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>meet up with someone from /r9k/
>it's a chad
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>meet up with someone from /r9k/ it's a gross autistic neckbeard.
>meet up with someone from /r9k/
>It's just me looking in the mirror
>Wait I'm on acid again
haven't had this happen yet from /r9k/, only from /a/

>find out your one-itis actually works as an escort-girl at night time.

This is no fucking joke.
I found out some cutty who works at a nearby starbuck(not really one-itis but I had my eyes on her) is actually a hooker.
I'm confused, I can simply fuck her just by texting or calling her.
But then it will be awkward as fuck since she knows me, and I've never imagined her like this, I don't want her as a friend anymore but damn, sure I would hit on her.

What should I do??
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kill her.

It doesn't seem to make much sense. Why would she work someone that pays like 8/hr and then she makes a lot more at night? Are you sure it's her and not someone using her pics?
Do it anon if you want to fuck her go ahead, it won't be weird unless you make it.

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If you could only eat the same thing until the end of the world, what would you choose?
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Are we ignoring dietary concerns? Because if nutrition isn't a problem I would eat peanuts. Regardless of what you choose you'll grow sick of it if it's 100% of your day's calories every single day though.
Steak and broccoli
Your boipussy.

Make no mistake: I will take it with my bare hands, anon.

well anons

shes finally on her way...
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I wouldn't wanna work on future vice squad, that's for sure.
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cat hmm.jpg
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Have fun anon. I'm sticking with my ona-hole tho, less space to occupy.
How much was the total cost?

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>girl who constantly teases me/semi-breaks my heart pretty regularly, is mentally ill but obsessed with me and is also a good chunk of the reason for my insecurities


>soul crushing loneliness

which one should i pick? i also should point out that she is also a hit and quit failure of mine
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Take the nice gf pill. Break off contact with crazy girl and try to acquire a nice gf (TM)
I found mine on /r9k/, she always compliments me and cooks my favorite meals because she cares about my well being and happiness.
Don't get with a girl that doesn't love catering to you and putting a smile on your face.
Also all girls are willing to bend over backward to please the right man, so if she's not doing that she's waiting for someone better to replace you with.
Soul crushing loneliness my dude
Unless you're into the first one, soul crushing lonliness.
>not being into strong chicks that tease you

>haha hes just bitter because he can't get in a loving mutual relationship

i'm bitter because a loving mutual relationship doesn't exist
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Love doesnt exsist. Only reliance and brain chemicals. Thats it.
fuck off, rick
>reliance and brain chemicals

yeah those chemicals create the feeling you call "love" so love does exist dummy

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ls he /ourguy/?
I think he is.
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He has two sluts ready to suck him off, I don't think he can ve a robot
>He has two sluts ready to suck him off, I don't think he can ve a robot
I will suck off any robot
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No because he's probably not a virgin

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Prove to me women aren't worthless, avatars of avarice.

Pic fucking related
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You have never met a man in you life or what? Also using sex just for pleasure is one of reasons that make us different from animals, and being just vehicle for our genes.
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Also Tinder thread I guess
>I want someone that spoils me
>lol no I spoil back

Slut considers laying there like a deadfish while she receives all the pleasure spoiling you.

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There's no such thing as the 'friendzone' for girls. It's literally impossible for them to get friendzoned.
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>There's no such thing as the 'friendzone' for girls. It's literally impossible for them to get friendzoned.
There's no theoretical show stoppers, unless you believe women never make the first move. It's just that guys generally don't bother cushioning the blow when they turn someone down. But to be honest, it doesn't really make it significantly less (or more) hurtful.
nobody wants to be friends with ugly girls
there is a fuckzone tho, where chad thundercock will never be in a relatonship with her, but keep her around for anal

How do you guys stay /comfy/ when life is hitting you hard? What are some things you do?

Sadly I live in Florida so its difficult to be comfy here considering I love snow and forests and all we have here is beaches and palm trees. Playing Xbox and watching anime used to work for me but it's not the same any more. My parents said I have to go to University now and share a dorm with some random guy. I also have to get a job. My comfy days of laying at home are ending and it's hell.
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I grab some coffee and listen to some music. Some nice depressing jazz music is comfy with some warm coffee. Alternatively, if I want to get outside I'll go for a hike and bring along the camera and wander the trails on the bluffs, or go down to the river and just stare out into the water. When winter hits here, I try to get out as well, but the turbo faggots on their snowmobiles block up all the good area trails. Considering buying snowshoes this season so I can go anywhere easily to keep taking pictures.

You should count yourself lucky to have the ocean anon. Honestly, comfy is a state of mind that can be reached at any time with time and effort.

here have a winter picture from the area I hike in
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completely forgot to add the picture

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i think im actually going to attempt suicide tonight
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What? Why? talk to us OP we're here for you
i have everything i want but i'm still depressed and it's starting to negatively affect my life
please do (you) attention-whore

>tfw 24 but look like i'm in high school

this whole time i though i was ugly but the only reason girls my age don't talk to me or even acknowledge me it's because i look really young.

what can i do to look my age?
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The right haircut and facial hair
You dont try to look your age, you start going for highschool girls. Obviously.
Right now i'm rocking an undercut i think i'm going to buzz it.

what type of facial hair is in right now?

