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>tfw no Nazi gf to gas jews with
why even live
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go back to /pol/ tardo
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Makes me sad yet still original
I'm not from /pol/. Are you a triggered chopped-dick?

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Just told normie chad childhood freind to check out /R9K/. How bad did I fuck up guys?
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Pretty awful, since they're going to think you're a fucking loser weirdo now
link him this thread directly and we will be on our best behavior here
He's pretty used to looking at fucked up shit I think, but r9k is just pathetic and gay

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I know we mock them and try to make them feel like shit, but I really like fembots and feel our lives would be worse without women posting here.

They're really cool and are the closest thing you'll get to girls who relate to you.

Plus they like having things put up their butt while you verbally degrade them.
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Fembots don't exist for any other reason other than to be raped.
kys thanks
There's a girl I met on here and I like her a lot. She's very cute and I hope I get to meet her in person sometime in the fututre.

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>he thinks he's going to find a female virgin out of her teens
>he thinks he's going to find a female that likes his 4" dick
>he thinks he's going to find a female that wants a "loving relationship"
>he thinks he's going to find a female that likes anime, games, or other autism hobbies
>he thinks he's going to find a female that wants to cuddle with his pathetic beta ass

You can't even get an average girl. What makes you think a 1/2,000,000,000 woman is going to fuck you over a top tier guy?
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because Im rich af nigga.and getting /fit/

I don't want some roastie relationship though who will jew me out half of my stack.

I'll just bang thots on tinder.
>rich af
>on r9k
Mmm hmmm

Yeah, I'd also totally expend my free time on imageboards if I ever had extensive expendable income
What lead you to believe I think these things? What board do you think you're on?

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old thread fell off the board >>37640389


Talk about how there's never anyone nearby.
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go fuck yourself

get back to /soc/, you fucking pieces of shit
one out of every ten markers is a "female"
this is an asteroid belt of beta orbiters
give up already on making friends too
>one out of every ten markers is a "female"
sounds about right for 4chan demography

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r9k, I am extremely low on money and I don't eat healthy stuff at all. what can I eat to make myself healthy for little price. what do you guys like?
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Eggs, oatmeal, beans, rice, frozen vegetables, carrots, bell peppers, bananas, whole chickens, and peanut butter.
Dried uncooked beans in bulk.
Rice in bulk.
Look for deals on in-season veggies.

Those above three things are really basic. Invest in a bunch of spices and cookware if you don't have it and learn to cook meals from scratch.
You could eat fast food ( the necessary kcal per day) and then fill your stomach with paper. It's cheap, doesn't do any bad things to your body....
you could also buy those pens with minty/ strawberry smells. If you draw some useless stuff and then put that tiny pice of paper on your mouth you would be tricking your stomach

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Autism Feels.png
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Reminder to not hate.
to be fair for an aspergient inarticulate fuck this nigga has been on local news a fair amount in his day
The news specifically singles people like this out. Why would they want normal people with insightful comments infecting the minds of their viewers?

Do you own any music CDs robots? What about vinyls?
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What are CD's??
They look like little books.
Yeah. I "collect" CDs. Really, I just buy the CDs of albums or bands I like which is pretty normie. It's interesting to note my change in tastes over the years. I'm at about 140 CDs now, maybe a little more since I've lent some to friends that I forget to take back. Some are pretty rare and would go for a pretty penny on Ebay.
tomboyish love > my love feels all wrong

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i take lsd because I suffer from terrible anxiety, and I have a hard job that I'm only a couple years into (electrician) and that offers very little time for play. Lsd has improved my outlook on life and shown me what it's like to live worry free, and the true beauty of life that makes it worth living. For example during my last trip I gained a new appreciation for nature, and even the day after it wore off, I sort of remembered the pure euphoria I felt that day, and everything in life seemed much more beautiful to me than it did before.

So here's my bad trip:

Driving my car and listening to music are two of my favorite things in this world, so doing so on acid (not so much to wear my motor-sensory skills were greatly impaired) was a match made in heaven for me. Unfortunately, I was enjoying myself too much, and before I knew it I had no idea where I was. To make matters worse my phone had just died. No more music, no more driving for fun. I had to get out of the car and walk place to place to find somewhere with a phone charger. And guess what. Nobody freakin had one. I must've stopped by 10 establishments until I found one with a charger. I then had to wait there for 30 minutes for my phone to charge, and could not listen to music on the way back because navigating and playing music would've drained my battery too fast. The whole ordeal took about two hours to resolve.

