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The roastie whores who laughed at us and denied us will be lucky to hit 40, meanwhile we grow in strength and power.

We endure, they crumble.
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She was hot. What a loss
She could have got a beta provider and spit out a kid or maybe even 2 easily.

So why suicide?
>We endure, they crumble.

The older the roast, the more it toasts

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Is anyone else here an atheist because they just see no proof of God's existence? Fedora memes won't magically change my opinion on this and I'm not saying God doesn't exist for a fact.
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Are you looking for validation?

Faith is important to believers, believing in things heard but not seen.
I'm agnostic because I don't believe in anything but still think ghosts are real.

I'm asking if anybody else thinks the same as me because /r9k/ appears to have a Christian presence. Looking for validation here is pointless since people just post fedora memes and call you a neckbeard. This topic has been itching me lately and I want others to reply so I can think about it in different ways.

Hi chaps, i'm feeling really comfy right now
Please, relax, in this thread tell me all your problems, and i'll offer advice or empathy

I want to be the living proof that you're not alone, because you have me
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The biggest dilemma in my life right now is what anime I should watch next, you reckon you could help me out here?
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I like anime but i only watch a few
If you wanna cute waifus and deep stuff id say Evangelion
If you want just a good time (but still cute waifus) there's Nichijou

Good watch! :)
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How can I stop feeling lonely and empty inside? It's killing me.

"B-but, Dad, the store wants me to apply online. That's what they just told me!"
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Son, you go down there and you look the manager square in the eye and give him a firm handshake right this instant.
>he doesn't use google maps to find every store and apply there online and then deny the applications, collecting NEETbux while saying you're looking for a job
"Son... I don't think you're understanding me..."

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Ain you kno a nigga hot
I'm just honest
Ayu whut it dewwwww?!
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I want to fuck my daughter's underage math tutor.
We'll I hope she's old enough drito, would hate to have to snatch a nigga up and break his leg if you suspected of pedophilia
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Don't worry about it her mom will find a new guy that doesn't easily.

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>he imagines his life is a video game to feel better
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Imagination is an important and easy to use tool for relieving stress. Even you use it, unwittingly.
That actually got me through some shitty days at work, it's a form of taking control of your own thoughts I think.

I eventually fell to depression which isn't real.

>I eventually fell to depression which isn't real


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Why are women incapable of being funny? Id say most men in general can be funny or at the very least spit some banter in a conversation to keep in fun and interesting, but i have never met a women in my entire life that has been genuinely funny. We laugh at what they say cause we wanna fuck them, not because what they're saying is actually funny at all.
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Humor is derived from pain. The only thing that a woman does that is even remotely funny is pregnancy, and even then they get all uppity about it.
if you werent so focused on fucking them. ie not a virgin you'd realize theyre just as funny as anyone else.
Where are the female George Carlins, you fucking faggot?

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When the fuck did black people start being comfortable enough to post here? What exactly makes you feel at home here?

Black males are hyper socialized normalfags who ooze confidence. They're probably the least self aware and shameless group of people on the planet. If you're black you're a de facto chad and do not belong here.
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We heard there was cute white women here.

We go wherever there be cute white wimmen
i came here because a thread in my usual board was moved to /r9k/, i think you rowdy nerds are really cute so i decided to stay and give life advice.
Any white male space is bound to be invaded by women and minorities in time. Then whites move on and build something better elsewhere. Gamergate exiled a lot of whites to a better chan, while moderation here encouraged diversity. Now even that chan is kinda shit as well. Not sure where the next cool kid club is.

7.5 more years you cucks. Can you handle it?
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>mfw someone says "i can't believe he's gonna be president for 4 more years"
Given his failure to do anything I'm ok with it. We still have the climate deal we still have Obamacare and his voter fraud bullshit failed miserably .

Why is it so hot when (biological male) pins (biological female) to a wall?
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Because it's summer time and the combined body heat makes it even warmer than it is.
Domination, gender roles, shows that man wants woman, display of strength
But the opposite is hotter.

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20 year old girl who lives with parents, has no friends, no job or job experience and abusive parents. I can't take it anymore. What should I do?
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"It's easy, son. All you need to do is show up, speak with a manager, look him in the eye, address him as 'Sir,' and give him a firm handshake."
Can't find a job because I have no experience and I'm looking for jobs in particular places for graduate school :/
>looking for grad schools
bitch wtf r u doin

I wanna get a fidget spinner tattoo. Any ideas, boys?
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forehead would be ideal
u do realize tattoos dont spin?
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geynigger spinders DDDD:<

/r9k/ moderation can go fellate a revolver edition
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britfeel is a shambles, PM Kev has let us down

Support the motion of no confidence, by 10:00pm if yes has a majority, a snap general election will be called to de-throne Kev

Don't insult the mods dude.
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haha lads I'm sure it was just a mistake from the great moderation team here on /r9k/

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does anyone else find imperfect (ex: autistic) qts more attractive? Maybe it's because they're more attainable..
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Probably most of us aside from the failed normies/degenerates.
They aren't attainable at all.

They're cute plus funny. Sex
>posts a lol randum 8/10 model girl

That's a just manic pixie dream girl Stacy.

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How did not having a mom/dabbing fuck you up as an adult?

Pic related is the sum of my issues
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I don't think having a MILF fetish is as big an issue as some of the social development that you've been depraved of.
I dabbed every day and I'll dab again.

damn nigga #lit as fucl

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