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Specificly girls ruining geek culture
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Is this a goal gf pic?
It is for me, anyway
Ugh this picture is the spitting image of my ex
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I dated this before.

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>be me
>get job
>fucking hate it
>do not give a fuck
>monthly review is coming up
>the most productive thing I did was shitpost about Redletter Media
>meanwhile, my co-worker is busting her as every day, always last one to leave the office, skips lunches
>I have literally taken a two hour lunch break because, and I feel this bear repeating, I do not give a fuck
>sit in for review
>my work outperformed hers in every way
>earned more money for the company, brought more clients, got more attention from the industry
>boss says she's trying too hard
>"try to be more like anon, he doesn't give a fuck. Clients react better to that than someone who acts as desperate as you do!"

on the one hand I wanted to be fired
on the other fuck you Brenda
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Sounds like Brenda is going to clock out real soon if you know what I mean.
I find the sentence that your boss said to be pretty unlikely for any boss to say. If your story's true though, cool.

I didn't believe it, either! I kept waiting for it all to turn out to be a prank.

How can parents have unconditional love for their children?
Do you still live with your parent(s)?
Do your parent(s) still love you?
Do your parent(s) still do things for you?
Do your parent(s) still love you even though you're a complete failure of a human being?
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>How can parents have unconditional love for their children?
Natural selection
>Do you still live with your parent(s)?
>Do your parent(s) still love you?
>Do your parent(s) still do things for you?
>Do your parent(s) still love you even though you're a complete failure of a human being?

Any other questions?
Do you talk to your parents?
My mom just stares at her phone when we eat together and I have nothing to talk about unless I bring up 4chan.
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oh boy... top kek

so how does that conversation go?
"boy this is some great chicken mom.... do YOU think it would be immoral to fuck one?.... so anyway, I saw this great ylyl thread earlier. this one school shooter meme had me laughing cried I nearly pissed myself... I responded with the tears of laughter pepe, you know, this one *pulls face*"

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I want to watch blowjob videos but they're mostly generic and boring someone link me good videos

bonus points if traps are giving the succ
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pls respond to my thread thank u
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I hope you get raped, then you can experience blowjobs first hand. Also thank me for replying to your shit thread.
thanks for replying to my shit thread

>tfw always kill threads or no one replies to you
sometimes I feel like I should just post obvious bait, because thats all that gets replies
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I know this feel.
Threads only die when I post in it, or I get no (You)s at all. I even stay up to see if I have any (You)s. give me yous now
this is what happens when you namefag

I never got (You)s before I trip'd anyway.
Also you forgot my reply

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You meat eating pathetic psychopaths. That steak you are eating truly is worth it, I mean it really is enjoyable to eat the tortured corpse of a defenceless animal just for 5 minutes of pleasure.
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Yes it is. On to the next thread.
I'd give up food for her
>That steak you are eating truly is worth it
yeah it is
cool thread op thx for pic

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Is this chart legit? Just end me now
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im 18 why am i not happy
You're happy, just wait until you're 50 to know how life can suck

Why would happiness increase after 50? That's basically already dead.

>why /r9k/ must become a blue board !
-no more bbc worship shit
-no more tranny/mental health threads
-no more gore threads attracting more newfags.

making /r9k/ a blue board is leaving /r9k/ for true robots and fembot.
making /r9k/ a blue board is the only way to save our beloved robotdom.

mods consider this thread and take all the degens to /b/.
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You're not a real robot, you're just pretending you stupid faggot.
As someone who has been here since day one, all of that is annoying, but frog posters are worse.
Make /lgbt/ a red board instead.

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>father entered the fuck fiesta

its over lads. all that work gone to waste
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>daughter dived into the dilation demisphere.
I-I'm afraid to go looking for her...
>Pee-paw entered the peeing pawjob party
I didn't even know he was a furry...
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>Shlomo stole the semen shekel
This is bad lads, how will I pay the rimjob rent now?

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Can we agree that white girls are flawless perfection ?
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No, every race has good girls.
I could never have sex with a dark black girl though. Nothing against their faces or anything, I just can't stand the color of their skin. It doesn't bother me on their faces but their bodies seem disgusting to me for some reason.
undeniable at this point.

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What did they mean by this?

Am I in trouble, lads?
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your fault for being portugese
This is the CIA.
We have noticed you have been browsing this site "www.4chan.org" a lot, and now we have caught you.
You are done for, moosemeat.
>using torrents when ssl encrypted file servers exist
what the fuck are you even doing

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>tfw I'll turn 26 soon
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Normally I'd say "haha you're a young fag, you don't even know!"

But then I realised the last 10 years has gone by in a flash, and I'll be 30 in a 2 months, and before you know it, so will you.
I begrudgingly know that feel.
Consider why you think aging matters.
Past the age of 21 to legally do whatever, it doesn't. Aside from some physical changes, you're mostly the same.

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How do we fix the straight male problem?
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Where's the problem? If anything it's adorable catboys that are in short supply.
Get them to watch Love Stage!!

By being my gf(male)

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>tfw playing video games with a cute girl and she asked me to rub her thighs
I love dreaming so much. It felt really nice >//<
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>Will never have a loli gf that that plays video games with you and lets you rub her thighs
Why live
I mostly just have nightmares about sea monsters
I've been waking up feeling really beat down. I keep dreaming of the girls in my life who I had a strong attraction towards at one point. The worst part isn't just the feeling I keep after I wake up, but since they're next to me in a dream I don't want to wake myself up like I do in my nightmares.

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>tfw no vantablack gf
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I know shes hot as fuck but I just cant find it in myself to find any black woman attractive (unless they're at least somewhat mixed)

what is wrong with me?
You're not into bestiality.
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you are afraid of greatness

Its common, but its every white mans duty to breed out other races through sexual conquest

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