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>What do you do to kill time?
>What's your dream hobby and what's stopping you?

I'll start
>I watch anime and listen to music
>Basketball but last time I tried to go and play with normies they laughed at me and called me names
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>4chan and youtube mostly, sometimes vidya and cycling but not very often
>pic rel but I'm too poor and possibly stupid
>play an mmo, lie in bed
>probably becoming a loved and famous streamer but I don't like losing my privacy
>>What do you do to kill time?
>>What's your dream hobby and what's stopping you?
drawing good - not enough hours grinded so more time has to be invested

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What consequences will I face if I put that I am LGBTQ on a scholarship application? Will they force me to suck a dick to prove it?
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Everyone who has access to that info may treat you differently. Might also affect your accommodation if you live on campus.
When I come to power in 10-15 years, I'll use that information to persecute you.
Turn them into sex slaves?

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Why don't you just date a really tall girl?

They're friendly, sweet, feminine not-shallow and not-judgemental
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tall women don't want manlets, idiot
If you happen to be tall, tall girls will overlook almost any of your flaws.
this is the most retarded thread i have seen in months.

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Should homosexuality be banned across all of the website outside of /lgbt/? Nowadays, it seems you can't browse a thread without finding a gay or trap shilling post no matter what board you're in.
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We need to get mike "fag on a spike" pence
They are not homosexual hell even lgbt is not homosexuals, just mentally ill people, ask any real gay. There is nothing hot about dressing like a girl or tits and the whole things about calling other daddy and being a sissy is fucked up. The whole sissy/tranny bait is not done by real homosexuals
Yes. These fucks ruined 4chan.

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>you will never plant your seed deep inside this stacy when she was a virgin and feel fulfilled
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>wanting a kid with a girl that would lose their virginity to me

Yea no thanks
>this stacy
By the time she's 40 she'll be a fat ugly hausfrau. NO THANKS
With those tits, she'll be a hunchback as well.

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>drinking vodka at 7 am

hell yeah
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I think we might have a problem, OP.
i'm not an alcoholic
wtf how was this not taken already

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>stacys knee accidentally touches mine
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>cashier's hand touches your hand
File: feels.png (66KB, 659x609px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she walks past me shopping and glances at me
>she's the one
> a new female acquaintance gave me a friendly hug

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this makes my pepe go up
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Okay girlfriend, let's have a sex party!
The thumbnail honestly made me think that a raccoon was trying to climb up his butt.
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>Hairy legs

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How do you NEETs fund your hobbies? I mean NEETbux are alright to survive but not for hobbies.
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I have no hobbies or interests. I wish I had though.
Get cheap hobbies. It's twenty quid for a big bag of polyhedral dice if you have a few other neet friends to play RPGs with, or you can play them practically for free if you use online dice rollers.
By getting a god damn job.

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>At the grocery store
>See this in front of you
Wat do?
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grab her by the pussy origiiiiii
I'd blush and rush past her as quick as I can.
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Nothing, because it's probably some dumb teenage girl trying to get a reaction from me, and attempting to act on it is risky as fuck. That's how you get sex offender charges, mang. Not worth it.

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>tfw never had sex and almost a wizard

Am i really that ugly?
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No but the crippling depression shows on your face
i am not depressed, i am enjoying life to it's fullest extend
How tall are you?

Origami comment

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firing line.jpg
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Study of The Art of War
I think if anyone can appreciate it, it'll be /r9k/.
I've started a series of basic overviews using Anime as functional examples of the basic principles.
But I think there's more to discuss than that, so I wonder: what do the /r9k/bots think?
Article: https://creators.co/@Jono/4363082
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That's an uncoordinated firing line anon, and a bad example.
A better example would be as follows.

Three lines of 12.
First line kneeling, second line with their weapons raised above to provide coverfire for first line, 3rd line prone.
When life 1 fires it withdraws and goes behind line 3 to reload, line two walks forward several feet with line 3 to cover, then crouches and fires. It then repeats with a line going forward several steps, firing, withdrawing and reloading.

That way your gaining ground and you don't leave yourself fully open.
Ofcourse it's completely different if long range weapons like artillery are into play.
Well that's kind of the point.
Before that scene they've been decimated by a superior force, and after this scene, they're pretty much wiped out.
Anime is Saga of Tanya the Evil
I've never seen it so didn't know that part.
I know a lot about military tactics since I play a lot of strategic things like Total War. I also have a copy of Sun Tzu's AoW. It reads quite like a poem.

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Why is it considered wrong to want to fuck your little sister?
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If your intentions are pure and you want to marry her, no.
Incest babies are sin against god and a burden on society. If you want to fuck a sibling, fuck a same-sex one. Pleb.
That is also considered wrong, fampai.

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Will a girl ever like you back if she knows you've liked her years? she will u-understand how much i like her right? haha
a-asking for a friend.
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If she hasn't made it known within a couple months, it's never going to happen. The old Hollywood "constant, tireless pursuit will eventually win her over" is a myth.
Nope. In fact girls like you more when you don't like them.
Fuck anons. Ive liked her since i was 16, Im 26 now. what do?

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>co workers constantly want to talk to me
>sit down beside me on lunch break even if i go out of my way to get as far away from people as possible
>always telling about their fuck kids or relationship problems
>have to pretend to be interested so i wont scare them with my misanthropic behavior
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I want to be left alone with you.
Hello, cuckoldaine
I'll squeeze yo girls ass when we pose for pictures.

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