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spidey walk.gif
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>sleeping in bed
>feel something moving on your arm
>wake up
>see this

what do robots
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Scream like a bitch and fling it off
once a month i wake up and jump out of my bed thinking that this is happening to me
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Hope it has venom and kills me.

Or, more realistically;
>feel spider
>flail arm to get it off me
>get up, run to another room and close the door
>call someone to get rid of it for me.

Lucky for me, no big insects live in my country, but I'm still scared of them, even if they're small.




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>tfw ISFJ
>tfw I can't stop caring about people's well being
>tfw even when people are nasty and mean I want their approval
>I just want everyone to be happy and the world is cruel.
>part of me wants to die so I don't accidentally hurt someone
>but I know that my death would hurt a lot of people too.
>tfw INTP
>tfw I can't begin to care about people's well being
>tfw even when people are kind and friendly I don't care about their approval
>I just want others to fuck off and the world doesn't care
>part of me wants to hurt others
>that'd get me in serious shit though

I am the Void

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>Always thought I had smol dick
>Yesterday decide to measure out of curiosity
>6.5 inches for a basic erection, can get it to 7 if I spend a while getting in the mood
>the feeling of knowing you have a bigger dick than 93.4% of the population and yet no girl will ever know

Being somewhat hung and forever alone is fucking awful.

How do you cope with it fellow schlong owners?

(Dicklets not welcome ITT)
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>He doesnt know that 7in is average
Oh boy, best keep believing those fake statistics, you would be in for an unpleasant surprise.
Fun fact: if you exclude white people, the average is much higher
7 inches really isn't big at all. Especially since you don't even know how to use it. Chad already has ~ten years experience so you got a lot of catching up to do before you even have a chance at pleasing a woman
I had this same sensation today OP
Always thought I was a dicklet because I thought the figures for average penile length were for flaccid length, but they're actually for erect.

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We are all just animals. Books, hobbies, anything is bullshit. Culture is made just to make as feel special but in reality nobody cares about that shit. Culture is something we can talk about with each other, but there aren't any deeper meaning. Everyone cares only about his own basic needs.

So what's the point to do anything? Men must provide for family, women must bear children. That's the end of story. You won't find answers in books which are written by someone who wanted to make money from his writings because he didn't want to work.

You achieve power by being social, getting connections. University and school is bullshit made by alpha males to keep betas busy.

4chan is the lowest strata, the weakest humans who couldn't survive in society and hide in their mothers basement.

Prove me wrong.
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Knowledge culture has increased the ease of life at the expense of the joy of life.
There is no knowledge. Knowledge doesn't exist.
Do you mean like because it's always wrong?

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"Why can't every guy be as nice you, Anon?"
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>why can't every guy be as nice you

What did he mean by this
Because then no one would get laid
>why not me
>you're too nice

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>ding ding ding
Oh well would you look at the time! The clock just struck 5. Well, looks like your done for the day wagie, enjoy your 2 days of freedom, you've earned it. Don't do anything to crazy though, you wouldn't want to come into work hungover. Mr shekelstien wouldn't like that, would he?
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anotha day, anotha haircut
File: 1494552760213.jpg (425KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just kidding wagemaid, MANDATORY OVERTIME!

>all wagemaids report to my office immediately
Post your sweet new haircut, OP

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moonless planet.png
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how is everyone holding up here today?

i'm depressed as fuck eating rice, beans, and chicken. and listening to komm susser tod.

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>> depressed
>> eating

yeah, your not depressed.
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no bullies allowed, please leave my thread.
File: 2.png (32KB, 875x819px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pls post in my thread guys ;_;

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Where's the best place to buy soup stones? I bought a 3 pack from wallmart and their stale.
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soup stone is only to keep it hot longer after taking the cauldron off the fire
just go outside and find any old big rock and throw that sucker in there
I've been trying to find a decent supplier for 3 months now, no luck. GL OP.
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Did someone say stone and soup in the same sentence?

Which level are you at robros
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Level zero
I think I'm nice but know girls don't like me because I'm a fat awkward anxious beta. I tend to befriend girls in hopes they'll develop feelings for me even though I know it never works. I'm too afraid of rejection to show interest so it's my only option.
Unless you're genuinely a delusional narcissist then being "too nice to date" basically equals "too unattractive to date"

Lots of people are genuinely nice to women and have many female friends who they're not interested in

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Virgins of /r9k/, why are you still virgins? What's the root cause preventing you from having sex?
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>What's the root cause preventing you from having sex?
no one wants to have sex with me
>What's the root cause preventing you from having sex?
I think it's my sexual needs, I'm jumping the gun and I want something different.
I am deeply insecure about my appearance

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>Become a president candidate sometime in the future (hopefully 2020).

>Sjws will vote for me due to equality.

>Once I'm president enforce anti-normal, anti-chad, anti-stacie laws.

>Start a beta uprising and be remembered in history as next Hitler.

Remember me robots
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Die, homo, die
You've got to be at least 35 yo and a natural born citizen m8
B-but I was born in the USA.

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>my mom unironically calls me Sheldon
>and compares me to Sheldon from Big Gay Orgy
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I can't. I'm a momma' boy deep down
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original coitus

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Considered suicide but realized I still had 5k$ burn might as well travel to the netherlands and finally have sex, with a whore. + some weed. Alright, lets do
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yeahh 23 5 1 8
do it.. i have 22k saved up. what should i do before i inevitably kill myself?
please tell me :(
i want someone to talk to me

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Why is /pol/ full of nu-males and neckbeards?
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>Why is X full of Y?! Lol XD
>posts one cherry picked example

What did he mean by this?
File: based_MAGA_frog.jpg (117KB, 1344x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>/pol/ regularly commits the fallacy of labeling all "leftists" as neckbeards and nu-males
>But they can't handle the same being done to them even when it's more correct

Really makes you think.
Insecure about their appearance, much like how unattractive women flock to feminism

File: Elliot-Rodger.jpg (298KB, 2197x1463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's almost 3 years after the day Elliot did the justice, he slaughtered normalcucks and bitch ass girls who rejected him. It's almost 3 years after his death guys, pay respect for the supreme gentleman. R.I.P Elliot Rodger, I hope you're getting a lot of pussy in heaven my friend.
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He was a faggot with bootleg sex-doll lips.
Why no one cares about Elliot Rodger in this board? I thought /r9k/ was full of people like him and they idolize him. All you people hate him?
Have any of you read his book?
He was batshit crazy. He imagined a "perfect" world where he was in charge and only he could decide who women could have sex with. Then he would deny all chads sex and do all sorts of horrific things to some women. It got even worse I just cant remember all of it

fucking creepiest dystopia ive ever heard

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