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gujira girl (male).png
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>TFW no qt slightly shorter than you so when they go to kiss you they have to stand on their tip toes
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>tfw when my big booty asian qt is so short I need to bend down a bit

I-I think I've made it guys
>TFW no qt slightly shorter than you so when they go to kiss you they have to stand on their tip toes
im 6'4

y-you too

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It's been a while since I've heard that song.

Probably still the best Nardo outro.
>you will never go back

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>smart enough to be aware of how stupid you are
It's a horrible feeling
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Iktf We need to make a sub 110 iq general
Anyway what are some movies like Taxi Driver? It gave me so much feels
Literally the god damn worst. I'm hyper self aware to the point of barely being functioning. People probably think I have autism when I am the complete opposite of an autist.

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You look /underage/

You don't belong here.
smart dog, train him lots. strong dog, exercise with him outside everyday.

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How do people just have sex out of the blue? What if your balls are all sweaty and musty or she has swamp ass?
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>What if your balls are all sweaty and musty
Women love that.
>she has swamp ass?
A lot of Chads are selfish lovers. They're not licking anything down there, just pounding that pussy for their high.
That's what real world sex is like.
Post the full comic or the source

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I miss my old Internet friends from forums, MMORPG's, IRC & web-chatrooms....

I felt like I was apart of a community back then, could always hop on and speak to my Internet buddies and not be judged because we were all in the same boat, spending those long summer days shut inside and staying up until 5-6 am in the morning.

Gradually those communities would fall apart due to people moving on with their lives, becoming normies until the community died and moved onto the next one.

I've been stuck on 4chan for 6 years now and never found another community to be apart of, I am 23 years old it's becoming more obvious that once my mother dies I will be in the world by myself and nobody to rely on, I will be homeless and contribute nothing to society.

Any other anons miss their old Internet friends?
Times were simpler back then, now people use plebbit and other normie social media sites.
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When you're all in school it's so much easier to relate to each other. I miss the faggy e-drama and sperging out with other cringelords.
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>spent almost entirety of teenage years on FFXI
>put in over 1000 days /playtime
>fondly remember sitting around NM spawn points with linkshell members just talking about anything and everything, waiting for a spawn
>or helping someone with a quest, travelling with them to get to where they needed to go, all the while talking
>the spawn didnt matter, the item drop didn't matter, the quests didnt matter; just sitting around for hours and hours talking to people and having fun was all i remember

fuck i miss it so much
anyone here old enough to remember the golden age of usenet?

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What the fuck happened to this board? Why is it full of normies with gfs?
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I don't have a gf anon, I'm a girl with a bf.

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Is being stoned /oneofus/
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You're not a robot Wyatt fuck off.
I'm not an ""itt"" !!!!!???

i'm on the gender spectrum!
this is fucking deep in the LGBT community.

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>tfw dad walked in on me masturbating to thai ladyboys

How do I explain to him that traps aren't gay?
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Well anon, You can't. Traps are gay anon and since you jerked off to them, I guess you are gay also.
post the video link faggot

also you should probably tell your dad that you are gay or you should kys, normies dont know that traps aren't gay
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Show him this donald trump quote.

When the president says its okay, many parents think the same way.

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>2000 is closer to 1984 than to today
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pepe ei voi hyvin.jpg
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Onion rings
>1985 was 50 years ago
>be 2017
>live in the future
>still no flying cars, sex robots, or food replicators

How do I get a robot gf /r9k/? I don't think I can get along with
Any other kind of women
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Is she dating anyone now? I'm thinking of asking her out.
you cant,only alpha males can get cuties

pic related is me a real alpha male
Very alpha, the perfect reddish-orange coloration must make the ladies pistils wet. How do you post on 4chan without hands though?

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Is it wrong to cut somebody completely out of your life?
>Find a cute girl and befriend her
>try it on with her but after 6 months I get nearly nowhere
>feels pretty shitty hanging around with somebody you like
>cut her completely out of my life, haven't spoke to her in 3 weeks
>she occasionally approaches me when i'm walking to uni and asks why we stopped talking
she looks upset about the whole ordeal, i feel guilty as fuck when I think about it.
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I personally don't see the point.
seeing a girl who you like talk about other guys she finds attractive in front of you is pretty shitty though, it was obvious I was trying it on with her
Were you actually trying it on or just austistically trying it on like, if we hang out enough she'll like me.

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So you're the guy who's been dating our younger sister. What made you chose her over other girls?
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S-she was a loli
She's the only one with a pulse that has said yes to me.
She looks very fertile

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why am I so turned on by a girl surrounded by cock? am I a cuck? is this homosexual? getting turned on by other guy's dicks seems pretty gay. I am a virgin btw.
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Learn to love your father. His dick is your dick. Learn to love the fellow men on this planet. Your getting turned on because your sexuality has gotten mixed up with true unconditional love for both your mother and father and fellow sisters and brothers of this planet.
Also. Stop watching porn. It's not helping you.
ayy freud my man havent heard from you in a while. hows the coke habit?

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Some men dream of superpowers. Some men kill for it. But I... I am the most the powerful being any human has ever become. My power level is beyond reckoning, beyond imagining. They walk by with their /girlfriend/s and laugh at me, but just wait, I'll be the one laughing in the end. I mean I'm not gonna shoot up the school I'm just saying my power level has put me leagues ahead of other men because of what my lack of emotional health and security has allowed me to maintain.

I'm only getting started, and by the time my power level peaks, it'll already be too late for normies to maintain their order. These /normies/ you ask? Right now they're just faggy jocks and stupid stacies, but they'll soon be millionaires crushing everyone else beneath them. But I will rise above and stand on top of them and see how they like it.

Wish me luck /robots/
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Good luck anon, and don't forget us once you'll be the ruler of the world.
Plz be like pic related
I got a chuckle out of this. So tell me, what's your master plan/power? Mind control, shapeshifting, ZA WARUDO?
Normies are incapable of comprehending my next move, my next action. They except me to be beta but I will be strong. And that is why I will win the war that so many of us have fought and died for.

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