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This character is going to snap and go on a Hotline Miami rampage and it's going to be great.

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I'm more anxious for it to become a "missing person", and watching the police willingly remain apathetic in their efforts to search for it is going to be great.
I mean, in the distorted nightmare world of Assigned Male, it could probably happen. It wouldn't be great, though.
>This character is going to snap and go on a Hotline Miami rampage and it's going to be great.
Seeing as this is the creepy wish fulfillment fantasy of the tranny author, no, no he won't.
His cunt son will kick him in the dick every day for his intolerance until the author gets bored and decides to make daddy some kind of sexual deviant just how the mother's fingerbanging some hijabi bitch.

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>add r9k cuteboy to Discord June 2016
>fall in love with him pretty much right away
>flirts with me all the time
>talks to me day in and day out
>we have the most tender relationship possible
>confess last month that I'm in love with him
>"i-i just like you as a friend anon"

It's a good thing he lives 500 miles away. I could beat him to death for leading me on. Every single moment since he turned me down is nothing but heartache and tears.
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Don't fall in love so quickly, especially not in an LDR. Those are usually bad news, anon-san.
>add a boy for r9k to discord
>asked if we could be bfs from the start
>only talk a day
>never hear from him again
everyone wants a relationship until they are close to getting one apparently, sure there would have been distance but shit beggars can't be choosers
Dont be angry at him anon.
Just continue your friendship and appreciate him for it. Im sure he cares about you and doesnt want you to hurt, but he cant control whether or not he has feelings for you, and you wouldnt want him to lie, right?

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>tfw want to connect with people more but 95% of how normies socialize is trivial small talk that is insufferable
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>Expecting to get to level 25 right away

Got to get to know them first.
that's because 95% of their thoughts are trivial and animalistic, if not more

It's just as bad when robots try to be "deep" and just end up sounding like pretentious fools.

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Hey wagecuck, any big plans for tomorrow?
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no i never have any plans though

i just go to work and come straight home. the less time out the house the better.
Yep; it's someone's birthday, so the drinking will start at 9am. The whole day is going to be a huge party.

We have a tradition of fucking off and drinking any time someone has a birthday. Some months, we do more partying than "work", but we still get paid.
Maybe you'd be able to have plans if you weren't slaving away for 8+ hours (plus commute) tomorrow.


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What do you guys miss the most in your life?
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Optimism and hope for the future.
I used to be genuinely funny.

the feeling of wonder from when I was young

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>Accidently liked her picture from 4 years ago
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so unlike it
Like them all; claim that facebook suggested you might like them, and you thought she had recently posted them.
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>it's a bikini pic from when she was underage

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How the fuck do pretty girls even exist
How do you go day to day being beautiful and NOT just knowing how amazing you are
I can't see gorgeous women without wanting to just hug them
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>pic unrelated
i used to like pretty girls too but my oneitis is a lesbian and wont stop going on about hot girls so the last time I saw a literal 10/10 angel irl I started grinding my teeth in anger and jealousy

how the fuck am i jealous of a girl
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Different strokes

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I am fucking sick of reading about fucking 18year olds complaining about retarded shit that they could solve themselves if they got up of their arses, and put some effort in.

Get in here, and lets try and build a brighter future for eachother. If you don't, you'll look up from your computer, realise that the years have slipped by, and realise that your peers are far beyond you in every facet of life.

You don't have to take any advice as concrete fact, but putting effort in will be worthwhile
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We all complain about retarded shit that we can solve.

It's just that none of us want to.
>not wanting to better your situation.

Why? I not saying that I'm any better, but I've realise that I cannot keep living like a hermit.
Why don't / won't you?
Thinking about starting a diet, senpai.

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Give us your plan for the next 6 months robots

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Finish uni project
Begin on personal project to fill up resume
Work and hopefully finish personal project
Look for an internship company in the UK

Now watch me do none of those things.
Work out maybe?

Go see family for the 4th

Was I supposed to plan this far?

I hope my life doesn't suck so bad now

What? This is five months? The year is almost over

What the fuck happened

Theres gotta be some MMO or crafting game you're into where you genuinely enjoy interacting with people. What's yours, robots?
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>social interaction
i wish
not really no.

interacting with people is my least favorite aspect of any online game.

But I will say that the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us is extremely comfy as fuck

>small teams of 4 vs 4
>every single bullet counts and strategies are essential
>it's more about slowly walking around as a group and pick your shots and strategizing, rather than running around shooting in the ait
>simple but cozy crafting system
>most people don't have mics, they communicate excitement by crouching up and down really fast and spamming the shoulder-aim switch function while holding a molotov or bomb

The Dark Souls series is also comfy, especially since there's no microphones.
Team Fortress 2


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Having long, luscious hair is the best way to "advertise" good genes to women as a male.
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It's a good way to advertise your boipucci
I cut mine after being mistaken for female one too many times
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agreed OP

girls literally always compliment hair. men who can't handle having long hair are obviously insecure in their masculinity and require a "masculine" haircut to feel like a man

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>tfw too wise for my current group of friends
>tfw too socially impaired to get any other friends
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Wow friends aren't commodities you fucking retard guy
ENTP here, but hang out with a lot of INTPs. Kinda got some to start hanging out since we had a lot in common, mostly vidya.
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Cute Pepe.png
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>Tfw I figured out the secret to happiness is taking a nap in a comfy bed while listening to relaxing music, and when waking up from the nap listening to more music.

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Want to know a trick?

You can't post your phone number on 4chan, it automatically sensors it.


See? Which one of you pussies is man enough to do it?
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my phone number above
oregano i guess?
that wouldn't pass the phone number regex that I wrote for my company's web app.

>Man up and marry me you fucking pig. I'm 33 and my clock is ticking you pathetic fucking manchild. Stop being such a loser and support me. I want a family and I want you to work hard to support us you manchild. Put down that video game you fucking pathetic loser.

How do you respond to Western Woman?
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>How do you respond to Western Woman?
Why would I want to do that?
I don't think this is all western women, but any woman has to get me to buy in before she starts making demands. You might be able to shame me into shutting up and walking a way, but nobody is shaming their way into my wallet.

amy schumer sucks, I hope when she's 50 and alone that she admits that she's miserable and fucked up and tells girls to be traditional and feminine.
>millionaires being miserable

lol listen to yourself. amy schumer doesnt need a man to support her

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Please tell me you didn't wear t-shirts in high school with ironic and edgy statements
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d-didnt everyone?
I see guys wearing this in uni. Granted they are all fedora lord Redditors.
i never really noticed what i wore

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