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>ohh you are so cute, i wish i could have a bf like you!
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I get this a lot, but I'm a closet gay.

You could probably just say that your single and try to get her.
it means youre a nice beta cuck that is ugly and sad af
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It's a shit test. She's trying to figure out why you aren't making a move. Don't idly watch her move on to another guy anon, do something.

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who /partyrocking/ tonight?
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You already know what's up
i'm dying help me keks

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What drugs do you like the most,this is post only for /r9k/ junkies like me ,you can also tell you opinion about RC's and pharmaceutical drugs
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LSD my man. LSD is the way to go.
I love amphetamine
I LOVE amphetamine



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>girl slaps me
>get a boner
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I would slap you again for being such a creep. Why can't men just be NORMAL anymore?
>girl glances at me
>get a boner
I've had this happen on no-fap, at work

>tfw just kept working and the friction from walking turned it from chub to full on erection

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fembots would you date a fat guy
if yes under what circumstances
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>have a handsome face
>be good at computers
>have a good job
>disposable income
>let's me call him daddy
>implying fat guy doesn't feel more pleasure in eating than in fucking fembots

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2 people looked at this photo and put down sam down as attractive anonymously, yet you still whine about how women only go for god tier genetics?
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hydes a massive loser, also hideous
I'm coming for you anon
t. Sam Hyde

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Give me a qt gf and I'll find a job and go to it whether I want to or not.

Otherwise the world has nothing for me if it can't provide me stipend of 1 qt gf as payment.

Why would I work with tfw no gf? Money is worthless.
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A job gets you money, money gets you women. The better the job, the better the women you can get, so don't expect a model if you work a McJob.
then it's not worth it to work.
don't bother anon. if you need money to get a gf then you will never find one who actually loves you. do what I do instead, drown yourself in escapism until virtual reality waifus arrive. that is what motivates me to work.

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Every girl reading this is now my gf. You cannot say no.
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girls like that bdsm stuff anyway, matter of fact girls report cumming while being raped they enjoy it so much.
Ok. Now I'm your new gf. Tell me about yourself bae.
Okay master, what do you want me to do?

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I have a toaster pc and i wanna buy a new one. I dont need an ultra pc, just something that can run games like tf2 at 60fps in servers with 32 people when on lowest settings. What should i get?
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>tf2 at 60fps in servers with 32 people when on lowest settings
With how TF2's running now I can't guarantee that, but your best bet would be building something yourself, would you be willing to do that?
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I bought a windows 10 HP15 and it was around 400 bucks.
Just get a new aged computer for around 300 to 500.
Any modern Dell PC with, at least, Intel HD graphics should be able to do it. Theyre relatively cheap on Dell's official site. I will warn you though, once you go down the rabbit hole of upgrading PCs you will never go back. I went from a 610 to a 1080, to a 1080ti within a short period of time myself.

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>talking to normies about space travel
>dude we have to fix the problems here first
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They are right. We can't even leave the solar system.
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>talking to "normies" in the first place
>using the term "normie" unironically
Shoo, normalfaggot
Space travel is impossible.
No man made object has ever left the Earth's atmosphere.

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We all will be saved some day
I watched 5 minutes of nhk today and it just sucked, the first episode doesn't really draw you in at all
It was gay and cringy as fuck, no wonder /r9k/ loves it so much

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it wasnt as bad as i thought itd be but i still didnt like it
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>it wasnt as bad as i thought itd be but i still didnt like it
just got your boipucci filled for the first time anon?
no i started classes
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>no i started classes
oh cool

lecture is pretty comfy I think
remember to actually go to lecture

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>tfw some anon says some super silly stuff
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asuka a cute! :3
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I want a saito san gf desuyo
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>I want a saito san gf desuyo

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>Uggghhh...hey creep, this is OUR table!
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idk they look pretty happy to see me
They are mocking you.
that guy in the back is f-fast!

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>haven't visited /pol/ in weeks
>feel better but miss it sometimes
Has anything been happening?
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Why would you still go on /pol/? It's full of retards, underageb&, Reddit and other undesirables. The board's gone to shit in the recent years.
Not OP, but /pol/ is immensely entertaining. The problem with /pol/ and /r9k/ is that there both filled with threads that make you unhappy by showing humanities worst. The worst and most demotivating for me are the women hate threads where I end up thinking why should I improve myself if all in going to get is a roastie that divorces me. Taking a break from it really helps put things in perspective and not feel so helpless
A bunch of ugly neckbeards have been roleplaying as national socialists.

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