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Thats not a jack-off lantern.
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my girlfriend left me for a 45 year old. she's 19.

how do i snap her out of it?
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HA HA HA.... give it up loser.

Get going while the going is good.

Don't be cap'n-save-a-hoe let 'er go.
Tou need to move on then go eeeewwww when she hitd you back up for that yung hung
it's fucking disgusting
i rather wish she turned into a lesbian

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is it easy to kill someone with a baseball bat or will there be a long struggle?
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Unless you hit them good over the head you're in for a brutal, bloody struggle
bad idea. hammer to head far more merciful and fast acting. also it's easy to stop a bat with your feeble cripple hands swinging it. so high likelihood they will take it from you

>living in some shithole slav infested country where you can't own a gun
thanks faam

I live in the US but I was committed recently so can't get a gun easily in my state

This board is beyond saving. It's filled to the brim with "women", fags, and roastie defenders. It needs to be deleted. If there are any actual robots still left in this shit hole, I'm sorry.
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Ok George Lucas
But as an actual person with no socialablility where will I go
it would be a massive improvement to my life if this board got deleted.

why can't all of the fucking trannys and faggots go to and stay in their containment board?
i'm sick of all the fucking trap threads and shit.

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Capitalism is built on the foundation that the occupants of the land who got it through force should not be subjected to the same treatment. Instead we must become slaves who work on the land they never acquired by an metric of just

This makes capitalism a morally bankrupt system that only serves to exploit the individual as nothing more than disposable labour
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the system is like that because we weak robots depend on the mercy of productive chad, you shouldnt bite the normie , that welfare feeds us

You cant overthrow the system because the only one who is negative effected are the week with no power, we should be litteraly happy chad gave us at least electicity to shitpost instead of starving us to death, because he can
The fact that you posted this here thinking it might get (you)s doesn't do much to dispel the notion that leftists tend to be unproductive and untalented losers who are just jealous of the chadoisie.
Also, it's kind of funny that communists question society's basic values while resting their entire ideology upon moralism and some masochistic identification with the oppressed.

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>be tranny degenerate subhuman
>having dinner with my mom
>someone asks if we're sisters

I fucking dare you to post a weirdo feel than this
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Why didn't you correct them and say that would be gross, because you two are girlfriends?
No one to blame but yourself you mentally sick waste of space.
same shit has happened to me, but that's because my mom is 4'11" and looks like a college student some days.

Should I wear a snapback? Every Chad I see and meet wears one and some are fat fucks. Does the snapback magically make you a Chad or something?
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Dont even know what a snapback is.
It's when you invert your penis. Just try it
Snapbacks are lame

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Are you attracted to women that have the same features as your mother?
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weirdly enough the girl im crushing on rn has all the same allergies as my mother
It is pretty common for men to be attracted to women similar to their mothers and vice versa for women. You are actually predisposed to find similar traits that your family have as attractive. However, you have a genetic mechanism built into you that reduces your level of attraction towards people you spend a lot of time with young with similar traits to avoid a propensity for incest. You can see this issue manifested a lot in "kissing cousins" where you end up being unusually attracted to cousins you don't see very often.
Quite the opposite, desu
>fairly tall, 5'10ish
>brown hair
>tan skin
>brown eyes
>plus sized
My Idea girl
>between 4'11 and 5'4 with 5'1-5'2 being ideal
>shoulder length blonde hair
>green eyes
>90-125lb, depending on height, 115 being ildeal, at the ideal height
I had her too. And after 4 years fucked it up, autism.mov.

Hotline made me realize how fucked life was
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It made me want to go on a killing spree to some badass techno more than anything else
I wouldnt be the person I am today if I never played through Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 3. For the most part, I guess my development as a teen was highly influenced by MGS.

Hotline made me realize okay I am with people dying. Like I kinda hope that a school shooting happens near me so I can get caught in the crossfire.

runescape made me realise girl (male)'s were not to be trusted.

my rs gf lured me into thinking he was a girl and stole all my gp, i now havw an irrational fear of girl(male)'s that theyll steal my gp after pretending to be girls irl.

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How do people like mainstream porn?

It's so repetitive and mundane
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They don't watch it as often as robots, so it gets stale much slower, if at all.
>tfw all that gets you off is nasty multiple load swallowing stuff

Feels degenerate man. Post good videos if you have them
Your average person is kind of disgusting. Pathetic, slothful, consuming and weak. They literally just do and watch what they are told, which is how Mia Khalifa became a "big hit" of a porn star despite being kind of ugly and dull. It was all marketing.

Then again, no porn turns me on at all, so I can't really talk.

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>I have never had a single kiss, hug from succubus
>no succubus ever shows sexual interest in me
>22 yo kho virgin
>tried to get a date from ugl nerd girl in computer science class
>she tells me shas a boyfriend?
>yesterday did portraits in art rec class
>succubus painted my face
>tells me "you've got a preety handsome face anon have you thought of modeling"
>whut fuck is my problem??
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pic related is me
>I am a blackamoor
maybe if u stop referring to women as succubi it would help idk im not good at this shit either tee bee aitch.
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but that's what they are?

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I am really worried that my sister has fucked before
>pic possibly related
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l fucked your sister.
if thats her then yeah shes def fucked
I know she's been fucked. What I'm worried about is her doing the fucking.

fuck i wish i had a gun
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I have many OP, they're fun.
You can play with mine desu
can you send me one senpai

starting to wonder if he didn't have a point tbqh
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the boss from silent hill 4? what was his thing again?
>get shit on your entire life
>kill normies to make your own dimension

Hey Walter buddy can you please let me out of this fucking apartment?

who wants some chef boyardee?
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Not I good sir
Thanks, just ate breakfast
i'm almost 27 and i will occasionally eat this poorfag slop

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