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About to Fuck a ftm twink trap without a dick what do?? She's genetically female . But looks like a twink! Any tips for me ? Anything I should try out?
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Suck her dick and stuff

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Robots plz help. I just got lawsuit for 20k $... Im so stressed... Can you guys post some shit to help me calm?
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What happened, anon? I'm sorry to hear this happened to you
I torrented a program for collage assignment.. I just needed to use it . And well... I got busted :/

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You stumble upon me and find that I exist a tottem for a ancient tribe willing to answer your questions. So speak and I will relive you of your pain and stress.
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Will she say yes when I call to ask her out tonight?
Is my future going to be extremely horrible?
I don't know what the 0 means so same question, will she say yes?

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has anyone ever thought about you whilst masturbating?
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I've thought of myself while looking at my ass in a mirror when I was 13.
i know for a fact one girl did. she even sent some sexy pictures and i've blown my load many times whilst looking at them
Tons of girls actually. Its nothing new for me but still hot

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You have been muted for 8 seconds because your comment was not original.

Is there anything that isn't original anymore? This board will be hell in 10 years.
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I found a similar beanie to one in pic that I bough awhile ago. I started wearing it when some girls I know who never complimented me before said I look cute in it.
Could this beanie be the secret to me being attractive?
I feel like I look like an emo faggot, but you can't argue with the girls really.

What your opinion of dudes who wear beanies a lot even when it isn't cold?

Do you wear one?
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Beanies are ok if the weather is cold but that particular style is pretty dated. I would recommend getting a style like pic related. Definitely go for a solid color. Stripes make you look like a edgy highschooler. Don't wear them when the weather is hot. It looks extremely odd and people will laugh amongst themselves at you
Even though it may seem unlikely it actually does work....

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You make not like it, but this is the perfect breast size for human females. Not merely "big", but especially large, pushing the boundary beyond what's conventionally attractive, teetering on the cusp of fetishistic, a celebration of feminine excess and overabundance. Note the heaviness and pendulum like sway.
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But I do like it

This is what real women's breasts look like. Chestlets might as well start gender conversion therapy.
This girl is only like 20 y/o or something

How many gallons of cum did her pics extract from her high school's male population?
Thread deserves a bump, so I'll give it one.

how does r9k actually feel about black people?
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They're alright, I think they get shit on to much because other nonwhites are usually worse imo.
Any westernized minority is in general fine.
>how does r9k actually feel about black people?
fine most of the time

it's that 1% of garbage people that ruins it for everyone else, just like with most populations I suppose

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>tfw we will never have a /connie/ board
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Steven universe avatarfag what's wrong with you
>tfw you know EXACTLY who are behind these posts but don't say because you like the look of their boipucci
>tfw you know EXACTLY who are behind these posts but don't say because you like the look of their boipucci

You don't know me and I've never sent anyone my boipucci

I'm not the avatar fag

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There's no Need Asking a girl if she's Single.

Just introduce yourself politely n she'll Decide whether she's single or not
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Gf got her first dildo. 8" long 2" girth. Her pussy swallowed it instantly and she loved it. So I've ordered this one for her. 12" 2.5" girth. Whats the biggest toy you would let your gf have.
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I don't think you know how to calculate girth, OP. 2" girth isn't much thicker than your thumb.
She might be thinking diameter rather than circumference.
we've gone over this already

your gf will get used to the toys and her vagina will become a blown out roastie black hole

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Who lives in a takeout box on the seafloor?
Spongebobbu squarepants!
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>not actually chronically depressed
>just lonely
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Watch the movie The Wackness. It's a about a teenage drug dealer played by Josh Peck and they cover this subject real well
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No. Fuck you faggot.

okie, I just got into bojack horseman and thats pretty relatable. I moved around a lot a child and then went to school 7 hours away. I just cant seem to actually connect with anyone

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she's just a Maheswaran girl living in a Maheswaran world
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why do people keep transgendering Lars?
i need answers, he's my favorite character.
Maybe he displays some symptoms of that? I truly don't follow all that to be perfectly honest with you.

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>Decide to try out being more confident
>Before when I would check qts out I'd do it for about a half second
>Now holding it for about 2-3 seconds
>Some ignore me
>Some of them hold the look as long as I do
>Some seem to brighten up a little

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>tfw used to be an obese tubalard but slowly got into amazing shape over the past 5 years or so and now the cuties I make eye contact with always look away shyly before I do
some days i do that too n other days i virgin walk past them.

Could never tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing

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