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I'm having 5 guys nostalgia memories from when i was a depressed fat fuck virgin.
>eating 3 double cheeseburgers with fries and coke in the park gazing at the stars and dreaming about video games becoming virtual reality
I'm craving it now, should i go out and get it?
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If it makes you happy, sure. Do it.
anon this is a post that truly makes my happy it is just something about how this is just some creature comfort that you miss i say go and do it if you want to and have a (you)
Past couple times I've gone it made me sick.

To greasy

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But they'll never love you until you learn to love yourself.
Yet you are still a fag.
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If you guys cant take it anymore, check asmr girlfriend fellow fags.

> i cried my ass out anon.
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Post some good ones.


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>"Deaf, autistic man dressed as superhero beaten up on Florida street corner"


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imagine if every dindu followed this kids lead. amazing things would happen to the crime rate. trump needs to have him at the state of the union. this type of good behavior needs to be recognized also bump

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I think the last Friday of a month should be a /r9k/ shit and rate contest. Just simply take a pic of your shit with a timestamp, have others rate. Real shitposting ya know.

Should have some rules about the image. Must not be obscured by toilet paper for one else we will not be able to properly judge the poo.

I think this is a good and fun idea that makes /r9k/ stand out among the other boards.

So. Friday, July 28th. That's when the poo contest begins. I'll be there. Will you?
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Read the sticky you fucking newfag
The designated shitpost board is

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the problem is boys today don't have good father figures, they need to be shown examples of healthy male virility, That's why it's important for young boys growing up to experience masculinity acted on them. they should be frequently giving fellatio so they learn to appreciate their phallus through the worship of others. They should be routinely given the example of a strong, masculine man tossing them around while he penetrates them, so they can witness how the overwhelming power of healthy masculinity can turn them into a woman essentially.

from the age of 1x until they graduate, they'll be trained daily in this way by volunteer males in the community in group events with the girls in their class, who undergo a similar sexual health routine. When they reach the prescribed age, they'll graduate, and their boypussy will officially be referred to as an anus.

This works because after they find themselves begging to be fucked and then moaning like a girl uncontrollably, they'll be humiliated. When they feel the shame of being treated like a woman, and being forced to cum by a merciless big manly cock, they'll seek out women to do the same thing to. Ever wonder why 96% of women have penis envy? it's because of this. Our brains are wired to want to fuck as an evolutionary response to being uncontrollably fucked. Only women lack the hardware to make us of this. This is the only way to solve the problem of feminization, which is why the Greek and Romans knew they had to do it.
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I really don't get your first two paragraphs, they just sound like a world fetish ideal or something. But I can relate with the last one, sort of. But I really can't put my finger down on why.
I do not have a dominant bone in my body. I've been getting fucked for 2 years and have never felt the urge to be the one fucking.
All we can offer is to extend your training and make your routine more frequent, and with more virile/endowed men. Sorry. This whole program is more of an art than science, and there will always be outliers like yourself.

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Another one of these extremely original threads
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oreg oreg originalla
This is a shit template in all honesty, it's not really fit for purpose at all.
It's from one of the bigger chart threads that has a ton of shit on it. Like stats and lists of your favorites. I guess OP doesnt want all that shit.

>ywn be this alpha
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Wow its my fetish

Post more like this. I'd react the same but violently fap to the memory for the rest of my life
How would everyone here react to this girl if she did that to you?

I would probably just pretend her tits aren't out and talk like normal.
Probably the same way. If she was a bit hotter I might've taken in the view some more though.

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Guys like a tight pussy

Do girls like a tight penis?
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dude needs to marinate his dick in FRAGRANCE FREE lotion for a month

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Grandiose fantasies thread to share your daydreaming about what an ideal life would be like

>Somehow become famous movie star known as a strong silent type
>Get interviewed after I do a movie
>Manage to slip in references to roasties chads and normies and how they should fuck off on national television
>Purposefully make the interviewer feel really awkward with my autism
>Reject a bunch of Staceys as I walk out
>Get into my 4chan-green colored lambo with a custom made muffler that screams an ear-piercing REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

A man can dream...
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>Finally make it
>Can afford genetic engineering to become a chad
>Catfish tons of roasties and reject them all just for fun, leaving them with the bill

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I saw my girlfriend holding a pen with this logo on it. How fucked am I?
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2000% cucked thank you for asking.

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*Tells you what to do*
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*takes bbc balls deep up her anus*
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Why are black guys so confident and chad-like? Don't get be wrong i know there are a few black robots on this board, but the vast majority of black men I've seen are always very Chadlike. They're usually athletic, never socially awkward, completely confident around girls and generally have a very "no fucks given" type of attitude that girls seem to get dripping wet over.

Is it all cause of BBC or is that a myth? Or do you think it comes from something else? Do you think it's genetic or as a result of culture or perhaps a mixture of both.

Nice comfy thread for all those interested in social science related shit, or just for those to share their experiences with black guys and how they act.
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They lack any kind of self-awareness.
Its cultural. Blacks have a more aggressive masculine culture, they are expected to behave in certain ways and do certain things. If you want a white version of this Australians are pretty close too. They have been raised and taught to act in certain ways.
low iq

not original

>tfw you get in an oddly happy mood and freak out because it happens so rarely
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for me to be happy
i have to brute force my way into a magical sequence of shitposts
right now i'm pretty okay which is way better than usual
but it would only take one insult to throw me into the depths
Yeah well,you are a faggot and your breath stinks.
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this is the end of life

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Because robots are sadsacks who can't help but smear their fetid shit everywhere. Like a depressing /pol/.
because this whole site has been infested with normies they're even raiding this fucking board
I don't mind this board being hated.

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