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r9k I need your advice. There is a girl I work with (inb4 normie get out) who is qt. I want her to be my gf but I don't know how to talk to her. We've talked about some basic stuff like spring break and work, but I don't know how to move on. As autistic as you guys can be, you have courage. How do I gain autism courage but not be autistic, I just want this qt3.14gf
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Ask her about herself, family, brothers, sisters etc. Throw out you saw a film, have you seen it? What did you think of it? Quote a good line from the movie. That can lead to her quoting a line, now you have a basis for an on going quote joke banter thing.
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too straight forward, you realize you are asking a sperg to ask about her family straight up? you may need to ease into that questions. 2nd, playing meme games with this girl isnt going to win her, just her attention. you may need to start slower my friend.
I have no idea maybe invite her to get coffee/lunch and hope you can talk well

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Ok so I was talking to a girl (female) in my uni class and whilst I was speaking she started to bite her lip.

Do girls bite their lips for any other reason other than flirting? Surely if it's universally understood to be a sign of flirting girls would be conscious of what they do with their lips whilst talking to guys....or not?

We were doing a group task and she drew a smiley face on my paper and also poked me with a pen holy fuck it sounds like i'm 12

I'm not 12 she's not 12 we are both in our mid 20s

What the fuck does it matter anyway i'm way too petrified of rejection to ask her out fuck you guys fuck
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She wants you dude
I've never seen any girl bite her lip so...
You could try, don't be like me. I probably had chances with 8 or 9 girls and chickened out

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My ideal girlfriend is so specific I doubt she exists
>girl (female)
>fine with a short guy (5'7)
> Christian (preferably Catholic)
>preferably not overweight but not a deal breaker
>health conscious like me
>wants kids
>fine with dating an ugly pale spic

Anyone else have high expectations even though they haven't earned it? Post your unrealistic shit. Pic unrelated.
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That's not too unrealistic dude I believe in you
I feel the same accept I'm good looking and not as short.
>is introverted like me
>doesn't drink/do drugs
I want it so badly but the only times I've known a similar girl she was taken.
Pale spics are the best minority and are pretty much white

make a poem post it here
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Freedom is in the mind
The delusional kind
You will find

Freedom is hollow
Makes you follow
Induces sorrow

Freedom for all of ye
But more for me
And less for thee

Freedom is our shackled wrists
Which we insist
Do not exist

Freedom blinds us so
We sow
The seeds of woe

Freedom is a helpless cry
Turned wry
Which will etch away at your soul
Until you die

Freedom is a prison cell
We can't tell
Is hell
Hope desires what can't be had
Yet strives in need
Delerium swells beneath its deception

What can't be had is hopeless
Faith in the insurmountable; delusion
Is hope not despair's guise?
If anything it is not wise
Roses are red
Violets are blue
OP's a faggot
with autism too

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Why don't you just talk to her, /r9k/?
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>hey can we sex sometime at my mom's house
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i have intimacy anxiety :(
>takes off all her clothing on the fourth panel
>not a whore

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While you die in the Syrian ear, your oneitis/wife will be getting BLACKED, how does it feel wite boi
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Do I at least get to die in the inner ear
>le /pol/ habbening
Wow we bombed some sand niggers not like this hasn't been happening for 20 years
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What kind of music was popular during the 1940s in America?

People who namefag or use the word normie need to get off my fucking board. You are a normalfag and you don't belong here. You have /soc/ and /lgbt/,use those ones.
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people who are named vlad should go back to dva
Is that Mario's penis?
Actualy it is mine. I took this picture on my phone when she came over last weekend.

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>tfw I've never actually taken anything seriously in my life and never gave 100% effort
>the few times I came close I was always way better than anyone else

and my life is in shambles, what a waste
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You still have time to turn it around anon. Could always make a website and try to turn it into a company
>>I was always way better than anyone else
Why do you think that is? Nobody puts in 110% all the time. You're just like everybody else.
your sample size was TINY.

there are millions of people better at everything you've ever attempted.

Now that America is ruled by a fascist xenophobic regime, what country should I move to? I was thinking of Canada, Sweden, or Japan.
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Wait, isn't the Trump cabinet fiercely pro Israel?
>Trump removing Mexicans, Gays, Jews, Blacks and Muslims

I have no problem with this.
Yes. Jews are trying to make themselves feel discriminated so as to drum up support of the war on Syria.

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Trigger warning bros.
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>Responds perfectly

Loving every laugh
that's the only bit that really make me mad.
Say what you want about blacks but when a female hits a guy the guy will knock them the fuck out

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>america just launched 50-60 nukes at syria
th-thanks drumpf
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They werent nukes but still retarded of him Tbh
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i hope we go to war so i can get drafted and die on the battlefield and finally do something with my life
>he literally believes there are other continents besides North and South America

top pleb

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Why didn't you support Hillary instead of a meme president, robots? You could have prevented this
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America is full of dumb misogynists who are insecure about women in leadership positions.
>lets open the borders so that Paco and his friends can flood the U.S.
>let's get mad over a frog
>let's make white males extinct

yeah no

>let's make white males extinct


Would you want a twink bf?
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2B would
If he was a complete sub in bed and would be satisfied with just being penetrated.
Only if he had a good personality.

let's forget that the world is ending and talk about waifus

post your waifu, husbando, or harem if you're a degenerate
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what are you talking about? she's right here in all these folders.

besides my girlfriend(boy) isn't too fussy about my obsession.
They're real in our hearts.
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I love my waifu very, very much

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Is he right, bots?
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Varg lives in the wood
married an autsit women
lives of inheritance

Yeah he is a real alpha male
>unironically listening to an ecofascist

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