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>tfw debits don't equal credits
Who else /suicide/ tonight?
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I'm really trying to make sense of this picture. What the flying fuck is that.
Lmaooooo that nigga looks like an asshole literally
It's a bald guy lying on the bed, kissing his child.

Is this generation already lost? Autism spinners
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yes but not because of the spinners, we were fucked long before that, at least in burgerland
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>dude fidget spinners? more like AUTISM XD
Hi Mr 17 year old, fresh off the 'ironic memer' boat from facebook?

btw pic related was more retarded
what the FUCK is that originally

File: 41X1ME5CWJL[1].jpg (29KB, 440x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is where all of mankind's technological progress peaked.

Everything since has been a decline.
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go away faggot
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>mfw I had to help train an NSA botnet A.I. in some way, just to make this post

I really miss the early 2000s. The creeping-dystopia themes weren't so blatant back then.
Reminder that the rise of the smartphones started exactly 10 years ago when the iPhone came out in late June, 2007.

File: LOOK AT THOSE.jpg (539KB, 1920x1763px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone else here like easily paranoid? I don't like confrontation so it's like if I'm around/involved in some kind of argument or confrontation I freak out after the fact. Like I feel that the person I had a confrontation with is going to stalk me and try to kill me. Or call the police and get me arrested, even if it's just a trivial thing. I don't care if I'm called a coward because I pretty much am, I don't really like violence in general if it can be easily avoided. Even if I'm not directly involved it bothers me, for instance if I see two random people screaming or fist-fighting it bothers me, like I somehow feel paranoid after seeing random people fight even though I wasn't involved at all.

I wish I wasn't like this, people usually tell me 9 out of 10 times most people don't give a shit about you and they most likely move on with their lives fairly quickly after the fact. Especially if it's just a random stranger you'll most likely never see again, like you can't just worry about some random person in a country of 300 million going out of there way to find you.
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Maybe you're Bourne withit. Maybe it's Maybelline
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Christ I'm the same way, there can be a customer across the store and I mumur a /pol/ related mumble and I freak out and think they heard me then become super paranoid they are gonna tell the boss to get me fired
I wouldn't say I'm so paranoid as to be afraid to leave my house and put foil on my windows. Some people legitimately can't leave their houses because they're afraid of the outside world. I've heard stories of some people that are really bad, can't work a job. Can't even talk to people, let alone go outside and live life. I mean, yeah I'm a easily paranoid but not to the point that I'll sit in my house for months on end and think the government or some random person is going to kill me.

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Holy shit does anyone else get irrationally triggered by this fucking pepe? I don't know why but something about it just annoys me and pisses me the fuck off.
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He kinda looks like you, doesn't he?
Yes, its so fucking annonying, i thought i was the only one. I just want to punch out his fuckig smug face and rip out the throat of the guy who made it. Im not even memeing, i just fucming hate that picture
I get really upset every time someone uses any normie frog. I just have to ignore the posts as best I can.

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>Anon, It's summer! take off your shirt ;p

Wat do?
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Do it because I'm /fit/
no im shy and ugly
Take my shirt off, and let her admire my physique. Even though I'm trying my best to not otherwise highlight my genetic shortcomings that drove me into a dark burrow of hatred and depression that I continue to dig deeper into every day. Then I trip up on my words or lack thereof after she compliments me, and then she loses interest and becomes involved with another more deserving man. Then I go home and continue my work on the virus. The virus that will be the end of humanity, and all fields and their particles.

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Lost my dog today. My dickhead uncle In law took him and dropped him off far somewhere. I'm really hurt, chase meant so much to me, only had him for a month and a half, but grew a real strong connection with him. That dog loved everyone, I'm so hurt you guys. I don't know how I'm going to fix this hole in my heart. I started looking online to see what other dogs I could adopt for when I move out and live in my apartment, but it just doesn't feel the same, I don't think any dog could replace the feelings I had for chase. How can I get through this you guys? Pic related was chase. This is the hardest thing I've been through this year you guys....
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Why the fuck did you uncle do that and why the fuck did you let him do it?
What the fuck? Why did your uncle do this?

If I were you I would kick his ass, take his car, and go find my dog.

I live with my aunts family, it's my uncle in laws house, he's not my uncle he's just married to my aunt so I call him "in law". And why he would do that? Because he's heartless and hated the dog. That dog fucking loved everyone to death man.

Ok guys, heres my master plan.
>1. Go to Africa and conquer it one by one.
>2. Genocide all local niggers
>3. Start a new Africa with myself as the new king.
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solid plan anon, whats your step one though? how you gonna get your foot in the door?
I still can't believe the Europeans who once ruled Africa passed up the chance of genociding every last nigger.
Why genocide them when you can use them as slaves?

File: needhugs.jpg (83KB, 860x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Join this very cozy Discord server! discord gg/2AXK3N
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Owner is 19 year old normie that acts as if he has the worst life possible because he's balding. Bans and kicks anyone that speaks badly of him while ignoring the rules. Has gone through many, many active members because everyone is bound to offend him in some way some time. The ones still there have to tip-toe around his feelings and suck up to him to not get kicked. In short, don't bother.
Is this true?
I just joined and I don't want to be disappointed.

