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Do you have a good relationship with your father?
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My father's dead, so yeah I have the best relationship with him ever.
No. I didn't get the chance to meet him or talk to him before I was born, he died on a car crash.
He left me 8 years ago and used to beat my mom and sometimes me. So.. Not really.

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>just finished up two whopper meals and a large onion rings
>used up all my calories for the day at 10am

it's not fucking fair, why can't the good tasting food have low calories?
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Lettuce and crouton salads are good.
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Slightly unrelated, but

>Went from 120kg to 95kg since January
>went from fat to skinny fat, going to obviously stay skinny fat with loose skin as bonus even when at goal weight of 80kg

There's no fucking escape, FUCK
>it's not fucking fair,

Yea it is you fatass

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>chad gets to fuck her in the pussy while you're licking her feet
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Do I make contact with his balls?
Wish I knew how to draw so that I could make my own porn.
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>"Hm? You want to have sex? Pft-... Sorry, I only fuck alpha males. You can lick my feet if you want, though."

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Hello guys, I've been here for some years now and I think time for me to go. I have been looking at methods for hanging and so far the best one I've seen is the short drop with no asphixiation, however I am no very sure how to achieve this. I already have the chosen the place, tree and branch from where I'll depart.

I have some Xanax laying around but I'm not sure if it's something that could help in achieving my goal.

Do you guys have any images, advise or otherwise helpful stuff?

/suicide/ general I guess

>that sobering and serene feel of knowing it's probably going to be over soon
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Anyone? I'm sure there must be some suicidal anons here still
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One last chance at bumping this, maybe I'm shadow banned or some gay shit like that
add me on discord senpai, send me your deets

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Wait, if women are having more sex than ever, then why are there so many male virgins?
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/r9k/ will not shut up about this, newfriend. It's because CHAD gets all the women and doesn't leave any for robots, of course.
Because chads fuck multiple partners duh

Idk having more sex than ever women have always been prostitutes throughout all of human history.

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>Anon, there's not any seat available. Mind if I sit on your lap?

How do you respond?
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Learn to speak English, 3rd world scum
I agree with the other guy
Is English not your first language?
Are you from Russia or Brazil?
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If by you mean my face, no not at all.

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If I go to /soc/ can I really get a gf??? Is it that easy???
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>If I go to /soc/ can I really get a gf??? Is it that easy???
I met my boyfriend on soc. It's not really an easy thing. The dick to pussy ratio is crazy off.
so in other words it was super easy for you?
fuck off roastie

Hey Anon, be a pal and keep an eye on this comatose girl for a bit. I'll be back in, like, 30 minutes. Thanks man.
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Keep an eye on her? What? You think she's going to just get up and wander off? Idiot.
*stays there and do nothing*
>Hey Anon, be a pal and keep an eye on this comatose girl for a bit. I'll be back in, like, 30 minutes. Thanks man.

I probably would stand in the corner of the room and glance at her very nervously for 30 minutes

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What differentiates me, a lazy piece of shit addicted to his computer but wants to work really hard, from other students who work really hard every day?

Why is it so hard for me to do anything but stare at screens? Why am I so useless?
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Genetically inferior
nah this website is a huge, depressing timesink
I guarantee your attention span and work ethic would improve noticeably if you cut 4chan out of your life
nah, it's just a symptom
Maybe you just haven't fun a way to motivate yourself to accomplish everything. I could say that your mind is mentally satisfied at the moment of your life since you do not seem stressed but perhaps you're bored with your life. Maybe that you need a certain goal since you feel empty inside. Try to learn something new or acquire a new set of skill to occupy your time with. You're just probably bored and too comfortable right now which is why you stagnate yourself.

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nip girl male.webm
2MB, 720x432px
>You will never go on a date and eat tasty food with your cute japanese girfriend (male).
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Sounded good until you mentioned the dick

Gays get off my board reeee
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why even life without a cute jap boy gf

every jaapnese male should be forced to transition
Cute as fuck. What kind of food is that though?

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How do I get booze underage in US? I ran out and I'm fucking dying without it, I literally want to end my life. The only friend that would sell some to me started asking for sexual favors and now said he won't give me any unless he fucks me.

I don't live in a big city where I could just ask a homeless guy to buy me some plus I'm too nervous to do that. Would making a craigslist or something work, or would I get arrested?
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How old are you?
Originally submitted from Oregon.
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>Posts Filthy Frank
>"i litrly want 2 nd my life LMAO"
My god this board is so fucking shit wow
distill your own, you can make a half gallon worth of strong booze with 10 dollars for yeast and sugar . you can google to figure out how to make or buy the distillery but it doesnt take much

that being said don't get reliant on alcohol because it will ruin your life even more than you probably think it is already. if you're under 21 then you have plenty of time to make things better for yourself

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I notice a lot of girls (female) are now sporting these. What are they trying to convey?
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why cant guys wear chokers ugh
> black belt around your waist = karate master
> black belt around your neck = blowjob master
That i like to gag on daddy's dick.

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If I have cuts on my arms could I still make a good trap?
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Wuy xdodnt you citn off your dcik fuckign faggor
do you already look like a trap
Even better


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>Had a dream last night where I met a women who didn't hate or was disgusted by me
>We end up dating and sharing an apartement
>We had sex, but that wasn't the focus of the dream
>She gets pregnant and I start to freakout about the idea of being a dad
>It somehow feels like an actual 9 months have passed with my taking care of her
>She gives birth to our daughter
>We spend the next few months raising her
>I actually feel genuinely happy and in love
>Again, it somehow feels like an entire year has passed in my mind, when really this has just been a dream over a few hours
>Wake up and become instantly depressed for the day
>Can't even remember their names as I'm typing this
>I can really only remember what they looked like and how happy I was
>I will never have that in reality, at least not with them

Why does the mind play tricks like this?
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I had this dream a few nights ago
>Was walking my dog in the park
>Really sunny, nice day
>Feel great
>See childhood crush from school and all my old friends before they dropped me
>Walk past
>Crush says "Wow anon, it's been ages since I've seen you!"
>We have a really nice conversation which ends in me getting her number
>Start walking home feeling amazing
>Alarm goes off and I wake up
I almost never dream but this hurt me so much when I woke up I just lay in bed and stared at the ceiling for hours.
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>i go to brazil or some exotic island of some sort with my dad and my friend
>somehow the dream fastforwards to a place where im with this amazing 10/10 stacey
>we are in the middle of a waterpark, on that exotic island
>we are having fun, im actually sitting next to a gorgeous woman and it feel exactly like it would if it happened in real life
>after having fun in the waterpark we go to a Jacuzzi.
>we just laugh about random shit and its like we are madly in love
>again, it feels very realistic. im not the romantic type so i didn't enjoy it like i thought i would.
>we come to agreement that we would fly together to my home country
>ready to board the plane, she is fucking gone.
>panic and ask my dad where she is
>he says he never seen anyone
>i run and go looking for her
>wake up, have strong feeling of depression.
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>Evangelion-style dream where projections of people I know are pointing out every flaw to me
>Undergo the same thing what feels like hundreds of times
>commit suicide in dream at the end of each session

that was fucked up

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can i get a gf being skinnyfat? too lazy to get /fit/
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yes you fucking retard, so many cunts on 4chan are brainwashed into thinking that looks actually matter alot.... fucking sad.
Yeah sure why not.
Tons of weakling losers with gfs everywhere.
how do i do it tho

also when you can get pussy as a weakling then theres literally no reason to lift. the only reason you might is to get higher quality gfs


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