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>wake at 8am
>immediately leave for work
>work till 5
>get home exhausted
>watch yt videos, shitpost till 12am
on weekends i just stay in all day and browse internet or play some games.
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>wake at 6am
>smoke a joint
>go to work
>sit at my desk for 8 hours wanting to kill myself
>come home at 4
>immediately start homework
>do homework till 7 or 8
>drink myself to sleep by 10
>repeat every day until I get my fucking degree
>wakeup 5:00 am
>drive 30 min to train stop
>ride train for 30 min
>ride bus for 20 min
>arrive at uni
>eat at dining hall
>homework and classes until 4:00 pm
>eat at dining hall
>get home the reverse of how I came
>watch youtube until sleep
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>wake up anywhere from 3pm-7pm
>world of warcraft all day and night
>go for a walk with my schizophrenic friend
>get high with my dealer friend who i grew up with
>play more WoW
>massive binge from munchies
>play wow and feel like shit for the rest of the night
>can feel the ulcers growing
>before i know it, the sun is out
>hear people mowing their lawns
>bed time again

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Why are older men taking our women? Mad!
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That guy has pretty good facial aesthetics. Got a kind of Australian look.
>our women
are you a jew?
also, wasted quads.
always been that way
it's one thing robots can look forward too
sure you weren't chad in high school, but if you start taking care of your body now, get a good job, and learn to dress nicely, you can become that older guy who cucks the high school chad
chad just has looks and high school social status. that ain't shit next to a guy with his own fancy car, his own house, lots of cash to do things with, and doesn't look like an old fat slob.

>tfw picking up 17y/o chicks literally right after they kiss their chad bf on the cheek after school
>tfw looking chad in the eyes as his soul is crushed, seeing his stacy get in another man whom he simply can not compete with's car
>tfw doing all kinds of perverted shit to this dumb stacy sluts

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angel of death.jpg
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Let me ask you, robots....
How can any of you claim to be miserable when there are people out there (that you can walk out and see right now) who are homeless? People who lost both of their legs? People that are victims of acid attacks?

How can you not see these horrible things and just find the good in your lives? inb4 "ree normie," I'm an ugly, miserable NEET but I've realized that there's more to life than rambling about your life that is pretty awesome (mostly just by having access to the Internet).
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What good? Im in between apartments and have to live in a tent until i find another place, and ive been eating cold canned food for about a month because i dont have a way to heat it up and cant afford better food

I guess if there was any good its that i can charge my phone at work so i at least still have porn and this shithole
How can you claim to be happy when you are not billionaire?
Thank you for posting this. Most anons who are complaining about not having a gf are very spoiled. See this thread:

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I have a date with my oneitius tommorow, what are some do's and don'ts for me?
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Don't 1:

Go. Because then you're banned from this board.
be yourself

le orginialiose
Don't talk about your feelings. If you're depressed and suicidal, pretend you're doing great and feign happiness.

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>only two months left until people ask you what you did over summer break
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>be me
>freezing ass off
>mid winter
>have to listen to murica-fags talk about their shitty summer
I massively prefer the cold you nigger
>tfw this pic got me rock hard instantly

Haha, and I try to convince myself I'm not bi.

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>there are fembots that actually work ordinary jobs and don't just camwhore/twitch stream for money

if you wagecuck as a woman you're actually retarded
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I'm a camwhore and I never charge money. Im not good enough looking to charge money. Im happy if people just look at me.
I actually told this to some of mine female coworkers, also said gold digging. they just laughed it off and probably talked shit behind my back like all coward women.
>There are fembots...
No, fembots don't exist
No matter how hideous a women is on the outside or inside, there will still be men attracted to them

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>girl i've been talking to and hanging out with a lot recently tagged me in a video on how to escape the friend zone

what the fuck do I do
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"i know this is a little odd to ask, but why did you tag me in that video?"
Literally this anon, puts the ball back into her court and you can judge the direction she wants this to go and take it from there

Good luck anon
finally someone that is not an autist

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Why do you allow this on your board. Less than a year ago this would not be tolerated.

Why has this happened? Has (female) feelings over taken this board? Or are you genuinely a bunch of faggot tier redditers now?

Can we have a women hate thread please.
I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAWfK5LEGIg
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Wrong pic. This is the one I meant.

>Less than a year ago this would not be tolerated

But that's not true though. When I first came here in late 2014, the board was FLOODED with fedora memes, women and redditors were swarming this place calling robots fedora tipping virgin neckbeards and all that at every opportunity. For a board that "hated women" it sure didn't fucking seem like it.