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>make a long, well though out post about discussing practical, realistic solutions to our problems instead of wallowing in addictive self-pity
>literally zero responses
>make a post about a Polynesian girl who used to walk with me to school in 9th grade
>literally 90 responses of similar bullshit anecdotes and ">tfw no Hawaiian gf"

This is why this board sucks.
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You are right but why do you think this thread will be any different?
Link to the Polynesian girl?
Let's you and I have a productive thread about realistic solutions partner

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>there's a 99.9% chance your future qt waifu has already done this countless amount of times
>her innocence was tarnished by some Chad who only wanted to see her cute face covered in his nasty seed

How does this make you feel?

>but it's just cum, you can wash it off
Of course they can but you will never know how far she was willing to degrade herself for other men she didn't even love,
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The quiet guy I like who I thought was a total Neet has slept with numerous women and men....sometimes multiple at once.

Does the same apply for men?
Ehh i dont care desu
Yes, i feel bad for it but is not like i will ever get a GF at all
I dont even think i deserve one desu
Even though some people say it doesn't apply, and despite seeing why on multiple reasons, it's perfectly acceptable to hold the same standard for men.

If I were a girl or a gay guy I wouldn't want to think about my bf burying his face in someone else's asshole

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margaret holmes.jpg
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Picked this up at Wal-Mart today.

Tasteless, boring, pathetic excuse for a chili starter. Yeah, I know, I know, "If you want it how you like it make it yourself". I don't always have the time or energy.

The point is, it's very bland. Not worth the two bucks it costs. It doesn't taste BAD...it doesn't really taste like anything at all.

If you're going to make chili from a kit/starter, I would sooner recommend Bush's Chili Magic or the Wick Fowler kit.
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Why don't you just go with chili cans? You can eat it straight out of the can cold or heat it up next to the flames for a bit if you want.
why would you ever buy chilli in a can, its literally sauce beans and minced meat nigga any retard can make that
Cheap convenient delicious. Why you so mad

Let me tell you a storyear about a young boy r9k.
>imagine you're this kid
>be born
>go to middle school
>get picked on everyday
>get molested
>parents divorced
>barely make it out of middle school
>go to high-school
>still get picked on
>fail freshman year
>leave with dad to big city, restart life
>Go to school, new friends, new life
>this cute chick gets all up on you
>fall in love instantly
>see her doing that with other guys
>she says "she just loves everyone"
>pick up smoking cigarettes
>run away a few tInes
>begin failing due to depression
>find another girl
>let's call her Miya
>she just got out of a breakup
>you swoop in
>depression starting to die out
>break up because she needs time
>depression hits even harder
>lost all friends due to useless drama
>cut self, down the road not across street
>no sleep
>most teachers hate me at this point
>leave campus to go smoke a cigarette
>principal sees
>ditches all of class
>things between me and everyone are so insanely awkward now
>visibly depressed, and hate self
>get caught cutting
>mental hospital, 3-4 weeks
>meet qt azn girl there
>both get out
>date in real world
>break up
>depression back again
>smoke cigarette inside the house
>dad is cop, kicks me outside
>calls sheriff (wtf?)
>have no shoes on, sitting in back yard
>run away
>walk across the city barefoot at 15 years old
>hop light rail without paying
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File: 1479628527947.png (34KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go to that one chick's house who "loves everyone"
>offers me to spend the night
>her parents say "oh well we gotta call ur dad to tell him you're ok"
>dad comes pick me up
>walked all the way across the city barefoot for nothing
>summer hits
>contact my ex again
>get back together with her
>we face time everyday
>she would always call me and text me first
>she was everything to me
>lose my virginity to her
>get really into /pol/ at this time and 4chan as a whole
>start fucking talking to her as if I was on 4chan (no filter on my voice+thoughts)
>say stupid shit
>she says "I'M DONE."
>try to be chad and just say "ok" hoping she'd crawl back
>she's gone
>she's seriously gone
>move back to home town where I was bullied, all alone, nothing
>fail school again
>rotted there for 2 years
>this summer I've moved back with my father
>hoping for a better life, will become a wage cuckold
>no gf
>using tinder and other apps but not a lot of luck so far
>numb inside
>same thing, everyday
>not depressed, not happy either.
>life of a failed normie.

I know I'm going to get a lot of REEEEEEEEs and all that, and I'm sure you don't care about my retarded life, I just have nothing else better to do and wanted to share it.
What a looser.
Origami yes
Fuck you norman

that s why being a khhv incel looser is better anyway

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Are there still people who use Linux in 2017? Why?
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Android is Linux, so yes.
Who wouldn't is the question?
Android isnt Linux

Also gr8 b8, OP!

File: LocalLoser.png (273KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw I will never get to experience cult life
>tfw will never be around people who care about you 24/7
>tfw no forced arranged marriages to ensure my genetic survival on the family tree.

Should we all just join cults r9k
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File: 1493250462960.jpg (35KB, 387x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Should we all just join cults r9k
No, not unless somebody made one here and we just all join it or something. What are the odds of that happening?
Isn't /r9k/ already a cult pretty much
What would a robot cult even be like? Would it be focused on self-improvement, or will it be about being the most robot-like?

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