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>Visit anonymous women's forum
>Literally just shit talking other women 24/7, doxxing other women, and pure vitriol about other women

Fucking hell, and I thought /r9k/ was vicious. Why can't women be friends?
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>anon thinks a women's forum would be all sweet
They're fucking savages just like men.
>Why can't women be friends?
They aren't build to. Women may seem to be the more social sex, but they are only social to people who are close - their children, their parents, their in-laws and so forth. Women are better of alone, having "girlfriends" just makes it harder for them.
>>Visit anonymous women's forum

where?!?!? name?!? link?!??! page?!??!

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Why do people have to take everything so personal?

Whether it's ordering a pizza, paying for something in a store, buying a bus ticket or any other day to day interaction with normies they all end up annoyed because I don't try to be all friendly with them. I'm polite, you're not entitled to anything more. Do they seriously have nothing more important in their lives than being pissy at me for not asking how they are and shit?

I just wanna be left alone.
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Why are you taking a not very surprising reaction so personal?
I agree with you. But there is no need to be pissy about it. Accept that people will have that reaction and either adjust things so that they won't or just deal with it and ignore it and move on with your life to be left alone instead of being bothered by this.
That's what I did.
Gimme an example. Are you like;

Anon: 'I ordered chawian pizza with tendies'

Normie: 'oh sweet I love hawian pizza'

Anon; 'oh really, you should order some then.'
Because it's so pathetic. When someone is short with me I shrug it off and get on with my day, but normies hold grudges forever over the tiniest shit.

>Order a pizza
>Guy attempts to make small talk
>Say some variant of "Yeah ha ha" and smile hoping he takes the hint I don't wanna chit chat

Half of them accept it and get on with their life, the other half clearly hate me and look pissed every time they see me. I don't know where they get the energy.

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How am I, someone who doesn't have friends, doesn't go outside, or never has any tinder matches supposed to find a girlfriend ?
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you don't. just accept the fact
sauce that bitch up op
What makes you think you're supposed to?

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So I befriended this guy online that I had a lot in common with. We both enjoyed shitposting and imageboard culture, he often acted a bit affectionate to me, but I thought it was just the memes. Only when we met I realized that he's an actual feminine looking trap. The next thing I know he's snuggling with me and giving me blowjobs. He also has a cute sister that keeps flirting with me whenever I spend time at his place.

Mind you I'm just an autistic virgin NEET, what the hell have I gotten my self into...
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You've made it
The dream man i wish i was you
show pics of trap and imouto

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What is the best sport for a gay guy to play ? to watch ?
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Football (American), wrestling, and swimming.

T. Gayfag
Turkish wrestling.
Turkish wrestling.
>Football (American), wrestling, and swimming.

why ? do you play them ?

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Do you think it's cute when two girls bump their boipuccis together?
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That's two dudes tho
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And now i have a boner
fuck sake op

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Hs dropouts:

What year did you drop out? How did your family react? What do you plan to do about it? What led you to do it?
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Who drops out of high school? If you don't finish college, fine, but high school?
>cant remember
>family didnt care
>dont know already have my GED but no future prospects
>23 years old and still dont know what I want to do
>mom and her bf got me hooked on drugs and used the addiction to brainwash me
>as you can imagine this affected every aspect of my life and dropping out was just an effect among many
>implying i need a degree in HS to post on 4chan

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Who's your favourite celebrity?
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Nice photoshop faggot, thats too obvious
Skeet from nimmy Jewtron
This is an obvious photoshop, but I appreciate it anyways. If only Kat Dennings had the proportions of Christina Hendricks... well, plus 50 lbs.

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>finally decide to get an instagram to look at qts and some celeb shit
>the feed shows the most popular images first instead of the most recent

What the fuck is this trash? It basically means that if I want to follow someone who is popular, I have to go through twenty of their posts before I see anything else. How can normies stand this?
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I just started an instagram too and found out my hot social worker has one
>tfw actually too dumb for snapchat
I don't know how to operate their app.

same with KFC
I don't understand their menu, how to order their food. went there threet times.
left without food three times.
Also why do stories take so damn long to load

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>get a job
>feel myself maturing and becoming a "normie"
>feel less anxiety, get out of the house more
>get fired
>everything goes back to normal
>anxiety comes back so hard i'm afraid to go out in public
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Why'd you get fired, anon?
I was caught masturbating in the bathroom
Fucking Kek

I don't think normies do that anon

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Open Mic Radio.jpg
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1) Search and call "Open MicRadio" on Skype. You will go straight to air.
2) Say your piece
3) Hang up
Note: If you go on too long or if we can't hear you properly, I may cut you off. Other than that, no editorial or censorship from me.