So compared to then, I actually think the board is better now. And women orbit men all the time, even /r9k/. So there is bound to be some femanons here who just won't leave us alone, because that's the way women are. They either idolize and worship men, or tease them, or downright hate us. Femanons tease us and downright hate us.
File: 1496346624921.jpg (73KB, 921x481px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I agree, this "fembot" bullshit is getting pushed pretty hard....

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>"Damn anon, you look cute af in the outfit."

How do you respond?
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Admit to being the sis 4chan raised me to be and take it up me to pleasure our nigger overlods as the white scum I am
"I don't feel like working out today after all, I'm gonna head back home."

>Slowly back away
>Turn around and walk in a fast pace.
Take all of their loads in my mouth like a good girl (boy)

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>used to be NEET
>Get 9-5 job
>feel happier
>motivated to use free time better
>have more money
You fuckers lied to me, being a wageslave is much better than living on hand-outs
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>implying I have a choice.
Enjoy your job anon. No one will hire me.
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Being NEET is a meme. You can't enjoy life until you start earning your own living.
>being a neet is a meme

-t normalfags

Hello my fellow normies,

I figure there's enough of us here in /r9k/ that we can have our own general.

To post in /normie/ you must:
> Have a car
> Have a job
> Have good hygiene
> Have more than 2 friends
> Not be significantly over/under weight
> Not be a virgin

Now, what are your plans for the weekend my normans?

I just got paid today so I'm going on a weekend getaway with the gf as soon as I get off work.
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Good general.

I'm going to the beach with some friends this weekend. I don't really like beaches but this friend of a friend I really want to fuck with is going. Wish me luck!
Your post is bad and you should feel bad. I'm more a Chad than normie and I don't even fulfill your first criteria. The rest are easy.
>not a virgin
>more than 2 friends
>have not so good job but it pays the bills
>host parties sometimes
>spend most of my time alone though due to a combination of lots of homework and laziness
I mean, maybe I'm semi normal but I wouldn't call myself a person. People are better than what I am.

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Why is life such a mundane, depressing experience? I don't feel any excitement, even having won scholarships, research grants and employment in my industry; these things don't give me any sense of achievement/happiness, and everything else that I used to enjoy is becoming more and more dull.
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I think it's called depression or some shit.
Just google it my friend.
I could tell you but you wouldn't believe me, and you wouldn't listen to me.
i mean just get a matte black lamborghini and make a instagram and show off ur wealth

So did your parents buy you what you wanted when you wanted it?

Like a new gaming console and things like that.

Until I was 19 and moved out I wasn't allowed to watch tv, play video games, access the internet, or hang out with people. I wasn't allowed to do after school activities or go to spend the night parties or anything like that other than for church.

Spoiled people like Elliot Rodgers were given everything they wanted right away. That's why a person like him wanted love from a woman in such a entitled way. They saw it as an object to be had. Instead of understanding how to connect to a person.

Spoiling is a form of abuse. It's not your fault if you were spoiled but if you realize it you can stop passing on your abuse to others in the form of redpilling, MGTOW, and using people.
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Bump for replies. I really want to know if people here were spoiled in a similar way as Elliot.
Bump. I really want to see if I'm right or not. Anyone share their experiences on being spoiled?
I am a female btw, if any of that matters or will get me more replies.

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>Incapable of independant living
>No IRL friends aside from one who lives fucking miles away and is constantly busy
>Can't stop dwelling on all my cringeworthy past moments where I did something stupid, got humiliated or tried and failed miserably at something and never got better at it no matter how hard I tried
>Get jealous of literally everyones skills and always assumed when I saw a high ground of skill that I could never reach it/can not do it
>Never leave the house as I know there's nothing for me to do or I'll just get made fun of again
>Extremely hard to make meaningful friendships with literally anyone because they're always the same chav/Chad type or some quiet douche

Voice your issues
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What are your hobbies ? O P original
I torrent and watch movies.

Also play on the PS4 sometimes.
>voice your issues

I'm too gutless to end my pathetic existence.

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pepe punch.png
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>when a girl asks if you are a serial killer
fuck you, cunt
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>co-worker mentions I look like school shooter
File: 1488856771853.jpg (57KB, 396x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>chads are scared of me because they think i'm a serial killer
File: 1480793237634.jpg (51KB, 429x429px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Dress neutral
>Look average
>No overly long or short hair, clean shaven, sometimes stubble
>Essentially look like the grey man
>Still get stared at and snide comments whenever I go out

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