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Can you get a high from diazepam? How much should you take for the first time? Should you drink it with hard liquor? Is it addictive? How unhealthy is it? What can it damage in your system? Asking for a friend.
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Yes you can get mind altering effects from them. Try 10mg first, do not mix with hard alcohol for your first time. Make sure you have no tolerance and read up on Benzodiazapene Withdrawal Syndrome to scare you. Taken best in a social setting with people who can accept you saying stupid shit. Good for killing social anxiety.

10mg first by yourself to see how it is. Try interacting with some random people over the Internet anonymously, find an IRC channel or something. Go on 420 chan btw, check out their benzo board.
>Should you drink it with hard liquor?

In this scenario you either end up dead or waking up two weeks later in a Laos with a dragon dildo up your ass and missing a kidney.
Only had diazepram injected in my ass at a psychward. Puts you out, and makes you feel nice and calm.

Use benzos with caution.

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You played video games and browsed here all weekend didn't you?
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Nah mang, on vacation w/ family atm. :^)
Hey bradley what's up
Why couldn't they pay a cute girl to hold it instead of that?

Holy fuck /r9k/, the final battle approaches.

South Park False Memory - Orange Julius

many people (including myself) remember the term "Orange Julius" in the fingerbang episode of south park (Something you can do with your finger), I watched it yesterday morning and when the first reference to "orange julius" (made by cartman over the intercom) came up it was changed to "Smoothie",

I thought to myself "thats weird", I must have remembered it wrong. Second line that had "Orange Julius" in came up...
it is supposed to be "There are naked people at the Orange Julius. I repeat, naked people at the Orange Julius."

the line now?

"There are naked people at the orange smoothie machine. There are naked people at the orange smoothie machine. [crowds of mall shoppers head for the orange smoothie machine"

That second line is a direct quote from the official south park episode transcripts.

so my question for you guys,... Why do me and this faggot from reddit both remember the term "orange julius" in that episode?

I searched for any term in "orange julius" on the south park transcript.


in the episode?


Me and that faggot from reddit are from the same "timeline".

This is real....

"they" are even changing the world for the tards who watch south park.

I do not believe in the mandela effect but this is totally fucking real.

Google is supposed to bring up every page that contains exactly the words you enter.

I searched for the "Orange Julius" phrases and the only page with any reference to south park is the one with the quote I put above, made 5 years ago.

When I was reading the page 15 mins. ago the post had "5 upvotes" when I searched for the phrase and frantically looked everywhere for the phrase I went back to the comment and it now had "6 upvotes"

holy fuckin fuck, am I a targeted individual?
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Take your meds anon. Mandela effect is a psychological bug. Bunch of retards remember shit like "Luke I am your father" when it's "no I am your father" because of stupid memes and shit
go take a walk around your block or something, man.
yea I should be taking my risperdal and k-pinz but dude why do I remember that same phrase the guy from reddit posted? and he is the only person on the internet who wrote it the way I remember..
I never fell into the mandela effect trap. but im in it now

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How the fuck do people do nofap? This is miserable. The only reason I'm doing it is because I'm going overseas and am going to be staying with another person in my room for two weeks, so I'm starting now to refrain from masturbating. I'm three days in and want to fuck everything that moves. I keep thinking of my degenerate fetishes and even my pants are tempting me.

It's hard to go from fapping twice a day to not at all. Idk if I can last two weeks desu
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I'm going through a 1 year long nofap since January 1st. You should try to distract your mind since the first days are the harder. As time passes it'll becoming easy to keep it, but wetdreams will be very common, you should carry something for unexpected night cummies.
The first 14 days is hell. If you can make it past that then it gets easier. And remember take cold showers and breathe into your balls when in it.
I've never had a wet dream I fap so much. How long after you stopped did they begin?
Thanks for the advice, hopefully I can refrain from being a chronic masturbator for at least two weeks

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does anyone else wish they had a black bf?

