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I'm going to a normie party this weekend where I only know a couple people there

Any advice robots?
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Your friends will introduce you to new people, if not, force yourself to talk to someone
>force yourself to talk to someone
Welcome to hell OP.
Know that normie parties are a meme and that no one really enjoys themselves. It'll be guys sitting around and smoking weed, drinking beer and talking. The girls will ignore every guy who isn't
Chad and dance/be silly by themselves to show the guys they won't put out for how much fun they're having. The normies will also take a whole heap of pictures and post them to instagram to boost their social status and show people that they're in the in-group. Maybe there'll be some drama, but nothing huge. It'll probably be a 4/10 experience at best.

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>she doesn't speak with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
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>she observes grammar perfectly but her style and vocabulary are run of the mill
>He plays shitty weeb video games like dark souls
>she dresses provocatively and then complains about men oogling her

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It's the same girl.png
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And why is it modesty?
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When a girl is beautiful she is constantly praised for her looks and develops an ego.
This is a loss of modesty.

A modest and respectable female is so hard to find nowadays.
It's loyalty
>implying both are not whores

If they get too little attention they still become whores because they live for it. See both girls in OP's pic.

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>No comfy thread

Comfy thread
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William Turner1.jpg
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Is comfy artwork allowed?
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Reporting for duty,
Here's a comfy song to start off the thread
Do ya'll have any comfy pictures of rural Europe? I'd really appreciate some of those.

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Any flesh light recommendations?

The Riley Reid model looks ok
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i have that one, it's nice.
just make sure to use lube instead of spit even if youre uncut, feels better and you can keep stroking for a short while after cumming because there's less friction
>inb4 weeb faggots suggest to OP to get an onahole
I heard the stoya mouth one is the best

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>tfw no girl will want your last name
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jokes on you op, my last name is fucking ugly af
I knew a Chinese guy whose last name was Pu. Can't be that bad.
>lastname is dick

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>tfw I finally found the secret to easy pussy as a white man
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Good job dude! Go get 'em!
is it prostitutes? originally tell me it's prostitutes.
hopes its not becoming a nu male

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>tfw your dad is dating another random woman and not you
Daddy, why? Why won't you notice me?
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If I was your dad I would date you, anon
Oh yeah well your dad fucked your mom
>tfw having to watch daddy cuck you every single day
I know that feel OP.

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Do you ever fantasise about being a cute girl?
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but opie that's gay
It's not gay if you're the girl though.
being a girl is the gayest thing imaginable. Girls are inherently gay get over it

was Kurt Cobain a robot?

>I knew I was different. I thought that I might be gay or something because I couldn't identify with any of the guys at all. None of them liked art or music, they just wanted to fight and get laid."

>[My youth] gave me this real hatred for the average American macho male.

>I just can't believe anyone would start a band just to make the scene and be cool and have chicks. I just can't believe it.
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>had plenty of groupie sex
He is a faggot. His song "rape me" is dedicated to rapist macho men.

He needs a statistics lesson. He should've dedicated the song to niggers or beaners.
he was a nu-male tumblrina

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>gays can go into the military
>traps can't
What do you suppose this means?
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Even gays hate trans. They don't like being grouped with a bunch of willy mutilating, hormone taking abominations.
It's almost like.... traps aren't gay...
Traps are not the same thing as transsexuals or transgenders. There are plenty of traps that still identify as their biological sex.


>19y/o roastie facing up to 32 years in prison for claiming to be kidnapped and raped
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Finally. We need to start jailing women who give false rape accusations.
We all know she's going to get a slap on the wrist
At least now she can get the rape she wanted.

>tfw comfy in your room watching normies get killed by shitty carnival rides
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Looks like it hit a support spar and sent one section of seats into the opposite one.
>some girl says "its gonna be fun" 4 seconds before shit hits the fan
Feels nice not being a normalfag.
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Look at these normies
No sense of humour

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So, R0b0ts, I'm going to attempt a sort of literary project, and I'd like you all to help me.
Inspired by the Beat Generation, I'm going to start composing poetry, but I'm only going to use what's posted in this thread.
Say whatever you'd like, I may put all the phrases through a randomizer, in order to properly get the cadence I'm looking for.
In the end, I hope to end with some kind of beat-esque literary excellence that you all can take credit for. Let 'er rip, boys.
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Consume the flesh, spice it well.
Beat generation fucking sucks, you literally have shit taste
Thanks for expressing yourself, Anon!
I'm all about freedom of opinion.

>fapped to it again
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what did you fap to anon?
>bbw piss
what did you fap to, need to know?

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