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How do I brainwash/hypnotize myself into committing suicide?
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be a fucking retard and shitpost about how sad and pathetic you are everyday. say you're going to an hero and one day your retardness will finally catch up and you will realise how much of a retard and failure you're to think that you can brainwash yourself into suicide that you will finally commit suicide. success.
I was at a point where my body started freaking out, there was this happening

Ive had this pain in my chest all day, I sat at the train station all alone and when the train drove in this pain started automatically to fill my whole body, it was like the train killed me, drove over me, I freaked out and thought I would lose controle over my body and went fast home in fear

How I came Top this point is not recommentable, pain, loss, shit life and also to complex

After 3 years I have finally finished the heh video you guys wanted.


Let me know what you think.
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Guys let me know what you think.

I'm beginnng to think you guys trolled me to make this
Wow how did you finish this in only 3 years

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>My life ended years ago
>I still have to fill up my time with something
>Will never have enough money to fill it up with anything I give a shit about
I'm so tired of this planet.
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>used to be 25 year old kissless handholdless virgin
>no girl ever had any interest in me
>lost virginity earlier this year

What do I do now?
This place is so filled with normalfags that I can't make it worse.
Unfortunately my life is just like when I was a kv because I just had sex in a vacation and then went back to the same circumstances as before.
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Yeah, having sex is meaningless. Having a wife and someone to spend your life with in your youth is what a robot desires. Anyone can have sex with a hooker. But you suck op, you had sex with a roastie and contributed to the power women have over men in society in sexual and social relationships.

You are a weak man, now get out. You are banished from r9k.
It sounds like you need a change of scenery. Move to some place a few hours away and get a new job. You are normie enough to get laid and have friends, but you are stuck in a rut. Trust me. Just start over.
I wish I could. I'm lucky to have a job here and getting something else would be difficult since I don't have any education or skill.
I might be able to get something eventually but with the housing situation in my country, I might not be able to get an apartment in another city for years.

It's even worse in this city where I won't be able to get an apartment until I'm in my 30s and have to live with my mom until then though.

I'd like to be able to move abroad but then it's extremely unlikely I could get a job.

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2D, 3D, doesn't matter. post mommies.
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I will get this thread warmed up. 1 of whatever
i approve of this thread.
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Mommies are completely subjective unfortunately.

No bumps, only proper posts with contributions homo.

That woman just looks like a run of the mill JAV star, not any maternal qualities to her.

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I leave for two years and Eggman has a gf? Holy fucking shit
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>girlfriend (male)

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Eggman is gay??
I don't think so but he was hugging and dancing with a tranny

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Why the fuck is viagra so expensive? It's like $600 for fucking 10 tablets at a Walmart or any CVS?
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To motivate you to get healthy enough that you can sustain an erection without pills.

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>the loudest bitch in a group is the biggest hoe in the group

My black coworker told me this. Is it true?
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How much longer until we make it bros? I can't hold on for much longer.
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probably not in this lifetime. the sooner you realise it the less painful it is
he is right. i am mentally fucked and start a rehab probably it's my last time until an hero but i never tried being a normie
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>he thinks we'll ever make it
At least the pain will end one day...

>be me
>23 year old beta
>at park
>see 10/10 hot babe
>go up to her
"Hi. How are you."
>her boyfriend comes out
>realize what's about to go down
>get into fighting position
>he knows what is gonna be done
>he bends over and takes off he pants
>I unzip mine and start fucking him
>his girlfriend screams and calls us gay
>I rip off my shirt, showing swastika tattoo
"Being gay is wrong. Fuck you this is manly."
>he moves away in disgust, and moves his left sleeve up
>communist tattoo collage
>we are both disgusted
>I bend over
>he starts conquering my ass like the soviets conquered Berlin
>we both cum
>he carries me home and gives me a new life as his cute little servant
>I get to suck his massive black cock every friday
>on hanukkah I meet his family
>black mother, jewish father
>show them my swastika tattoo
>father has one too
>mother shows off her klan uniform
>feels good man
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you (you) you
something might be wrong with me that i can easily imagine this being a truer story than anything more sensible

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Anyone else here into big insertions?
What's the biggest you've had?
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that looks painfulf
yes, but only women doing crazy insertions, like HotKinkyJo, RoxyRaye, and I think proxy paige used to do insertions too (weird ones, not big ones, if I remember correctly). weirdly enough, I do remember some guy on xtube that did some insertions and it turned me on, probably because I couldn't see his face.

and if you're asking about doing it myself, I wouldn't in fear of fucking up my intestines, I remember reading a horror story on /v/ of some anon that loved doing big insertions. wish I had screencapped it.
Go back to your containment board faggot. /r9k/ is not for you.

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>live a lazy, sad, and unhealthy day to day life.
>want to fuck traps, do gay shit, and binge on bad things to waste money
>run out of money to waste
>forced to eat cheap, but relatively healthier things.
>canned veggies and ramen packs, sometimes scrounge up enough for meat
>can't afford booze so have to give it up
>exercise in my free time now just to kill time
>suddenly feeling great when I sleep and wake up
>happier constantly
>have three times as much cash
>people not shitting on me
>girls flirting with me
>100% heterosexual, near vomit at thought of man-ass

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>still a broke virgin with no job prospects


come back when you made some progress. You're the equivalent of a man in medieval times with a cold taking a "magic bean" and the next day his cold is gone, and tells everybody about how these magic beans cure colds.
>Skinnyfat and feel like shit
>Want women to be attracted to me
>Force myself to exercise
>Exercise makes me feel happy and confident
>New self esteem makes me hate that women only want an attractive me
>Stop exercising
>Get unfit
>Desire physical attraction
>Self esteem makes critical of vanity
>Stop exercising
>Get unfit
>Desire physical attraction
>Self esteem makes critical of vanity
>Stop exercising
>Get unfit
>Desire physical attraction
>Self esteem makes critical of vanity
>Stop exercising
>Get unfit

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>had a very vivid dream last night where I met a cute boy who offered to suck my dick at any time I so wanted
>grew to really like him
>one day offer to try sucking his dick too, and do
>we go from just casual dick suckin buds to bf/bf
>wake up, remember it all
>think about it for hours
>so alone I'd take a bf at this point just so there's another human being who cares about me and wants to be intimate with me
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Just some good natured ribbing

>meet girl
>girl talks to you
>girl smiles at you
>create a completely idealized image of girl that fits all of your preferences
>imagine the beginning, middle, and end of your relationship with this girl
>you've only talked with for ten minutes
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>sister visits
>calls her bf
>suddenly talks like a retarded 5 year old

Jesus Christ, why do woman do this? It's so annoying.
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>act like a kid with bf
>shame pedophiles even if they dont touch children

enter normie 101

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