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ITT: we post pictures of fembots we've met on this board

I'll start
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nice digits.

in which countries are these fembots located?
"we've met on this board"

How do you meet someone on the internet you delusional fuck?
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met her last summer

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What's your disability /bant/?
I stammer.
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Whoops... I meant /r9k/.
I shake uncontrollably when talking to people its gotten to the point where i freeze up talking to parents
I'm a socially crippled sperg

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You guys need to get tour shit together
How's it possible for you to hardly ever leave your room?
Don't you have any hobbies?
I refuse to believe you'd honestly shun the entire world just because you're a tad socially awkward

You're only miserable because you chose to be so, by convincing yourself and then others that nothing good will ever come engaging with you

Find something you love to do and do it, get a job to afford doing it, meet other people who do it, relinquish the fetid shell you built around your ego

Because that's what's dragging you down: your ego, your pride, your inability to say "OK, i fucked up. But let's move on"

Drop those useless pills, they do nothing but make you feel even number, to the point you've forgotten how emotions feel like

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I shun the world because i hate people for no reason.
I literally have to contain my anger when someone unwarrantedly stops to say hi and expects some conversation from me when i'm trying to do my shit. I've tried and succeeded at all forms of human interaction and they were each and everyone caused this anger so either i'm not outwardly socially handicapped or i was no one ever made a deal out of it.
>it's another normie fails to see things from other peoples perspective episode
>it's another normie isn't 5.4' and doesn't have a face so disgusting he can't even look at himself in a mirror

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ROBOT9001 money thread

> How you make money
> How you save your neetbux
> saving tipps
> cheap cooking tipps

lets try to help each other
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>buy bitconis
>wait some years
>be rich
>invest 1/4 of it
>have productive hobbies thst lessen costs on everythi g else like fishing, hunting, and foraging
>forgo dumb shit like huge tv's and vehicles
>get cheapo garage apartment
Many ways yet the wagie will never hear it because to them it means them having to take a lesson in humility. They would rather take the easier path of slaving away for income and pay others for services than enjoy partaking it in themselves. Example? Instead of making that meal at home for $5, they would rather have pay a chef $100 for it. Instead of homebrewing theor own alcohol, tbey rather go to the bar and pay $3-4 for a watered down version or pay $1 for one serving at home.
>buy memecoin
another quality /r9k/ thread....

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What is the final solution against normies?
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Normie genocide planned for when?
Don't worry about the normies. They're all going to get what's coming to them, as are we all. That reactor in Fukushima is still melting down. The more I read about that, the more horrifying it becomes. Then there are hundreds more reactors like time bombs everywhere. India and Pakistan might start a nuclear exchange literally any minute - go read about that sometime. Read about the supervolcano under Yellowstone. Read about the "island" of trash in the Pacific the size of Texas. The dying of the oceans. The dying of the bees. Antibiotic resistant bacteria strains. Nuclear proliferation.

We're doomed within the next century, I think. Too many genies out of too many bottles. Too many irreversible cataclysms already initiated. I think, at some level, all humans have an instinctual grasp of the horror that it is to exist, and take action to end it.
You have such a positive outlook of life anon. Can I ask, are you a khv by any chance?

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Wojack man it's me

The tinder date was a catfish let me back in
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>I just got in bed Pepe can't you climb through the window instead?
>Why don't you have a key?
Quality thread desu
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Pepe I'm in the backyard now
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Sorry to hear that bro

Pizza's on me

why do white girls love horses so much?
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large penis VERY large penis
Most of them grow up on farms Anon
big horse cock

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>General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte will never be your president
It hurts deep in my soul. How can I deal with this feel?
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This feel haunts me every day ;_;
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Pinochet actually was secretly a communist and Marxist.
Get off your ass. Become the reincarnation of General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte. You are allowed to run for office, you know.

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Today is mah birthday
just ignore me like everyone else
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Happy birthday faggot

Nope! You're not being ignored, sorry!
happy birthday


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How are we doing?

Im getting tired a lot. Im happy, but fuck life is a lot of work.

Its nice to be happy. Ill tell you straight up, I am 25 now, and 5 years ago, being 20 years old, working at a call centre, failing uni, somehow being poor even though I was working 50 hours a week, living in my parents house with dreams of making it in a metal band (that I didnt have since I had like one friend who even played music), its nice to be in a better headspace.
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33 NEET moved back with parents a couple years ago.

Gonna pick a city and move there and try to start a new life. One final chance at making it.
NEET frogposters are right; I do have to spend my time slaving away, grinding down to get money to pay for a place to store my shit while Im at work (aka a house), a lot of my wekeend free time is taken up by cleaning my fucking place.

