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Roommate is being loud. What do?
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Call the cops on him fag

What do I say when I call?
Stop being such an aspie and tell him, "Hey it's a bit loud could you keep it down". I know social interactions might be hard for you, but it's either that or put up with it. Don't fucking sperg out and call the cops on him lmao

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KHV/ronery/desperate/incel guys: would you accept an inbred GF?
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Depends on how retarded she is. Does she need constant super vision?what are her parents like?
I'd sooner fuck the cat.
absolutely nott

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I drank a lot of alcohol about a week ago, it was half a 750ml bottle of 40% vodka and half of a 75% and bottle of everclear over the course of a 10 hour period. I mixed my booze with orange juice and water.

And now my right side hurts. I'm afraid I've got cirrhosis or some kind of liver damage. I'm really stupid, I know.

I'm probably going to go to the doctor and get my liver checked if I'm still having pain.
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The everclrar was also 750ml
You're fine. Liver damage accumulates very slowly over many many years of drinking.

t. ate percocet like candy while drinking at least a pint a day for 5 years
2 weeks prior I drank 2 1.75ml bottl3s of vodka over the course of a week and a half or so. And even with the high alcohol content of the everclrar in that short amount of time you still think I'm most likely okay?

I'm a newborn alcoholic, this bender made me realize.

How would you feel if you woke up one day and your penis looked and operated like a horse penis but was still the size of your penis as is?
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sounds like the makings of a better short story than the metamorphosis t b q h

>father suddenly proud
>sister immediately infatuated
>townsfolk line up for the fuck of a lifetime
Quads approve of the horse cock
>cums in 3 seconds
no thanks

Why do chinese normies like pepe so much?


This has thousands of reviews
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asians love to hate themselves.
this is a fucking goldmine of reaction images
Nice find OP, this is epic.

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irl pepe.jpg
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Here's an irl pepe i saw in a retention pond today. Enjoy!
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Nobody likes this pepe :(
It's an awesome pepe my friend
That's a nice Pepe anon, good job!

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So like, after spending enough time here I've gained what I needed? I'm going to take a break from it all. Totally a pleasure learning from you all. <3
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...did you literally draw tripfags and pic-fags from /r9k/ ?
The fuck are you talking about?
Those are cartoons.
It remind me that fucking Connie-faggot bwaahhhh

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How do I ask out the girl behind the counter at a fast food restaurant without sounding awkward/creepy?
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Be unbelievably attractive
The trips speak the truth, OP.
Original origami orgasm.
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you don't
wagies are forced to be nice to you, they don't like you. and you're only asking a wagie because you KNOW she'll have to reject you kindly - and rejection terrifies you, because you're a beta.

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I don't understand why women cosplay in general.

Do they know that 2D women are superior ?
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Well that girl is pretty hot.
Well yeah, that's why they try to dress up as 2D women.
>I don't understand why women cosplay in general.
it gets them attention. This is usually the answer for why women do anything.

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So basically I'm gonna buy a new laptop, and I want to use my money wisely and do good research in buying the best possible laptop since I know higher price doesn't always mean better.

So basically I wouldn't like my laptop to do much really. The only thing I might want is to be able to play Civ 5, because I bought it but because my computer is too slow and so I can't play it. I also might download music production software like fruity loops. Besides that, I would not really be using it for anything else except normal computer stuff like browsing the internet and what not.

Hep peez.
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Bump because I need to get a new laptop as well.
Arigatou gonzaiimas!

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>tfw poor navigation sense
Anyone else like this?
I've lived in my town all my life but font know the names of streets or routes to major roads. If my phone didn't have GPS I'd never get anywhere
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dude same, im wondering if theres any way to fix it cause it makes me feel pretty bad
Yea it makes me feel ashamed, whenever someone asks me for directiona or asks me if I heard of a place I spill my spaghetti
do you think it might be an ADHD thing, cause ive always never been able to keep my attention on anything and have a pretty bad memory

>wake up
>feel bad physically
>go pee
>still feel bad
>sit to shit
>still feel bad
>go back to room
>feel instantly better

WTF /nofap/ is bullshit!
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I liked how aqua looked on the psp and PS3, I don't rly like how she looks on the ps4
Taking a nap also works in my experience.
>not taking stacks of nootropics and lifting first thing in the morning
never gonna make it

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Is this board only for depressed people who have no gf, or for depressed people with shitty lives too?
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/r9k/ is a board exclusively for normies. Depression is normal and you are welcome here. Kissless, handholdless virgins are on their way out. Feel free to post whatever you'd like and welcome.
>shitty life
>has gf
Yeah fuck off.

>inb4 blogpost about how much your normie life sucks regardless of your gf
Wow, projector is one bruh. I never said I have a gf. It's just that I feel more depressed over my life, rather than not having a gf. That would be the least of my problems.

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Rate my sisters

Pic is them
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they are both very pretty. nice fantasy sisters OP
7/10 learn how to smile like a real human

If those are your sisters, I know who is making those ""hug" your sister and post response" threads all the time.

Actually, you should probably be "hugging" your sisters right now dude.

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Hey lads so around 2 weeks ago I got a job and quit after 3 days via email..(the managers were dicks and overall the whole place was toxic) so my question is when I get my paycheck? I've been looking to see if it came in the mail and nothing has come thru.I worked 23 hours those 3 days and it would suck not to get paid for it
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dunno maybe ask a lawyer and go to a small claims court? Or is this thing on the penal code? No idea.
In my experience they will make it difficult for you but again it depends. Maybe you should just go there and ask for the money before going further.
I'm too much of a pussy to go and ask for the money since I quit via email..maybe I'll get the balls to do it
Tell them to give you your money nigga

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