During this time my headspace went to complete shit. The stuff of nightmares. I began to think about how incredible of a time I could be having listening to music and feeling it just on a spiritual level with cruising in a magnificent land vessel, versus the painful reality I was in. Lost, stuck in traffic with nothing to listen to. by the time I was I waiting for my phone to charge it had only gotten worse. I felt empty inside. I realized I was robbed from a magical experience and left with only hurt, frustration and longing. The car ride home was one of the worst experiences of my life.
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theres a difference between a lame trip and a bad trip.
you didnt even give yourself ptsd or get arrested or lose all your friends or end up in the psych ward. consider yourself lucky.

if you had stopped focusing on not having music and focused on what you do have you probably wouldve enjoyed it lol. now i get that you had a lame trip and i sympathize with you because ive had shit like that happen on trips (like one where the toilet started overflowing so i had to clean up a flooded bathroom while peaking) but you are very lucky if this is the worst trip youve had, and i recommend you be very cautious in the future, cause i get the feeling an actual bad trip on a high dose would be crippling for you
whos that on the pic?
This. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and don't drive while you're tripping. You may think you're driving fine but you're not and you're a hazard to everyone on and even near the road. Don't be a selfish dick

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40 year old severely autistic virgin on pof. She is also an only child

Would you date?
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Fuck no. That pussy probably has cobwebs by now.
No. I don't want to babysit a retard who will just give me stress. Theres a reason they're a 40 year old virgin
No abortions though so its not haunted.

>Mom knows what waifus are
>Mom knows my waifu is Felix Argyle and that I love him very much
>Mom is kinda disappointed but fine with it
>Mom doesn't know he is a boy
>Mom discovers Felix is a boy
>Mom considers homosexuals a waste of air
>Mom leaves the house with very VERY angry and disappointed look
>Tried to call her but she does not answer
>Haven't seen her in 4 hours

What do?
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>story doesn't end with him getting his mom pregnant

Why cant normies just fuck off we aren't interested in your blog faggot
Dress up in qt clothes and greet your mummy at the door with:
>"Sowwy mommy, nyaa~"
Then do a qt cat themed pose and see what happens
So when are you going to like good anime

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Daddy thread

Post stories about your dad
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he was in vietnam
he once chased off a tiger
he survived legionnaires disease
he died last year
He's an asshole. Hope I never see him again.
He's not too smart, and he was a delinquent growing up, but he was a much better father than anybody expected of him.

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> tfw enjoy bullying sluts over the internet while jerking off
> enjoy humiliating and degrading them, forcing them to do sexual favors, to send me their photos
> cuddling afterwards and being nice to them when it's done, but still bullying for most of the time.

Why does it feel so good?
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>over the internet
>cuddling afterwards
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it gets boring after a while

trust me
like this:

>*cuddles* ;3

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I want a woman to tell me about her love for a man. I just want to know that women in general DO love and need men in their lives.

Why do you love him?
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Well I just think he's a great person. I really look up to him and have a lot of respect for him. We share similar interests and views, both introverts, etc. He kind of has a teacher-like quality, he's great at explaining things and helping others. He's working hard to do the things he loves and I admire that too. If I ask him about something simple he always puts a lot of thought and detail into it when he didn't need to. He's not especially expressive but he's a somewhat emotional person behind that. He has a great imagination. He's also kind of autistic about organization and I find it endearing. Above all we just connect really well. It makes me happy when he smiles, when he's happy. Just being around him, just us being in each other's lives, makes me very happy. There's no way of could type everything I love about him, there's too many things.

This was embarrassing to type out, hope it helped anon.
tldr he pays for me
He doesn't buy things for me.

>tfw no not-fat girls at the bookstore or library

Are my standards too high?

If I want a girl who can read, is it too much to ask that she also be not-fat?
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the hot ones are all out getting railed by chad not fucking reading books lol
I never said hot

Or are we considering all not-fat girls to also be hot?

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