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Would it be weird to put this portrait into my new apartment?
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I'm gonna guess it's not of you.
Out newfag

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So anons, whats your biggest turn on? post em' and let other anons judge you for it

>huge tits
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>quadriplegic rape dungeon
>zombie cannibalism
>hand holding
>age play
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femdom (1).png
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>dick sucking
>self harm

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>when your butthole is itchy and you let out a big fart and it scratches the itch perfectly for an good 2 seconds
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Hahaha you're a shit faggot hahaha
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OP here, it happened again. Going to start logging this in real time until I sleep. I am quite Gassy
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You have original worms

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Hi r9k im trying to ditch the autist gear and look more normie. How do you feel about puc related?
Its winter here in Australia.
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Pretty /fa/ my fa fa fa milia
It's $75usd / 99aud. I guess looking normie isnt cheap. Im used to the $20 jumpers
Are you a girl? Because that would look very cute on a girl. If you're a guy, then just get some button-up hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and flip-flops. You'll be good to go.

Anyone replace their mattress with a hammock?
I'm thinking of making the switch to save space and I hear it's good for you.
How is this one?
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sounds foolish especially if you've never slept in a hammock before
Goodbye back
just get one of those japanese floor beds that you can put away when you wake up, look at that hammock... is it saving you any room over a bed?? no way

Outside of FPS and adventure games, why does anyone play any game with a keyboard and mouse, ever?
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Get the fuck out of here, you peice of shit.
Give me ONE genre where controllers are notably better apart from racing, you cannot.

That's basically why
fightan games

why are femaIes so perfect anons? i just want to worship them.
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Women are garbage just like you or me, except one man's trash is another's treasure, but we're plastic wrappers while they are old electronics and lightly used furniture :(
Most aren't look around in real life, the internet makes the 5% appear like 80%

Most bitches are avg or below, make a tinder and nab the ugly's if your insecure
It's an evolutionary tool, forcing you to try to procreate. /r9k/ is an interesting place, because lot of robots try to suppress their evolutionary needs /instincts, causing them anguish

I unironically hate white cis gendered males.

I know people take it overboard, but you can't HONESTLY say that white cis gendered males aren't priveleged.

I know it's a meme now because of all the retarded feminists, but imo cis gendered white males really are pieces of shit
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if i'm supposed to be privileged, i'm not feeling it
the important question here is whether you are a white cis gendered males or not OP
>I unironically hate white cis gendered males.
>I know people take it overboard, but you can't HONESTLY say that white cis gendered males aren't priveleged.
okay buddy

I just woke up and my retainer wasn't in my mouth even when I specifically remember putting it in last night. I went in to the bathroom and it was in its case closed and when I opened it the two pieces were neatly placed on top of each other. Am I fucking possessed? How did that shit get there? Send help.
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You woke up at some point in the night to take a piss and then placed your retainer in your case and went back to bed, you just don't remember it because you were so sleepy.
I rarely take a piss in the middle of the night but when I do I remember it the next day, I have a pretty good memory.
Then you got possessed by an evil retainer hating genie

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Posting a pepu farming memes every day until someone from /r9k/ gives me money.
Day 3.
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>changing the filename
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This is the original pic, I made my own version.
Oh, good work anon. I'm going to save it now.

What are some nice small comfy youtube channels that normies haven't corrupted?
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Sargon of Akkad is so based. Only guy trying to save the west.
good bait

very origami post
Sargon of Akaad is a normie, shitlord. Go back to /pol/.

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why is that familiar?
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>ywn grow up in 50s middle america
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appeal to tradition fallacy
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Good. Racist assholes.
Looked comfy as everyone was doing well. Rich were taxed fairly but were still rich. Lots of jobs, opportunities.etc. I don't live in use but that era looked comfy

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>Hey anon, your's birthday next week! What have you got planned?
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You just made me realize I have no plans for my birthday coming up

Same as last year and the year before that
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Listen to this song, cuddle with my body pillow of my waifu, not go outside, smoke my vape, buy a 20 piece mcnugget meal with a small fry and sweet and sour sauce, and hope my waifu magically comes out of the walls and takes me to her realm wherest'd've we live happily ever after.
I know this feel, July can't pass any quicker

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Is this how a robot gf looks like like?
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Like pedophiles wet dream?
>sap gda4
What did he mean by this.
You should probably redo your Cyrillic.

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