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What kind of mood are you in tonight? What's on your mind?

I'm personally just feeling incredibly neutral.
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i had a good day but then i got drunk and started thinking about tomorrow and all the nothing thats going to happen
Nothing can be nice, depending on how the rest of your days go. I personally tend to have very busy weeks, so nothing is exactly what I look forward to because nothing can be filled with something I like.
im too drunk to analyze your post but it sounds like you dont like being a wageslave. i love wageslaving, it's a blessing. my free time is depressingly voided

What do you do when you have the prospects of two women?
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>prospects of two women

filthy normie
Be confounded since based on past anecdotes I'm not boyfriend material.
Kinda obvious the answer of a robot need not apply here...

Okay guys here's your chance to go full autist! Most bumped reply will be sent to my crush since high school. I will post screenshots of course.
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I hope a pack of wild Muslims rape you.
Have you ever fucked a guy in the ass with a foot long strapon? I think I might have an opening for you to fill if you're interested...
The subtle addition of wild really brings it together

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>be me
>11 years old
>in talent show
>2 acts before me have to take a shit
>think i should hold it
>go to bathroom
>wipe my ass and nothing comes up
>decides to shit because i'll probably make it
>shits, feels good
>i think there's one last shit but idk
>I wipe my ass after attempting
>there's too much shit
>all of a sudden i'm fucking panicking
>decide to speedwipe my ass
>think i got everything out but still could do touchup but it's my turn to act
>wash hands
>run out, blow crowd away with flame raps
>freak out and realize shit was still in my ass
>no one noticed
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>7th grade
>play spanish guitar song for beginners I found in a songbook
>roasties win most creative choice though for some generic dance performance
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you just gotta write raps, i drowned in pussy after that, life tips
rapping is for the crackers

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Do Asians really smell different than whites?
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>fucking japanese prostitute
>has armpit hair and unshaved pussy
>smells sweet like vanilla
That is implying all whites smell the same. They fucking don't.
smell rike rice and sandpaper

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Lesbian robots, tell us about your lesbian experiences.
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i'm a lesbot that's internet dating another lesbot
Reminder that women cannot be robots by nature. Barring extraordinary freaks that cannot even be called "women" in the first place, you are just attention whoring roasties.
wasnt this thread here yesterday? Same image and everything?

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I don't remember this episode
when was rick ever a pickle wubba dub dub yeah?
The fanbase of this show is cancer.

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I'm 18 and I just finished high school.
I'm a virgin, but not kissless. A roastie kissed me out of pity.
I'll be attending University majoring in Chemical Engineering starting June 26.

Ask me anything, and please give me advice on anything and everything.
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dont fuck up school. engi is hard. I majored in physics and got kicked out for shit grades. its like being a felon, theres no way to un fuck up your life.

give up on getting a gf its not possible
stay confident
stick to your studies
read your book the best you can
get a chegg account when yahoo answers no longer works
dont copy the solution guide, but use it if needed

go to office hours and get to know your TA

if you feel like youre gonna fail a class stick to it and try harder, grades get curved and you're not doing as bad as you think
In all honesty OP, this is the last chance for you to define the person you will be going forward. These next four years will set the path for your life. Don't fuck it up.

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>Mmmmm~ No condoms, white boy! If you want this big black ass, you gotta hit this pussy raw~
How do you proceed?
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I don't want AIDS or a half nigglet or to have sexual relations with a black woman. Bye.
Bust a huge nut of course
Avoid. I'm in a dedicated relationships and blacks have a 50/50 of herpes right now.

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What is your favorite hot beverage and why is it Earl Grey tea with milk?
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>milk with tea
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it's actually cocoa, but I never get it because I end up eating all the powder before I mix it with all the milk
it's actually turkey broth but good guess

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would aimibg a pistol to the side of your head a little above the ear kill you? would it be instant?bhowndoes 1 bullet even kill you if it hits the brain?
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Only if you livestream it
the spot to aim is on the tip of the brow, between the eye brows
No, go through the mouth aiming up and back so you get the brain stem, sever that and you won't feel a thing

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>be you
>walk out one night
>get hit by a drunk driver
>your life flashes before your eyes
What do you see, /r9k/?
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10 years of shitposting on 4chan
Yotsuba and Yotsuba B
>90% irrelevant bullshit
>9% pain and regrets
>1% inspiring beauty
>overall impression is wasted potential
not a bad ratio all things considered

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For those who may care, I am alive and in A&E
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>giv me attention
you're fat
Underage? Also no one cares
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Some of us are. Some of us are not.

anybody else ever have laughed while watching porn?
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also, why is female nudity normal in movies not male tho?
yes, twice. once some blonde made a really good joke, the other time it was just the porn itself
What are you talking about? Male nudity is so trivial that nobody gives a fuck unless you have a GOT style dick shot.

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Yo white boy you ever had a ps1?
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>no spyro
i had a nigger 64
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You STILL don't own a Sega CD?

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