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Will my son get bullied if I name him trunks?
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People would bully you for having an imaginary son
That was not the question I asked
I fucked your wife.

t. Roga fufu ken anon

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>hi anon, fancy running into you here
>you didn't forget about me, did you?
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Should I style my hair like hers?
Only if you want to look more like a worthless whore.
Um, who are you? I don't believe we've met...

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Why is Chrome so much faster than Firefox? I want to use the latter to support the "good guys" but it's just so fucking sluggish.
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I never saw the difference between them.
From what I've heard is that people have slower performance on google chrome though.
Opera is the best browser honestly speaking. But in my experience firefox is faster, and a tad buggier as well.
>good guys
Rearry ? With boi

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>go to craigslist for some strange
>sees this
What makes this bitch so entitled?
>has kid
>has girlfriend
>demands guy has his own house and car
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So she has a gf, yet wants a boyfriend to pay for her fuck trophy?

This is why we hate women.
Why are you offended by the concept of fuckbuddies

wtf are you doing with your life?

I hear this shit all the time, "Aww you're so cute". First of all, men are not cute, we are the strong masculine providers. We pay for your clothes when you go shopping, fix things, and read the newspaper in the morning.

So you can take your "cute" and shove it. I've been going to the gym every week, once a week, for the past THREE MONTHS. I'm no longer some weak little baby you can just push around.

Yesterday I was able to curl 30lbs fifteen times in a row without stopping. I may not be the tallest, or have the biggest dick, but at least I know that in a fight I'd definitely kick all your asses.

In real life I'd fucking curb stomp all you. You should be grateful you can just talk shit anonymously behind a computer screen like the keyboard warriors you are.

I know you can't back anything you say up because you haven't suffered like I have. You haven't poured your blood, sweat and tears to getting stronger and becoming a real man like I am.

Being a real man isn't about being cute, or being tall, or having the biggest dick. It's about who dominates who. And right now, that would be me dominating all of you. So get fucked bitches.
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you are so dumb, just take the fucking complement cutie
Sorry anon but you're not funny.
i wish i was could be cute....

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>absolutely nopthing ciomes up
>no bf\
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i'll be your bf
you're no tthe shelte guy so idaf
Not the anon
are you the one who OP was responding to or are you the one OP for that thread.

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Hey wagie, do you plan to retire on minimum wage?
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Depends. I have to get a job first.
i wouldnt be working if i made minimum wage, so... no? i feel like this is a poorly conceived troll.

just like op
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Wagecucks btfo again, somehow.

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perfect qt..jpg
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where do i find girls that look like this?
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you have poor taste in women
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well it's friday night, so probably either at Chad's house taking the cock or home by themselves, staring at their iphone and praying for Chad to call/text them telling them to get over and succ.

Yes, all women. the 10/10's, the 8/10's, the 5's and the 1's. If you aren't Chad, you're sexually invisible.

>be me
>got an interview last night for wagecuck marketing job
>get lost in the city
>start panicking
>walk into a random restaurant
>ask the waitress where the place is
>googles it and walks me there
>literally leaving her work
>talk with her about the city etc. (I've never been)
>was too much in panic mode to notice how attractive she was
>say goodbye, go to interview
>come out and go to the restaurant again
>thank her
>got the job
Not all roasties are bad robots.

Now the question is do I go to the restaurant again and try to make myself happy or do I wallow in self-hate like I have been since high school?
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>talking to roastie
Not fooling me.
>he didn't google it himself
>roastie probably think he's too retarded
shouldnt even be asking that question, ofc you go and make an attempt.
and never touch r9k again, it ruins you

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>going on craigslist to get sucked by homosexuals

I don't even care anymore.
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Don't do it, I did and while I did get pretty hard, I couldn't cum and realized that I was disgusted by the situation. And it was even a feminin tranny and not even a regular faggot.
Enjoy getting some 60 year old man.
that's how I was when I did it. I was fucking his ass and lost my boner so we ended up watching porn and I got hard and he gave me a great handjob/blowjob

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Get in here Chads, how's Stacy been treating ya?
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shave that ugly scarce facial hair
Your hair is shit.

You should either cut it or take better care. Girls like guys with long hair but only if you have really nice and clean hair.


My girl isnt a stacy, but i met her in med school so it's the best relationship i had so far.
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>stacy's been talking about a breast reduction

i think i'll be on the market again soon ladies

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>tfw graduated with cs degree
>tfw can't get through any interviews
They said it was going to be easy. What the fuck?
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>code monkeys
>outsourced by Indians
Could you be retarded anon? Pajeet will take 1/4 the pay as yoy, and work twice as hard. Why would hey ever hire you?
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you just have joined a fraternity. you'd be employed, no matter how shitty your skills.
Do you have leadership experience?
Do you have AGILE project experience?
Have you had an internship in your field?
Have you done a hackathon?
Do you have related certifications(i.e. ethical hacker)
Do you have a base level of social skills?

Just going to school and getting a piece of paper isnt enough dumbass. Indians make better code monkeys and AI will have those jobs anyway in 10 years

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At what point should you accept that you will never be employable?
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>can english and german but im from poland
>no expierience in anything else
>quality racist shitposter and WoW players

what are my chances at the job market?
When you've got a gap in your resume that's several years long.
You're in your twenties and still don't have your high school diploma.

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How long until half a pack a day kills me of pic related? may be soon?
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smoking is not a short term cause of death

especially not half a pack a day
just kill yourself with a shot gun or pill, it's a lot quicker
12 gauge shot gun? would that actually kill you if you used buckshot?

wouldnt that just make you a vegetable then someone would have to wipe your ass

There's no point in having a gf if she's ugly, seriously, she doesn't need to be pretty but she must at least be cute and white. Ugly girls are so fucking disgusting. If you're a girl and you're ugly you should kill yourself because you're useless.
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I'm just kidding. Please, don't.
Lizzie Velasquez is actually a super kind woman and if you're a lonely peace of shit do yourself a favor and listen to some interviews she's done. Also since she's a chick she's still higher on the sexual pyramid than you :~]

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