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Ask a drunk 26yo virgin whose birthday is today anuthing.
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Don't you wish there were legal euthanasia clinics so you could finally be at peace?
doesnt switzerland have one? The process is kinda long though
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Yes, I honestly hope I could die.

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>underage neighbourhood girls knocking on my door to get booze again
>they didn't take my trash out like they said they would or bring me a dinner like they said they would
>no booze for them today
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lel make them work for it. I find this hilarious
>buying booze to kids
As he reached what he thought was the bottom he realized it was nothing but a thin crust, hiding the real wretches below it, the hollow eyed creatures clawed the walls to reach him, it was time to turn back, this was a place where no light could reach
Make them work for you and overcharge them for not keeping their end of the bargin

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1. I am firmly against ever having children myself and am an ardent anitnatalist for environmental and humanitarian reasons. Therefore, I take a foolproof approach to ensuring I never cause a pregnancy by never having sex.

2. Ejaculation is nothing but a wasteful addiction for me, a few seconds of sometimes pleasurable peak sensation, preceded by much wasted time browsing pornography and followed by a lower energy state that impairs my functioning on all levels. In contrast, abstinence from both sexual release and fantasizing about women is Eudaimonia, and I continue to aspire to live a life free of any voluntary ejaculation, concurring with the antinatalist resolution to have no desire to ever have sex.

3. Relationship statuses are empty labels, and sexual sovereignty does not exist- a woman can never truly belong to you. No duality exists between "single" and "taken," you are yourself a whole and complete being, and one with God the Earth the universe and everything. Discard any fantasies and social conditioning which ever made you believe you could "have" a woman, or that you are owed any measure of intimacy in life. It doesn't matter, the only benefits of being in a so-called relationship are imaginary, stop desiring this fairytale, there is nothing you lack, because there is nothing they actually have that you don't.

4. Abandon the idea of non-sexual intimacy altogether. The desires of the flesh are born of the genitals, and indulging in them, in real life or fantasy, will always lead you back to wanting sex or masturbating. There are other ways to experience feminine energy in balance with your masculine energy that do not require touching or looking at women, like sensual sounding music, aromatherapy, going out in nature (or even just looking in awe at majestic photos of lush landscapes), and meditating, which brings us to resolution 5:
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5. Next level energy management through various forms of introspection and meditation is absolutely necessary to maintain monk mode. You must keep your mind pure and calm, yet active and creative, and circulate the libido energy throughout the body using intense breathwork and body locks. Otherwise, what happens is the energy will collect in your genital region and it will overwhelm you. You may feel the best you've ever felt in your life after 3 weeks of hardcore no-fap, but if you aren't doing meditation, you mind will just fill up with constant sexual thoughts, you will feel confident, but exhibit an unstable temperament, and your primal drives will overpower your rationality trying to fill the biological imperative- leading you to do dangerous and disgusting things. At the very least, do 10 minutes of deep breathing meditation twice a day to stay grounded, but ideally you should inch closer to true monk mode, partake in Eastern style yoga and meditation events, and build up your arsenal of techniques, and make use of them in a daily practice. And of course, spend more time outdoors going for long walks regularly, and limit your time on the computer hen indoors, only go online for a specific purpose, never just to idly browse. Choose an activity, watch an educational video, read a book, or just go and meditate instead of staring at a screen or paper.
Anon ive been meditating and trying to let go of control and that i cant have my oneitis.

Have i been meditating wrong? I did for 30 minutes and i still cant even sleep. When i woke up i even ran and did yoga.
On nofap too. Its been a month doing excercise and meditation. I feel like ive been doing it wrong
Top 10 detriments of masturbation.

The thing about masturbation, as opposed to things like drugs and alcohol, is that the negative impacts are for more subtle, and you easily negate them since they seem so insignificant compared to the ephemeral euphoria of orgasm. this is also why masturbation is for more addictive, to me at least. I feel like shit the next day after having some weed or alcohol- even a little bit, so I avoid them mostly, and its easy to do them moderately like having just one drink or hit. In contrast, I can fap 7 times a day and do it again the next day since I just crave the high again and don't notice the changes, or forgotten them since I've been fapping multiple times a day for a long time.

1. Increased shyness and social anxiety- extreme aversion to making eye contact. Well they say the eyes are the windows of the soul- and when cummng, its like I can feel energy draining out of my eyes- the proverbial succubus has depleted my life force. So then my mind and body feels in a very vulnerable state the few days after a fapping bender, and I have to shield my eyes from other people's gazes because I don't have enough power to protect my soul or something.

2. Increase in thoughts of suicide, depression or more generally pessimism. I am generally I very positive person, but after fapping everything feels pointless, and I feel like a helpless victim in life. Compared to 3+ weeks of no-fap, its like the idea of suicide doesn't even exist, and I feel confident that everything will me okay, I can find a solution to any problem I'm having, even though I might not know what it is yet.

3. Dissipation of brain fog. Sometime around the 3 week mark of no-fap, you feel a sensation I can only describe as clouds around your head being lifted, thoughts and feelings are clear & crisp. Its a feeling of boundless creativity at your fingertips, and you can finally envision actually tapping into all that potential you had, but felt was impossible to make use of.

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