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>tfw constantly bored
>tfw too socially anxious to do things that could relieve my boredom
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I hate this, I have it all the time
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The saddest part is that this kind of threads get archived with 2 or 3 (YOUs) and fucking normie/dating advice thready gets 100 (YOUs) in the first minute. Being robot doesn't mean shit anymore. We're living the death of this board lads, and it's worse than I ever could imagine.
just drink, it's how i've dealt with it for fiffteen years

>"fembot" runs away from home to meet her fag internet bf in the netherlands
>gets caught like a dumbass with sister's passport
>life is ruined by the time she's 16
you can't make this shit up
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And yet she still was able to find love and have more balls than you ever will.
I never read anything about her being a fembot. She is a kid and this is what kids do Her life isnt ruined either.
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nah she's a frequent user of r9k

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Somehow this isn't original
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Of course it's not original. Weren't you here for the lactation threads?
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>Lactation threads
Is this the lactation thread now

not taking no for an answer btw

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I am going to ask for her number tomorrow.

What are the chances of it going well? I am certain she liked me before but I was too much of a pussy then.

And what the fuck do I even do with a girl's number? I honestly have no friends or social life left. The only person in my contacts is my mom. I don't know how this shit works anymore.
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even my threads have no social life
and what are you going to do with her number?
>And what the fuck do I even do with a girl's number?

I don't know. Is that how you get a gf or something?

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Does anyone else see something wrong with this image?
Like, what's wrong with his legs?
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I think it's upside down but the guy has a really massive ass. That or its the right way around and his back is arched inwards at a really fucked up angle. This is confusing me too.
wtf is this lmao dude
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I'm not sure whether to be aroused or disgusted. Rid me of this image.

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So are the women in those Asian massage parlors forced to do that job? Or do they willingly do it?
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Honestly this is my contention with illegal prostitution. While I'd find it easier than lying to a close acquaintance that I love them for sex, I could invariably be taking advantage of someone pressed into sexual service.
Most of them are forced to do it. They're recruited and imported for sex.

These women are coming from very poor countries with poor families. They are promised good work and opportunities to care for their families and a good life in a 1st world country. Once there, they are confronted with the reality that the only way to make money is through prostitution. And since they're already there and feel pressured to take care of their family, they just do it.

That's why it's mostly Chinese/Thai girls etc., and almost never Japanese/South Korean girls doing prostitution. Because the Japs and SK girls aren't living in a 3rd world shithole.

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Actual serious thread. I'm a good student, just have emotional and social problems.

Any good colleges you guys can recommend to me?

> pic unrelated
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That is not what autism means, retard. People with emotional and social issues go to jail or the psych ward.
I Am God

Came here thinking about that. Was it supposed to be a thumbnail though?

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Be honest
what do you think of this shoe
I want to change styles
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Incredibly average.
literal saleryman tier, i wouldn't wear this outside of work.
Oh shit now I know what that shoe reminds me of. There was this kid with a severe behavior disorder at my school who would smash his arm through ceilings, stabbed people with tacks, and peaked under the door of the girl's changing room during PE.

Those are the exact same shoes he wore!

Is he on the autistic spectrum?
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Barron is the true God Emperor. He will take his father's throne and save the white race.

Kek wills it.
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Barron is a qt pie
he is just sleepy 24/7. not everyone is autistic normalio.

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How do I get over the fact that someone else took my girlfriends virginity?
I don't even know how many men she fucked.
I also know that women ALWAYS say "I love you" to guys they have sex with.

I could be the 19th guy she said "I love you" to for all I know.
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dump gf and find some unicorn virgin gf

then shoot yourself
>How do I get over the fact that someone else took my girlfriends virginity?

Have some standards and self respect. You should never date someone who has not saved themselves for you.
I'd rather be a normie than continue being on this shitty board.

It's just hard, how the fuck do I get over the fact that women are whores? How do I smile & be happy knowing I'm with someones leftovers just like the normies do?

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>finally lost virginity
>the meme is true. sex is really overrated
>still crave a gf
I wish I could turn off these urges
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What happened to that Pepes face? Lol
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Holy shit get out you ultra-normie scum
A GF provides a ton more than sex, silly.

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>look almost like a male model
>longish medium blonde hair
>blue eyes
>don't look too shitty
>hair starts receding
>I look like complete shit
>look in mirror feel good
>brushing my teeth in the mirror for the first time in months
>well this isn't so bad
>move my head slightly to left like 2 degrees
>hair parts where it's receding
>a trail of skin and dying hair going literally so far up my head it's pretty much touching the very top
>confidence killed

Thanks god. I actually applaud you on how much of an evil prick you can be. You didn't just take away things that make me happy you took away the one thing that will make it so those things can't make me happy

You fucking prick how do you do it. Every time I found happiness you took it away. Then finally you come down and strike with the fucking hammer. For no reason at all you decide I should never feel even slightly happy again.

So for that I thank you. You finally pushed me over the edge and it's all over now.
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Ok no one cares

But it's so fucking bad

As a kid I was abused and fat and I had 0 confidence and long greasy hair and everyone treated me like shit and then when I turned 19 or so I lost all the weight started acting outgoing got my life together worked went to college. By age 22 bald. Full bald. Fuck you god fuck you universe fuck everyone. I literally turned my life around just to have it all go to shit in the blink of an eye before i could even experience a single benefit.
Fuck that op. I use to have long hair and shaving my head was the best thing I ever did. I have it short on the sides and a but longer on top so i can style it. Its a way neater and looks way better
Nah I'm just gonna get every pill to block dht as possible. On top of finasteride there's dut ru and tranny hormones

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If you have friends, girlfriends, are gay, are female, are liked, or are under 18, you CANNOT BE a robot. IT's not that hard. There's a certain set of requirements to be a robot, pic unrelated.
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Furthermore, if you fall into any of these you should probably kill yourself. Besides underage. They can work on avoiding robodom.
lmao stay mad while I'm making this place my home

t. normie chad
You can go be queer somewhere else faggots
You can go ruin another board normals
You can seek your attention elsewhere roastie whores

There is literally no need for you to be here

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why do you hate them? are they attacking, offending you?
but i am doing things, just doing things on my computer

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I'm going to "hang out" with a guy at his apartment and idk what will happen but my problem is that he's tall and skinny and I'm short and borderline obese. I'm worried he'll be turned off by the contrast or think I'm a pig or if I'll crush him idk
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>borderline obese

lol, go home

Don't put either of you two through that
You're gonna get pumped n' dumped like the filthy whore you are
Don't worry. If you a feminine enough of a penis, he'll still like you.

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