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Is credit card fraud worth it?

Seems like one of the better ways to strike back against normies and society.
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Burn in the depths of Hell.
No, you gonna get killed
you don't know who's credit card info you're taking. could be some old man who has no family left, a poor single mother with 5 children etc.

if you do this you are literal scum

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Just from seeing this picture the thought of having to clean it up seems like a laborious task. With all the mess everywhere it causes you to feel too weak to even to try to make amends of the mess. When you measure the weight of the mayhem at hand, and the will you have to clean it, it leaves you feeling inferior. You look at this picture, and it evokes feelings of helplessness. With all the mess it makes you think, where would one even start? The mess has reached a point of no return, and only through strenuous effort could anyone fix this, but you haven't got the drive to do so. With all the mess piled up while you see no reason even contemplate cleaning the mess, you decide to live with it. What you consider to be normal becomes weird to others, and the idea of a clean room becomes foreign until you have forgotten what it was like to have a clean room.

This is me. This is my emotional state, and I need help.
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A: Get a big ass trash bag
B: Find the literal trash, put it in the bag
C: Find the usless shit that may as well be trash, put it in the bag
D: Reorganize a little bit after that, put some -useful- shit where it makes sense
Repeat all as necessary until you find your fucking floor.
Then, never let it happen again, you lazy mong; that laziness is what got you in this situation in the first place.

see what i did there? i broke down a "big overwhelming task" into smaller achievable tasks.

also, if you're this deep into hoarding, you're bound to have a bunch of junk you have sentimental value of.. and listen to me here when i say it.. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. if it has holes in it, too big, too small, smells like ass/mold/cancer, toss it because it has now become a C object.
It's not that easy desu.
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He's right you know so listen up.

You ever wanted to rip out a bunch of people's guts and just go on a carnal murderous rampage. I'm just making sure I'm not the only one who gets like this
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I do too, I am a diagnosed psychotic though...
No, that's too unclean for me. But I do have fantasies of abducting a man, hiding him in the cellar, and forcing him to play me in othello for his freedom.
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I got super high and started brandishing a screwdriver like a weapon in a crowded fast food restaurant and later on the sidewalk but I only want to kill Chads and Stacies

I am gonna try and express whatevers on my mind in public, not matter how degenerate, and just do shit without caring about consequences, I am already the most socially pathetic so it's not like It can get any worse. I used to not care about getting in trouble, I would plan out what I was gonna say to my parents right before smoking weed in the living room while they were upstairs. Got in deep shit but I didn't give a fuck and was happy. At school I would slap Stacey's asses and they would curse me out in public and all I did was do it again before escaping. I even fucking groped a girl sitting next to me in class in a table group of 4 before running out the classroom vomiting for what ever reason. I got sent to a fucking pysch ward and I didn't do a fuckin thing for me. For some reason I fell out of this mode and became a very conscious bitch but I already know I have it in me. So tomorrow I am returning back to this mode and you ro-tards should join me. We shall break every fuckin social rule normies have set.
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Have fun being a retard, retard.
I will! Only time I ever had a fucking gf was while I was in this stage.
A lot of people want to do the things you do but when they get called out for being a retard they get defensive and lose their shit. Hope you can return to your old self because I love being an inflammatory bastard and the world needs more of us. Godspeed anon.

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>tfw oneitis is still in high school
>tfw I see pictures of her going to school dances with guys and looking all happy, and I feel sick

I barely survived this weekend.
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hang in there anon, try to move on.
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kek imagine your life being so sad and simple that some whore in high school is enough to drive you to the edge
i feel your feel mang.

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How do we make racists afraid again?
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wait 20 years for the pendulum to swing back
you're not a robot unless you are anarcho-egoist
More like 80 desu

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>ate a pear and a piece of raisin toast
>still hungry

anyone else fall for the fruit meme?
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drink water and eat real stuff not stupid fruits
eat vegan stuff
>eating fruit
Vegetables are the way to go my man, avoid eating wheat and drink plenty of water everyday
You're Welcome

>eat real stuff
>eat vegan


I'm just a lonely guy who wants someone to talk to. Will any of you humour me?
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Black people don't know what it's like to experience racism since racism has mostly died in America. That is why they tend to be so racist. If they experienced racism, they'd be more empathetic and wouldn't be racist themselves.
How are ya doing?
This is the dumbest shit I've ever read

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>TFW had homosexual gay gym sex
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At least you had sex.

