
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I found a bunch of my mom's old CDs that she used to play a lot when I was a kid (Portishead, some Kate Bush, ect.) . Was surprised to find that the music I remember most from childhood are depressing or make me feel sad because of nostalgia. I remember feeling sad a lot as a kid even though I had a good childhood.

Makes me wonder if my mom was having a hard time when I was a kid or if she just likes sadder music.

Maybe that's why I like really sad music that doesn't help me feel any less depressed.
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how is this music? fucking shit taste mate.

Remember when you thought it was a good idea to post this

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