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>mfw the porn site doesn't have a comment section.

No comments, no wank, that's my policy.
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Back when porn comments were from poo in loos. Now the porn comments are from unfunny numales spreading unfunny memes and nigger jokes.
>what is 4chan my dude

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>tfw my family treats me like the village idiot
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Why haven't you paid your bills yet?
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>advocating paying bills

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Was on the train reading a book, minding my own business. Some blond Stacy slut with a bulging belly bearing Chad's spawn comes in. For some fucking reason, I stand up and offer my seat. I suspect I did it because I didn't want to deal with the social backlash of having to endure a bunch of normies and whiteknights giving me shit about keeping my seat.
When it happened I didn't think much of it. I just thought I was doing something kind for someone and went back to reading my book, but more time here made me realize I just acted the massive cuck and let some privileged, white pregnant bitch get my seat.
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You did do something kind. It doesn't make you a cuck.

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anyone else secretly hate their parents for divorcing when you was young?

My dad was a manwhore and cheated on my mom like crazy and I had to go through a childhood of both parents having a bunch of different partners. It's ackward as hell, even as an adult having to meet them all and their kids. He's been divorced 3 times since then cause he always ends up treating his new partner like shit so they'll leave on their own.

He's a good person and treats me and my brother good but that kind of "grass is always greener" mentality really pisses me off still to this day.
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I will never understand this. why do people claim to be so affected by divorce at a young age. I had parents that divorced and It was bad. I didn't give a shit and still don't give a shit. How do you even care at a young age. why would you care at any age unless it was somehow killing you.

>you will never be this white

why live bros?
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>sharing bed with older sister on a cold night
>can feel her skin
>tell each other how much we love each other
>she's only 4 years older so not a big difference
>tfw we kiss a little
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ha hahahaha ew!
There's nothing wrong with showing your family some love. Remember to hug her and tell her you love her every day.
You should totally sex her OP. Just have a little wincest fun.

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Who /stupidandlazy/ here?

What kind of work do you think you'll do, if you're not working already?

I struggle with the most basic retail tasks, even when I'm doing the one task meant for mentally challenged people. These issues stem from my poor memory, which makes it much harder to follow instructions.

Any tips on how to live a fulfilling life?
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Is it true that some of the robots here subsist solely on fast food takeaway?
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I can't see how anybody could afford that shit.
I feel extravagant when I buy produce costing more than a buck a pound.

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By staying hyper rational in my decisions, I was very good at achieving certain goals. The problem was, I had no good foundation of goals in the first place. How can one understand what they really want if they don't understand their emotions, the primal thing driving them to even exist at a fundamental level? The emotions must be dug up and brought to the surface. Through pain... Pain is the bane of the rational mind. Pain brings to the surface all that is deep seeded in our existence. The very things that make us feel alive and realize our existence. Rationally, we want to avoid pain. Because with pain and life also comes death. Especially as human beings. Our bodies can only take so much pain before they are dinged and dented to points of inoperability. But then, how do we find meaning in life without having something to strive for? How can we rationally discover something to strive for? One conclusion many people take is to apply their rational to the rest of the world, to remove all pain from existence. Pain changes you. It changes YOU. The outside world can not be moved an inch by your own pain. The outside world can only be changed through the rational. Internal pain can be translated into the logical mind which must find a way to stop it. That's how internal pain is translated to the outside world. It is through the rational mind.
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fuckin post in my thread niggerskmjhmjh
Oh sorry geez

Good OC anon!! hope we see more

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>That kid who bragged about seeing his dad's dick
>That special kid who track suits instead of uniform
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>The African kids that wore suits
>That one middle school kid who talked about going on 4chan to everyone he knows
>That one kid who openly told half the class that he watches loli hentai
>that kid who didn't have sex

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Do super quiet fans that are also efficient on keeping people cool exist?

What I don't like about the summer is how I can't listen to music or watch a show because the noise from fans makes it difficult to hear things clearly.
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use closed headphones
Yeah, I can only really hear the wind from my fan, and when I take them off only then can I hear the motor going. Though I just have a large standing tower fan stood on my desk, might be quieter.

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>"You my white boy now Anon, I'm finna fuck you so good you never gonna want a white bitch ever again!"
How do you respond?
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> How do you respond?
How did my dick get so girthy?
by asking for sauce.
And by also hoping someone can tell me the name of this fetish for later research..
well guess im having a lot of sex now

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How many r9k whores have killed themselves
Just a range
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An insufficient quantity to please our lord, Elliot Rodger.

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