Taking calls for the next two hours.

Watch/listen here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCqL-rgiiTQVB9rzhxAFJptQ/live
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Someone call in, the line is open
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Fuck off and stop advertising you wannabe cunt, nobody cares. Go to /soc/ with your normie shite.
How is this /soc/ normie shit at all? Are you scared of a call-in radio gimmick? Literally how does this affect you in any way?

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Why does /r9k/ idealize women so much? Disney? Mommy complex?
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It is because women are held in such a high regard in society. When you discover the truth, that they are actually worse than men in every single way, the contrast with the commonly held opinion of women, causes the true understanding of women to seem hateful.
you can blame tropes created by the patriarchy
What difference does it make who takes the blame? I don't really play the blame game. If people can't take responsibilility for their actions, it makes no difference if you blame them, and if they can, it is better to encourage them to do so by being courteous.

Czechia is the best country in western europe
prove me wrong
no kebabs, no niggers, just pretty girls and good services
pro tip: you can't
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greetings from polanbot, krecik
and poor people, less prospects etc..
Eh... isn't Czech Republic in Central Europe?

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minimal peppee.png
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i'll start

>in kindergarten, after school and a big storm. i was in school late. an early winter sunset was shooting radiant golden rays of evening light through the black rain clouds. my future oneitis was having her hair braided by her dad for dance practice or something. i was listening for thunder outside.
>my mother saving the nonsensical notes that i wrote her when i was learning to write. most of them were about how i loved her and my stuffed cats so much.
>my father teaching me to throw a baseball and shoot a basketball when i was a little kid, and even though i was a little pussy he still was happy for me when i got better
>having a close friend who was a girl, rose, in 1st grade, and running around in the woods by my house with her and pretending to spy on people, then going in and shooting water at my cat with syringes until it got pissed and ran away.
>saying half-seriously that i wanted to marry the same girl when i was in 3rd grade, getting giggled at
>running around with this kid, micah, and showing him my dick and drawing dicks and butts on pieces of paper and getting in trouble in school (probably why i am a little gay now)
>making a whole bunch of gross mud with the same kid and throwing it at the house, and getting in trouble for that
>making a """""""horror movie"""""" with my friend about giant leeches that terrorized a hiking trail
>talking for hours about inane stuff like alcohol fermentation with my (still) friend, andrew, when i was in 4th grade, and being too much of a little bitch to comfort him when he broke something made of clay that he really liked. i still feel bad for him - i don't remember what it was but he really liked it. if i asked him now he wouldn't remember probably
>being friends with this poor bum kid with an alcoholic mom and trading toy trains with him

god i miss my childhood if i think about it enough
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>that time, when I was alone in cold home and was raining outside

>arguing with friends over the great Pokemon/digimon divide of the late 1990s.
>"digimon is dumb because they can talk"
>This leads to a two hour discussion of cartoons
>nobody bats an eye because we're all 5-8.
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>lived a block away from the public park
>because of where the park was located, it had a lot of big hills
>we had these cheap foam sleds with a bit of plastic on the bottom, they were flimsy but you could go retardedly fast on them
>used to walk to the park with my brother every day in winter and spend hours zooming down hills before running home to catch our favourite shows and eat dinner

>woman claims to crush on a guy
>guy gets some semblance of a hint and tries approaching her
>woman freaks out a little and turns him down; maybe feel creeped out by him
>guy gets mixed messages and avoids her from now
>woman spends rest of her life sulking and beating herself up, feeling that she screwed up her chance with him

Why are women like this?
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Nobody said women were smart. Well, women do, but who the hell listens to retards?
There are few lessons in life that truly bring bliss. One of them is the moment you stop trying to understand women. You accept their lack of logic. When you do that, however you do it: via ranking them as an animal, classifying them as retarded or just a fact of life, like gravity. When you do that, you find peace. As a bonus you appeciate them more when they act like a regular fucking person. But you no longer get upset when they don't. You know? Cause they're women.
R9K users are the women of the internet

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