I'm an asian male
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White girl here. I wish i could have a black man all to myself, but I know it's impossible since he'd have a white girl begging for his cock on an hourly basis. But I'm content with fucking different black guys each night
please do not date black men. White women should stay with the inferior men in your race and leave black men to us asian boys.
This board has reached levels of bait not possible.

>tfw no BASED black gf to marry and make redpilled mulatto babies with
Feels bad man.
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Haha totally BASED my fellow MAGApede! Here's an upvote!
let's make those cuck snowflakes cry /b/ro xD

MAGA my man!

A black girl who was pro-Trump I would actually wife.

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Would you fuck her?
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She's kinda cute for a negro
yeah I'd rape her with my bbc after robbing her nice house
>Would you fuck her?
I don't fuck niggers sorry.

She should tone down the self hate though it's already hard for black women to marry and have a family. They always end single mothers for a reason.

It's not too late, r9k. What are you waiting for.. ?
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I'm sorry to hear. Would you like to share your feels?
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I already did. I sometimes think I am a terrible child....

>add a """""""ROBOT""""""" to my friends list
>he uses the ":)" emote unironicly

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Haha I know that feel bro :)
>human female
What are you, some kinda tranny?
sounds like a nice guy :)

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>Therapist appointment in 2 hours
>Don't want to go
>Too late to cancel
>Hes probs gonna charge me

How do you stop seeing these guys anyway?

Do I just call and tell his secretary I'm done with it all?

All hes ever done is write stuff down. I stopped taking his drugs so I don't need him for those anyway.

At what point do I stop seeing him? Do I stop it or will he?
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Who's paying for it? If it's free, keep going. If not, call him and ask to end your therapy and collect your records. Also, I had written this before, but I'll post it again since it pertains to how utterly pointless therapy is, I'd honestly say it's close to being a scam.

The vast majority of our life as an incel is misery, suffering, loneliness and depression. The constant anxieties and grievances. The broken dating system. The rigged job market. The cruel legal system. The vile medical industry. The sadistic roasties. The insufferable normies.

Of course, normies will turn around and say "oh, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!" but they're just shilling another empty platitude. They have no clue of the permanence. Depression has no known medical cure, SSRIs are ineffective, SNRIs are ineffective, antipsychotics are ineffective, vitamin D and fish oil are ineffective, therapy is ineffective, exercise and proper diet are ineffective. Quite simply, nothing works.
If you're not taking meds and not even seeing progress, you are basically trowing away money. If you still wanna give it a try, find a therapist you trust and feel like is helping you somehow.
>it's an anon thinks he knows better than trained professionals and stops taking his medication and refuses to engage with his therapy properly episode

Enjoy your shit life.

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I'm 27 and haven't spoken to my dad since I was 22, because he's a bad guy.

A couple of hours ago I got the following text from him:

"It's Father's Day today. I gave a lot of my life to you."
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Why don't you like your dad OP
How was he a bad father to you OP?
He's a convicted pedo...

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How many of you are actually NEETs?
If you're not a NEET, how old are you and what do you do for living?
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Working roomservice in a 5star hotel
It's bretty ok.
In college, summer internship at consultancy firm
Finished university a year ago, been NEETing it up ever since. Going to do a masters in september though.

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Does /r9k/ still have the ideal gf thread? Is it still a thing? I don't browse this board often but I saw a thread for them awhile back and I want more. Here's the template, give me some OC
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Dumping my faves
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In fact I almost never browse /r9k/. I don't fucking get the robot.
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I don't even know why I like these, they're just fun to read I guess -_-

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>he browses 4chan on something besides a phone
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Shitposting is far easier on a computer with multiple screens, dumb phoneposter
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>he doesn't browse 4chan on a tablet at work

>he doesn't have multiple display outputs setup for his phone

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>it'll be time to go to work again soon
>can't even enjoy Sunday evening because 5 days of pain await me
>just want to fucking die

My fellow miserable wagecuckies, get in here.
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More images of girls on the pooper?
Do they actually have sinks on the back of toilets in Japan?
It's been 12 days since my last day off ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I started yelling at upper management today I don't give a fuck anymore

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