Was it consensual?
>tfw had homosexual gay gym sex
There's literally nothing wrong with that
Why the reaction pic of a sad frog
Because I'm not gay desu

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I'm fucking sick of having aspergers. You know what the worst part of this shit "syndrome" is? I'm not even full on aspie all the fucking time. But you know what? No one fucking cares. No one wants to classify something that is random and inconsistent so you just get treated like you're always socially retarded at every fucking second. Like everything you do and say is socially retarded. This is humiliating because I'm not retarded ALL the fucking time. Sometimes I even have glimpses of what being normal feels like, memories of times where I was normal and what it felt like even if it was for seconds or minutes. Now it's all gone. I'm stuck in this body. I am always five minutes behind where I used to be. I am a ghost of my past self. I have to be so fucking fake just to blend in and then on top of being fake I have to make it not look fake. I spend so much effort hiding autistic behavior I barely have any fucking mental effort left for actual thinking.
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Jesus fuck you got it
Being a sperg that can pass as a normie is the worst. You don't belong to either and you spend years trying to fake everything to fit in, conditioning yourself and playing a character. Sometimes I feel like an actor. I forget my past and ignore my convictions, but I'm numb to it so it's like a second nature thing at this point. Sometimes I wish I just stayed in the sped system and became just totally cut off from normalfag way of life.
I feel it dude. Honestly it sucks. I embarass myself every fucking chance I get and it's my fault because I'm not retarded enough for it not to be.
The trick is learning to not care at all what others think of you.

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Gay or bi feels thread?

Sure it gets better. It'll be okay.
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>Gay or bi feels thread?
>Sure it gets better. It'll be okay.
It's never gonna get better
We will NEVER get bf
I wish I were gay/bi I'd get so much sex.

I really do not like looking at men's faces/bodies though
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>Man I wish I were gay

I instantly know someone is a normalfag when they say this. True robots want to be free of all sexual and romantic desire.

Also, being gay is a mental illness. Straight is ok, but asexual is best.

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Why is the board active right now? It's 09:35 here. Are murrikans still awake at ~3:30am? What are they doing?
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what? are you completely unaware of some neet/hikki lifestyles?
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>not being awake during real NEET hours
get the fuck off my board
It's 4:00am somewhere

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>cute grill in my class that seems to tolerate my presence
>standing next to her today
>notice the huge amounts of mustache fuzz she has.
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Erk a shit. Pent a best. Dat staff rank
File: image.jpg (32KB, 273x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Filthy pre promote savage REEEEEEEE
File: LadyLel.png (7KB, 242x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying Erk's growths are good enough that he'll end up significantly better than Pent in a typical run
>implying that anima has any offensive utility whatsoever in 7 when compared to dark and light

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A christ fags if god is real why does he allow people like us to be born to suffer? If he is all knowing the why allow it ?
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Some people need a more visual representation of what suffering is.

We are the chosen, to bring suffering and misery on to the Sinners. Not by choice but, by simply being in their vicinity.
God doesn't care about you.

As an ENTP I had never found something about us that I relate to, but after some digging, I have found a quote any ENTP will be moved by.

'The ENTP argues points that, upon solo examination, he would reject outright. He does so because being right (in the eyes of others) and "winning" takes priority over objective truth, and because the argument is often more of an intellectual contest or game to him than it is an examination of a subject. At his best, he's willing to entertain ideas that he doesn't necessarily accept, and he'll get to know their merits by advocating for them. At his worst, he'll actually stick to those ideas for the sake of never having been wrong, knowing the holes in them full-well but thinking you to be too stupid to figure them out.'

- Anonymous
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That quote practically says ENTPs are too retarded to win an intellectual argument, so they pretend to win instead. Kinda like the faggot you threw and hit a dodgeball at and they still say "didn't touch me!"
It's not really pretending if everyone else thinks he has won though
im ISTP and i do that, arguing is a contest, i like to win,

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