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the new fucking youtube look is fucking gay and Normie I FUCKING HATE IT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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I can't see any difference, maybe you are just over sensitive to change?
this. The only thing that looks different is the logo, which I will admit looks dumb
Make a first world problems general, fucko.

>be an underage whore
>get your bikini pics leaked on the internet because you're a dumb bitch
>cry about it on TV
>get a career because of controversy
>become a lawyer
why is this fucking allowed?
being a hot woman in first world country is the easiest mode possible
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is pic related whom you are talking about?
I'm calling bullshit. Women are barely respected in professional fields as it is. Being known as an internet slut is going to make your career track more difficult, not less.
Angie Varona, look her up.

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>tfw caffeine addiction
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Meme addiction for normals and other "people" that are to pathetic to control themselves. Human waste.

Literally not even a problem. Caffeine is abundant and cheap.

Even in the military rations contain coffee. In the middle of WW2 when every nation was straining to literally not be utterly destroyed soldiers still had caffeine in the front lines.

Just don't get addicted to something that kills you like cigarettes and you are golden.
top zoz

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What are you addicted to robots? Alcohol, cannabis and ritalin here.
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I'm addicted to weed badly

I would say weed because I smoke a lot, but I recently just quit for no reason so I guess not.
I did so much speed today I started vomiting uncontrollably. Then I had to spend 4 hours in a public train to get home. Fuck trains and fuck people who ride them. And it will only be worse tomorrow.

But to answer your question - I'm addicted to ciggies. Weed and amphetamine couldn't make me addicted though, as those things become less and less pleasurable with every day you binge em.

What's the one piece of advice you wish you'd gotten when you were younger?
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Social connections in school matter way more than good grades.
Don't waste your time on anything other than your hobbies. Everything else will just be a drain on your time and money. Also never trust women and gays.
"Act like everyone else you little scumbag !"

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Anyone know any free VPNs to get around this?
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Stop being under 18 is a good start.
What >>39389734 said

Also Betternet
Open vpn + Open spyder vpn or something like that, I used them on my iphone 4 and it worked a treat.

How much cum do you think he could drink?
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Let's talk about a big topic in our ethnic community: racemixing.
You wish you had those beautiful eyes. Go fucking kill your. You're a fucking joke, kid.
Idk jack off into a bottle everyday for a year and send it to him

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>fell for the "don't worry about the bullies they'll be working for you in the future" meme
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Hahaha no one works for you faggot hahaha
i fell for tthe " bullies make fun of you because they are jealous of you" meme
fell for the sticks and stones meme
that's why i've got the best words now the greatest words just really fantastic words

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>capture mouse in my house with glue mouse trap
>start poking it with a fork
>screaming in terror
>play with it more, keep stabbing it, and harassing
>finally revenge for living in my stove and shitting on all my pots
>notice it particularly doesnt like me to touch a spot on its back
>keep poking it
>its screaming
>notice something red
>move around the fur and flesh, notice a giant hole in his fur
>seeing his bare meat
>i was poking at its insides
>imagining if someone did that to me
>the mouse didnt know what it was doing it was just trying to live and survive in any random shelter it found
>start to feel bad for mouse
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Well now it's time for it to die, slit it's throat
Does the antelope care for the ant? Your human tendencies are good but unnecessary. The mouse's death is just the course of nature. Shouldn't have fucked with your stove. It's good that you do feel bad though!
Thus we learn that the kind needn't care for his subjects.

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How do I get a comfy office job where I don't do anything and get paid $15+ an hour?
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Those jobs exist but naturally they're all taken.
Pray to heaven a HR Stacy getting 60 bucks and hour laughing her ass off to applications takes pity in you and gives such a job.
why do women take all the good jobs?
I'll give you a job. It's called shut the fuck up. I'll pay you a kick in the wank every two weeks with a yearly bonus kick. Looks good on a resume too.
Dont listen to cucks like >>39389281 They only post shit like this because they have no job themselves so they pretend to have actual knowledge about the job market. You're a fucking joke, kid.

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>be me today
>wake up
>hear guests
>pretend to be asleep for the next 8 hours instead of saying hi
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Aren't you hungry and need to piss
I do that everytime. Fuck them.
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Do u even piss bottle, bro?

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So I've been going out with my gf for a year now, we had sex a few times but for some reason she never let me put it in her puss, it was always anal.

I wasn't complaining the first time, anal has always been my fetish and she knows it, but we had sex maybe twenty times now and it was anal everytime, she's always so excited, spreading her buttcheeks and telling me to put it in, and I love her so I'm fine with it but it kinda bothers me.

Are anal-only girls something common? She's always perfectly clean and sounds like she enjoys it a lot.
How would you react if your gf were like that?
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Check her hymen. Maybe she's still a virgin. Get a fucking flashlight and spread that shit apart, take a good look.
They aren't common in my experience, but I've only been laid once out of pity. You're living the dream.
Only a cuck would say something that stupid. Why don't you just leave this board? It's not like any of us want you here in the first place. You're a fucking joke, kid.

I'll go first

>Learn to ride a motorbike
>Bleach my teeth
>Buy more clothes
>Gain 15kg of muscle
>Find a better job
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>get a better job
>leave the skeleton realm
>get decent clothes
>talk to more people

Pretty similar to you op desu
>fix teeth
>gain like 15kg
>make money
>get clear skin or some shit
>put myself in more situations with bitches
im doing almost alright with clothes
This is from a female stacie last night, you have to have these 2 things she mentions in 6 seconds and the 3rd is have money


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So /r9k/, what happens here??
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putting this here so the robot doesn't mute me
Its like it was meant to be
hahaha dude you're so fucking funny. lmao haha. bro. chad. virigin. hahahaha

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>you will never hear a japanese princess whisper "aishiteiru" into your ear as you both fall asleep in the palace garden after tanabata
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who would want that, b-baka?
>>you will never hear a japanese princess whisper "aishiteiru" into your ear as you both fall asleep in the palace garden after tanabata
Fuckin faggot weeb lmao
No but I do use a Japanese idols messaging service where she sends me voice messages like that all the time though.

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