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Are you mentally ill or just unstable?
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When life feels good, it feels real fucking good and I wanna fuck the world up the ass. When it feels bad, I wanna kms PRONTO FAMN. It goes from good to bad several times a day. Also I got anxiety and anxious of pretty much everything.
those are toads not frogs btw OP
Check that out man, there is a name for that.
Who said anything about frogs? They are basicly the same thing.

I'm just unstable because I function in society; i don't hurt no one or cause distress for others.

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>Another birthday tommorow
>Still no friends

Pic unrelated
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fuck you. happy birthday.
happy birthday.

but i will NOT be your friend.

the deadline for friend registration was 7/20/2017 midnight.

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>don't drink alcohol
>say might as well try it since everybody else does
>doc says "only drink 3 glasses of wine or beer a week or you will fuck up your liver with all the pills"
>I want to drink more and more and more

It's over boys.
The liver is going away.
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What kind of pills anon?

You shouldn't drink too much it'll make you fat.

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Are holes inferior subhumans?
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is this a trick?
an elephant is bigger than all of those
No, they are just subhumans. That already implies inferiority.

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I think the ultimate revenge on roasties is to impose your grossness onto them, in whatever socially tolerable ways, such that they're forced to fake smile at you and can't actually do anything about it.

Make them feel your hopelessness, make them smell your lack of hygiene, let them hear about repulsive desires. The world is your oyster, make them pay.
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>tfw that fat disgusting greasy retard is probably happier than I will ever be
>let them hear about repulsive desires
"I wanna stuff your pussy full of chicken nuggets and eat you out"
look at the guy.
i doubt it my dude.

Gonna head out soon to a bar and chill for the rest of the day. Don't have any friends so probably gonna be alone. I just gotta get out of this room. Anyone doing the same?
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Lol nah fuck all that, imma sit home and watch YouTube videos.
Might as well get drunk while playing vidya. Games like Team Fortress 2. Funnier with friends.
>inb4 friends? ree
Fuck no. Why would I do that? All the normie will stare at me and that's all I'll be able to think about. And what about the poor wench that has to serve your depressing ass? Do you really want to subject her to your robotic presence. Have a little decency

Tell me why you cause yourself suffering my friend. Tell me why you hold on to impermanent things. Tell me why you allow the hindrances of emotion to affect you.

Allow me to help you my friend.
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buddhism makes sense but its hard to not want/need material things
You can't help these people, and you won't help them by showing them how good the endgame is. They have to learn how to get there
Explain to me why i shouldn't kill myself?

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I have a BMI of 37 can I get a gf?
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Depends. Divide by three.

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when you wake before you post some shit you brush your teeth nigga
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How does it feel to know you are a bastard born out of wedlock and your very existence was a mistake that was never supposed to happen, making your life from its inception innately purposeless? You are misplaced cumshot.

>Tfw firstborn
>Tfw parents planned me
>Tfw parents love me
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And yet both of us are here
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I can just become Guts.
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>tfw trying to explain this feel to a therapist
>but anon! Your mommy loves u! Mistakes into miracles! :DDDDDD

One of the many things that made me realize therapists are a meme. At least I had one loving parent though. I could have been a crack baby or something.

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>mom found the email I sent my aunt
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>pen pal found the penis projections

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>that white old australian who moved to thailand to fuck with thai hookers and upload the videos on internet

he is making money of this?

do people pay real money for watch that shit?
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hopes and dreams.png
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>Average looks
>Socially awkward as FUCK
>28 and still a virgin living at home

Trying to come up with legit reasons not to kill myself and I got nothing.
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>average looks
You still have a good opinion about yourself so why would you kill yourself?
>trying to come up with LEGIT reasons not to kill himself
>posts it here
Don't worry, in two years you will get your powers.

You will become a wizard, anon.

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>the world has about 3.7 billion females.
even if just 0.0005% of the female population found you attractive, you could have a new girlfriend every day of your life until you die
...yet you're still single
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"Favourite" mass murderer thread/ discussion: my thoughts, Elliot obviously was on the spectrum and probably (who am I kidding) had co-morbid narcissistic personality problems. Cho appears to have been the most skilled at purpatrating his plan, he seemed like a deeply troubled individual, just by reading up on him it seems his problems were deeply rooted and in my uneducated opinion he was far more gone than the supreme gentleman, his family and "friends" described him as basically mute and he supposedly had some form of autism as well as severe depression. Elliot and Dylan seem the most "normal" of the mass murderer clique to me when compared to the others like Lanza and that forgettable nut with the orange hair. They just seem like a bunch of angry teenage boys with Dylan obviously having depression, oh yeah and failed plan
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this is /ourguy(girl)/
>made edgy Sonic-tier OCs of a children's show
>had friends and a small but active fanbase on youtube
>killed 3 people, meaning he isn't even a mass murderer
fuck off faggot
Are you the guy that claims to be 1/16 jewish 2/8 asian 1/16 spic 1/16 white 1/16 black 4/12 dumbass?

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