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Why the fuck aren't you a snitch? Nothing better than making normie's lives harder.

>see code enforcement violation on someone's property
>call code enforcement

>see someone doing illegal drugs
>call police on them

>neighbors dog gets out
>call animal control on them

>see neighbor run a business in a residential zoned area
>call the cops
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Cause I'm not a lame

no way theres a chance i might be mistaking a normie for a robot.

we are brothers here
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because i cant be anonymous on the phone

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>ITT: Sum up your political views in one sentence
I'll start: Monarchism is the final redpill
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>I'm 16 and I just read Moldbug for the first time *mind blown*
Kill yourself retard nigger
>>>/pol/ please
Monarchism is pretty good though, just drop the whole inbreeding thing

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is anyone else being gangstalked?, share stories... i have been followed, harassed, spied on, and had attempts on my life on multiple occasions over a decade or longer.
only recently i have accepted the fact that i am a TI (targeted individual).
i know its a much more common phenomenon that anyone would expect, and i would imagine that some other people here have suffered from it.
inb4 schizophrenia, the cause is hard to pinpoint, but the point of gangstalking is to make the target appear to have a mental illness.
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Hi reviewbrah, I love you!
I'm watching you.

I feel for you. My apartment was broken into over the course of a year and messed with. They send used to send telepathic thought packets to me using computers. Lately the artificial telepathy aspect has backed off because I've done myself in with drugs I used to cope.

Beware of the information you read online a lot of it is false and designed to invoke your paranoia.

It worked though, my family had me institutionalized, had that schizophrenia label slapped on me, severely limiting my job opportunities in the future. It's fucked up the synthetic telepathy uses to be real bad multiple times a day, very disconcerting.

How does your "gangstalking manifest.
Are you sure youre not a bit paranoid and read too much on the internet? Like do you have specific examples of the occurrences
Why would a gang want to stalk you? What makes you special?

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R9k confessions
>I care more about my tv than my gf
She's great but
Jesus I fucking love my tv
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>still miss my ex
>but pride keeps getting in the way of me contacting her
>instead I come here to wallow and try to fill the emotional void with ppl will never meet.

I need to reset my brain.

makes perfect sense why you two continue to shitpost here, I wouldn't want to let go either.
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lonely wojak.jpg
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my gf is my tv
what kind of tv do you have OP

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Robots I'm just so happy, I have a cute gf a nice job and some great friends, and always love browsing r9k.

You guys are great!!!
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I'm glad you're doing well for yourself OP
Incoming resentment despite compliment

>babby would rather drag you to its level than stand up
fuck yeah thats good to hear
congrats op you probably deserve it

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>lie in bed for hours
>"I'd do anything for a job, I'd suck dick"

>full time wagie now
>lie in bed for hours
>"I'd do anything to be NEET, I'd suck dick"
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It sounds like all you want is to suck a dick.
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in conclusion, OP is a fagget
Fucking THIS, for the love of Christ Will a NEET PLEASE help, I'm fucking dying

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Would you sacrifice your most valued and sentimental possession for a qt gf robots?
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peak performance.jpg
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>your most valued and sentimental possession
what? my cum jars?
I guess that would be my computer, so yes.
>your most valued and sentimental possession
nah my depression is what keeps me grounded in reality

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Need some help /r9k/. Heres what happened
>At bar trying to get gf
>spot qt 6/10 grill sitting alone
>walk up and start talking
>goes well
>ask if she's accepting bf applications
>says yes and asks to see resume
>"hm 6 foot, fit, certifed nice guy, well anon this all looks good ill submit the forms and get back to y...
>she looks down at the sexual experience portion
>she starts laughing and hands me back my bf application
>"Sorry anon, im looking for someone a bit more experienced"
>"Try starting with an entry level gf"

Damn it robots what do i do? How to i pad out my resume to componsate for being a virgin?
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>Need gf to get experience
>Need experience to get gf
The ride never ends desu
Be super good looking or be really rich (or both)
Just lie or gloss over it?

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Comment, tell stories and meet fellow robots.
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Does anyone actually add each other from this? Tempted to add myself to this, but I live two completely different places traveling a lot so not sure where to put myself.
put more than one marker or move your marker around wherever you go

I'm talking to someone from it right now. Kik is the easiest way to do it. Not much harm in giving it a shot.

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>inb4 wagecuck

Got a job working in a supermarket as a vendor packing out soda. I go to supermarkets, go to the back room and get product, refill shelves and do it again in some more stores. It's pretty straightforward, requires minimal talking and is helping me build up some muscle, because that shit gets heavy.
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Good job anon! I'm happy for you. Keep up the good work.
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This your first job? Doing well there, anon! Just don't spill the spaghetti when you see a cutetti
What's the pay?

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whoever can tap into the minds of beta male losers and get them to WAKE UP and ACT can change society.

young men are being inebriated with pot, porn, and video games.

this is BIG. there is so much potential. someone who can articulate our grievences and get normal people to CARE and robots to act will have so much power.

everybody is trained to hate useless men. look at all the normies on this board constantly attacking us. they love kicking us while we are down, and as long as we are MALE LOSERS they have no remorse.

shit is fucked up but nobody cares until normies feel the burn too.

who can take a stand for us robots?
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We must stand for ourselves. I wont let the turbo normies take a stand for those they have also ostracized
i rather morph the nomrals into loosers
Go ahead anon, what are you waiting for?

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What is the quickest and cheapest way to lose weight fast?
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eating less
Starve wandering the streets
Don't eat, run everywhere

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> be me, 13
> weabo
> at the beach with senpai for summer vacation
> some qt3.14 gril comes over
> moms friends daughter
> Cute but doubt were the same type
> everyone goes out to the beach
>randomly asks what type of tv i like to watch
> lol like im going to tell this chick im weabo
>"uhh i dont rly watch tv that much mostly just popular stuff"
> she looks really dissapointed, like she expected me to say something else
> "hmm? Well im really into anime and manga stuff, i go to cons and do cosplay haha."
> It seems like she was told that i liked anime and shit beforehand
> sperg.wav
> try to play it off like i just watched some DBZ when i was younger and fairy tail recently
> she buys it
> mfw i literally passed on free weabo gf
> tfw no weabo gf
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58062590 (1).jpg
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you dun goofed op
fuck off robot let me post REEEE
She was going to fuck with you its pretty easy to tell. Even weebs are usually embarrassed with that fact that they have no life and would go around parading the fact.
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>tfw no shame and straight up tell normalfags that I watch anime and read manga if asked
>not a huge nerd ass faggot about it though
>share these hobbies with my Nee-san it usually takes up like half of the shit we talk about normally

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>tfw no qtp2d jew gf to take care of your financial problems
Anyone else know this feel?
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Veronica's nose is to small to be Jewish however she is a sub human half slav with a wee bit of Mcnigger in that fat ass
Ashkenazi Jews aren't real Jews
Don't push your /pol/ shit here with that commie slut pls. Nobody gives a shit how "redpilled" you are in /r9k/. Only feels here.

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Anyone else feel guilty watching porn? Watching women degrade themselves and be degraded for our personal enjoyment is just so wrong. Absolutely disgusting when you think about it.
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No because I never watch porn that's degrading
Lol no.

>but women degrade themselves!
They made their choice. Nobody made them do it.
I honestly agree. Hard to believe there's this many girls on planet earth who will willingly defile themselves publicly. Can't imagine how the fathers feel.

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