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>diffuse hair thinning at 23
even my hairline is fine
it's not fucking fair
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Its not so bad it makes me look like a dad my only issue is that i cant grow my hair long anymore because it looks like shit
Fuck off normie. I started thinning at EIGHTEEN.

mine started at 15

>tfw over before it even began

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/r9k/, tell me what keeps you going
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short term, i want to see solid holograms

medium term, i want to see robots that are passable for people, and marry one to piss a lot of people off, even though im sort of obliviois

long term, i'd like to be able to get on a rocket and leave earth, this planet is boring
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I wish i knew. Maybe i'm just a coward.
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>seeing my few friends, even though I see them so incredibly rarely now
>eating my favorite foods
>going to the bar and enjoying an ice cold beer in a chilled mug
>smoking pot
>getting comfy
>since I'm only 21 and have about 9 years lefr to have fun, I'm holding out the hope that maybe, someday, possibly I will find a qt, as unlikely as it may be
There's a lot things anon, as little as each of them are, they keep me going.

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Approximately 36 hours since my last cigarette.
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Good job, keep it up, Anon!
I quit a few weeks ago. Didn't have any issues except for falling asleep. But that just makes me want to get over it more. I don't like the idea of someone or something having control over me without my explicit consent.
I don't envy you, fuck. Good luck. Get onto that nicotine spray, seems the best option. Still costs a bit but it's not harmful.

Show me your sad/funny/scary screenshots. I need some feeling.
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this is from yesterday
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hey OP what time is it for you?
bibibibibiidyyt too

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please comment in this thread uniquely
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i will do so
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alright i will reply to this thread
here is your comment

Do you have any rituals you perform during the day?

>Browsing 4chan
>Notice the time is 11:56pm
>Turn on "Midnight City" by M83 at just the right time
>Look outside my window at the cityscape, just taking it all in
>Timed it just right so that as soon as it hits midnight, the saxophone solo kicks in
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Not quite what you asked, but I have a ritual like that for flying. I always play Jet Airliner by Steve Miller when the plane reaches the runway for takeoff. The intro guitar riff syncs up perfectly with the length of time it takes for the plane to accelerate across the runway and take off.
I love to get up or be awake at like 4am-6:30am, go outside (it's winter here at the moment) and just breathe in the fresh, crisp air fit for a god, and walk around enjoying the streets with almost zero normies and a quiet little car every 5 minutes or so. Then I get my phone out and take some really comfy and beautiful pictures, and if I'm in the mood I might even have a cigarette or two.

Also driving on a freeway or highway at midnight, with almost no lights but the dashboard, and drinking a sipp or warm coffee with the heater on while it's freezing outside, and you have the window open just enough to get some fresh air and know how cold it is outside, but you're warm because you have the heater on full blast and you're drinking a comfy beverage with a sweater or hoodie on.

Basically, I take every opportunity to enjoy nature and beautiful sights/atmospheres with as few normies as possible.

These are great. I wish I could wake up that early to have the morning to myself.

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>tfw the NEET life won't last forever
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I wonder what were the circumstances that led to that pic being taken
GOOD, time for you to take responsibility you little bitch

extreme boredom and a desperate cry for attention?

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"what the hell are you looking at, loser?"
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Jesus, that fucking forehead.
>abusive relationship is okay because of free speech
>this is what robots (who have never been in a relationship) actually believe
Y-Y-Y-Yes missterss

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Why aren't you SPENDING your SATURDAY NIGHT with a GIRL right now??? What's stopping you???

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You fool, I already have.
Shit is it Saturday already? I've got to call my dad tomorrow
I'll have you know i went to go see pirates of the Caribbean 5 with my grandma tonight
i was a nervous wreck the entire time and couldn't look at anything besides the floor

Do you ever imagine good things happening to you in a parallel universe?
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No need to imagine because that universe is here and now. I'm good, thanks :)!
Fuck you and fuck off you fucking cunt
> be me
> cutie 9/10 in my class asks me out today out of the blue
> she becomes my girlfriend within a few months

This has happened if there truely are an infinite number universes

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>be NEET
>live with mom
>don't pay for anything

Ok let's see my choices:

1) Go to college or trade-school, acquire over $20,000 of debt, might not get a relevant job anyway

2) Get a low paying menial job like fast-food, be treated literally worse than slaves were in Ancient Rome, get paid practically nothing, certainly not enough to move out, and no woman will start a family with me because I don't make enough money

Even if I did go to college and got a successful career, enough to afford a house, wife, and children, anytime my wife wanted she could divorce and steal my kids, get half my house/money, and force me to pay alimony/child-support. This would ruin my entire life, and everything I worked for. Women are rewarded for divorce like this, and it's practically a guarantee that eventually a woman raised into today's feminist liberal society will eventually cheat or divorce. Women are all practically ruined.

Really my only motivation for even working is if I could get a girlfriend/wife, and have children. I'd just rather be homeless than be a wageslave today. Why work?
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military or trade is originally your best option.

military also does not mean combat
Get a prenup. Marry a girl that makes more than you.
so take the kids to school everdY and shower them nd feed them ndthe wife will end up pYing u the xhild supporta

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Just downloaded it, what am I in for my dudes?
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I think you are in for an autism ride

I watched one out of curiosity, and this is what I got from it:

>the dudes' dicks don't even get fully hard because they're too big
>the "blowjobs" are pathetic, it's just the girl with her mouth around the head and both hands working the shaft
>they can't even fuck properly, it's just inching in and out while the girl (fake) moans (at least the one I watched it was easy to tell she was faking)

honestly at a certain point the dicks just become too big and you can't really do anything with them. if you're into giant dick, interracial, or cuck shit you'd like it, but other than that there's not much for you.
I knew one guy who was so big he passed out when all the blood rushed to it.

life is dbz
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if life is dbz im krillin
most women dont understand dbz because they are shit

life without shit women is dbz
if you're krillin then i'm yamcha

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Hey fellow robots. It's almost 2 am here. I'm just sitting in my room, just took a bump of coke, eating cheetos and playing life is strange.

What are you up to?
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Are you excited for the new one?
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reply u cuck
Wow I'm waychng my bud play that right now

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wayy too smol
muchh to smol
farr too smol

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