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Women tell you to fuck off when they're not interested because otherwise men would still think there is a chance if they did it politely

Women have to be rude to you otherwise you wouldn't get the message that they don't want anything to do with you
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True, just hate it when they keep texting me to fuck off even though I havent texted them or talked to them for a whole week.
its because TV convinced us that we have to "win" woman
but TV and movies would be really boring if this wasn't the case

it's just not how it works IRL

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>She drank a lot of alcohol and got "raped"
Have you guys noticed this trend?
My ex got "raped" like that, pretty funny since she never had sex with me. Karma maybe?
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Bump for interest

Word for originality.
knew a girl like this. the ultimate red flag. basically means that they refuse to be held responsible for their actions
It is rape if somebody who wasn't drunk abused their limited ability to give consent; that is primarily so that you can't just pressure a girl into getting drunk, then abusing that state to have sex. But if the person she fucked was also drunk, too bad. And if that person wasn't responsible for getting her drunk, also too fucking bad.

Hey Robutt. Post what you are listening to RIGHT NOW. Rate and hate others choice of music
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Leave me and my nigger music alone, faggots.
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An oldie but a goodie

nice taste OP

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I recently got a new computer, could someone dump their cute reaction images?
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a tiny cute shark.jpg
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is this considered cute?
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>cute reaction images
cute neanderthal for you.
Yes, very cute

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Also, cuck-haters btfo.
I wish a real man had killed my dad and married my mother. Spineless bastard literally taught me to cry when bullies bully you because your crying will make them feel bad.
You racist -Negroes are perfectly good absentee fathers

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I'm going to do it today, I'm going to go out and walk around the park and then I'm going to take some pictures.

I will do this. I promise myself.
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Please keep updated and don't die
be brave my friend
Have fun and enjoy the park buddy!

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Whatcha up to lately
>got new (first) skateboard (150$ all parts)
>got some checkers burgers, frys and banana milkshake.
>skated down to my local park
> met with some old folks in my neighborhood who was so happy to see me and proud that I'm pursuing goals

Well that was yesterday
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You will grow out of the skateboard phase around 18-19
I am 19
It's not a phase if you just got your first one
Tell me about your skate board anon

The beginning of my downfall.
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>the beginning
Oh honey you've been falling for quite some time now
>Not hot gluing your waifu
>Not facing her toward your computer so she can watch you play games
>Not hiding from her when you eventually spill the elmers on widowmaker from Overwatch
>Not upgrading to a life sized harley quinn and repeating this all over again

Normies on patrol today huh?
You've been falling for so long now, you've finally hit terminal velocity.
Brace for impact

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>randomly read that some great footballer is being sold to a club for a mere 5 million euros
>read comments:
>'yeah, but he's 34'
>'great player, but too old'
>'past his prime, but at least he'll be able to lead'

>mfw 32 and realize much of the best part of my life is over and have nothing to show for it

Anyone else realizing you're ...old?
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>Ronaldo is 32
>Best player in world
>Estimates state a realistic buying price of 171 million euros if he leaves Madrid this year

Shut up OP
Too old FOR FOOTBALL you stupid piece of shit
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>40 is too young to lead a country
>30 is too old for physical activities

What would you do, anon? Would you awkwardly accept and roll the fattest cunt ass blunt you've seen in munt and choof it down like a derro cunt or nar; take the bong and cough up multiple lungs.
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i get addicted to shit easily
probably give it to one of my stoner friends
dont need more shit wrong with me

that bud looks like garbage, if it even is bud
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dude im addicted the friends are the best part !
so long you have a stable job etc
look cuck boy it was FREE and you voted for hillary

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Does anyone want to just talk for a bit? I'm a bit drunk and I want some company
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I guess it's fine. I figured I wasn't the only lonely one here but maybe I'm mistaken
Hello anon hows it going
I'm feeling good, how about you?

I did a bit of coke earlier but I'm drinking whisky now for the come down

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Post how many years before your dad dies.

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He died when i was 11
my old man's got 10 years left

75% Chance you'll live to be older than 66
Your life expectancy is a bit less than other people your age (13.6 years less than average).

Haha, they didn't take in consideration the fact that I might kill myself. Check mate, calculator.

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hey INFP's, what are you doing fellow brothers/sisters?

> 3:35 pm
> listening some chill music
> playing tribal wars and osrs
> lurking in this shithole
> smoking dank stuff
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What do you think of ISTJ's?

The only ISTJ i knew in my life (talked to him and so) was in a callcenter. He was a hater in a lot of non-normie stuff. Dressed well and had a nice haircut.

I don't know ISTJ that much.
Just got professionally tested and I am INTP. Using the info to find a job that I will like a build a career.

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Why do I attract gay people but never woman?

I have been hit on so many times by gay people, but never girls. Both top and bottoms.

I am an average looking, average dressing guy. As plain as it gets really. I am not /fa/ or anything like this. I am not skinny or fat. I come across pretty quiet I guess?

Have other robots experienced this? Can gay people explain what attracts them to others?
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They're following traditional gender roles by being men and doing the approach

Women will VERY RARELY approach a man. YOU need to approach the women YOU find attractive.
You are young - gays prey on the young - and then this
>Have other robots experienced this?
Far too often. And then they wonder why you start developing hatred for them even with a live and let live attitude.

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reminder that there are SEVERAL men like this in the world and you aren't one of them
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Original comment for bot
Yah but he's paying them though???
Poor motherfucker, I have Listerine, hand soap, toothpaste, but no parasites.

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