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What's your opinion on feminism , robots?
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It's a cancer onto our society that is paving the way for our own demise.
It is a completely stupid, delusional and irrational movement that destroys family, female population, and is attacking whites and promotes cultural marxism.

Oh, and it should be treated like pic related.
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Feminism in the west is predominantly evil and a harbinger of evil. Real feminists would be pro war, ambitious but want a family, rejects white knights and does not fuck Chad or Tyrone on the side, does not complain about myths like the wage gap etc etc
>>pic related
Is a REAL role model for REAL feminists.

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Is it a waste of fearlessness to commit suicide without taking anyone with you?
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Just take a bunch of niggers and jews with you
Niggers and jews have been nicer to me than anyone else in my life though
good joke bro

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>for the last 10 years I thought I have a B cup size bra because my mom told me I have small boobs
>Now I finally got to measure myself
>Found out I have E cup size

Am I alpha now because I'm lesbo?
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you mean you're a faggot. that's what we call gays now, faggots. mmk?
Alpha faggot then.
Dykes will burn as well

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What's so great about having giant boobs? Don't you know they're heavy?
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I don't want any myself I just wanna grab some, suck some maybe cum on them you feel?
> wendy fiore
The day i found all the photos of her drunken club prostitution days was the happiest day of my life

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>get a text from friend saying hi
>convo literally lasts 5 minutes
>suicidal thoughts gone for another month
Who else here /low maintenance/?
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This usually makes me sadder. It's a reminder that I'm a shitty asshole who actively alienates people.
my "friends" stopped talking to me 2 years ago
kinda relieved t b h
>shitpost in skype group with internet friends daily
>IRL friends invite me out once or twice every 2 months
>no other conversations besides drunkenly talking to strangers if i go see a band
social obligations are cancer

Why do manlets get so angry when women call them out?
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Why did you crop out their ugly faces?
Why do fat women whose arms sag with fingers that look like the michelin guy get mad when men call them out?

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I made a thread for this on /pol/ but I feel my fellow robots would enjoy this:

"Anon, you're handsome, the only way for you to be ugly is if you were black."

>mfw my little sister just said this to me
>mfw she's 5
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That's a nice story, I did enjoy. My little sister used to be nice but now I think she looks down on me.
First, that's not how you use t.
Second, your*
>t. you're 5 year old sister is already triggered by the thought of beauty being associated with African people. I wonder why op?
>t. Triggered by thought of beauty being associated with white people
That's also not how you use terveisin, you nog

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Whoa......what a genius
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we got ourselves a honky boys
what do we do with honkies?
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>being clumped together, shirtless, outdoors with with your arms all over a bunch of other cretins
>usually drunk, with tilted head and rioting about something
I've always hated seeing people like this. Looks so disgusting.
Fucking hell, I hate niggers so much. They should be kept in Africa.

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can someone shoop the feels guy into this meme?
I want to use it to promote MGTOW
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Here you go anon, how's this?
Thanks anon, that really gets the feels going.
MGTOW thanks you for your service!
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Anytime anon.


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Survey time
>how often do you do cardio or lift weights?
>what is your diet like?
>age, sex, country, and how many times have youhad intercourse?
>fav video game?
>fav band?
>what do you like about r9k?
>what is your monthly income?
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>lift five days a week, run 3 but often skip runs
>My diet just denigrated from meat only to sugary junk foods and protein shakes
>18, male, US, 0
>Mass effect trilogy, impossible to choose single game
>tfw just hip hop trash
>r9k makes me feel like a winner
>finishing high school and then going into marines to die for ZOG


Zionist Operated Government
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>how often do you do cardio or lift weights?
Zero exercise as of now. Used to do P90X, got a pretty aesthetic shape I was happy with then quit soon after; thankfully I maintained it
>what is your diet like?
Same shit everyday for breakfast lunch. Oatmeal & a sandwich/burrito.
Dinner varies. spaghetti/burger/chicken & rice w/e I'm in the mood for.
>age, sex, country, and how many times have youhad intercourse?
26, M, USA, virgin
>fav video game?
Witcher 3
>fav band?
Joanna Newsom, XX, Carissas Weird etc. Can't really pick a favorite
>what do you like about r9k?
Filled with other sad degenerate robots, who make me feel better about my shit life.
>what is your monthly income?
$0, still in college trying to get an Accounting degree; still living with my parents

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>tfw no one to play games with on steam
Sometimes I wish I had friends
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why are these faggot threads so prevalent here

I've tried adding people on steam but it makes no difference

it seems making friends is impossible for me
when they cant get a gf they just become the gf.

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>you will never live in California, enjoying the beaches and the sun and taking your dog out for daily walks and enjoy the greatest food in the world
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I live here, it sucks, there are normalfags everywhere, you dont want to live here everything is fuck expensive
>can't even do this anymore because my dog is dead and now I have a cat
This OP, if you live in California you're chances of being a normalfag are high because of the nice weather

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is it weid that I find this dog extremely attractive?
>pic related
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Please elaborate OP. How long have you felt this attraction?
a couple months now. A friend always sends me pictures and at first i just thought the dog was cute but its escalating to so much more than that.
Can we get a greentext? Also, post more pics.

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Is it?
Can you board this shit
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File: Untitled.png (393KB, 801x798px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1491495375312.jpg (161KB, 800x798px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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top text

bottom text

esfores is the nicest boards of all
You smarmy motherfucker

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tfw absolute zero friends
tfw gf but gf hates me
tfw haven't talked of banged gf in 5 months even though we live together.
You think you know loneliness? Trust me boys you don't want to experience loneliness like this.
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she's not your gf anymore, she's your roommate and she's most definitely fucking other guys.
Thanks for the wisdom. What should I do now?
>tfw gf but gf hates me
wah you guys don't know lonlieness like this

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