Its a lot of effort to keep friendships alive. Now one of my friends has kids, another has an actual wife, and the third is running his PT business (yes I really only have three friends since one stopped talking to me after a fight about money he owed me), I cant just drop around at a moments notice like we used to do to each other a few years ago.

Its june and I have seen these guys a total of about 4 times. Not each, in total. One not at all this year. Its hard work to negotiate, organise, and not feel personally attacked when they prioritize other things over you. Its also lonely sometimes.

Trying to study to advance my career, but everytime I start, I immediately put the book back on the shelf because its too hard.

I spend more time more happy than unhappy though. It is also fucking good to be in my own house. It might be a pain in the fucking arse to keep it in order, but I can jack off wherever the fuck I like.

Money is also nice to have. I am looking on ebay for a few OG era pokemon and yugioh cards I want, a beyblade and tony hawks for ps2 because i fucking can. Its nice to be able to do this.
27yr old single father. I came down with viral pneumonia and now have my parents looking after my son because I can barely get out of bed to piss.

How are the rest of you?

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Why did you think she ghosted you? Did you ever think why that might be?

Did you ever do anything really autistic?
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I wish I knew. She probably freaked out about something. She just disappeared and told me nothing.
>when she gathers info via word of mouth and you know full well that a lot of it is made up bullshit
I tried to redpill her on the JQ

art thread?
started drawing seriously a week ago, just been looking at anatomy drawings and trying to replicate them somewhat.
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here's one, try not to get too jealous
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Can you make her thighs thicker please.
It's based off a real picture, I don't have it saved though.

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>> be gayfag
>> manage to get a 6/10 into my room
>> sees my birthmark
"I should go anon, its getting late"

Should I try bottoming or will my birthmark turn away anyone?
Ive gotten compliments online but they nope when they see my scar.
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You mean herpes?
Go see a doctor my dude.
Why don't you just roll back the foreskin so that it's hidden?
Honestly my man you should consider getting circumsized. It'd remove the birth mark, but the caveat is you get much less sensitivity.

Hey /r9k/, I drafted something to explain what my mental illness feels like, and I'd really appreciate some feedback. No outline was used in its making, so it could definitely use some tweaking. Call it shit if you'd like, I just want to know what you think.


Now that my depression has leveled out, it looks like there's nothing more beneficial for me, and possibly interesting to you, than for me to explain my affliction in-depth, and show how foreign it really is to the rest of mankind. I want to make it clear that I don't speak for everyone with the symptoms I listed - only myself. One of the harshest parts of mental illnesses are how they isolate us from one another, despite being quite similar otherwise.

To begin with, Anhedonia is a medical term that denotes the inability to feel pleasure, and may be subdivided into motivational anhedonia (pleasure from motivation) and consummatory anhedonia (pleasure from the activities themselves). Whereas the former saps one's energy to do enjoyable activities, the latter removes the potential for enjoyment itself. Someone with only consummatory anhedonia may remember why a thing was enjoyable in the past, but return to do it only to find that you feel nothing.

And that's it. By describing a feeling as "nothing", you run the risk of associating it with a sort of artistic emptiness like the sort found in Existentialist literature, but the reality is much less grand. You're simply feeling the physical activity itself, while your brain yields roughly the same amount of joy as watching paint dry. Certain activities, like lurking 4chan, give just enough stimulus to keep you mildly entertained until the day is over. In this state, the brain often goes on auto-pilot, and mindlessly clicks on the first threads it sees that promise a cheap thrill. This road inevitably leads to endless clickbait, twitter screenshots, and other content which leaves one ending the day not a little better off than they began it.

28 posts and 2 images submitted.
But in a way, it's necessary. Anything else, and you run the risk of staring your problem in the face. Buy a new video game, for instance, and after several hours of rudimentary action it becomes unplayable when you realize you should be feeling some kind of pleasure at this point. Create a song, and the absence of gratification is striking. Show up to an after-school club, make yourself a bit outgoing, and even have them laugh at a few of your jokes - you laugh too, because it's a natural physical reaction, but nothing about it feels good or indicates in any way that you'd like it to happen again.

Yes, you're different at the core. Even to other Depressed people, the Anhedonic person is a true outsider: While a Depressive may be fixed helpessly at the bottom of the scale of emotion, fully Anhedonic people are almost outside of it, and any glimpse of it is like the impression of a current under a thick layer of ice. At times, one can almost sense the pleasure being blocked in their minds at a spot just behind the temple, especially during headaches.

It does not budge, either. Common recommendations to aid Depression such as exercise, proper nutrition, and meditation help in maintaining a stable life, but do nothing to restore the experiences you've lost. Your best odds come from remission through dumb luck, or through medication, where chances are slim. Few on the internet claim to have Anhedonia, and even fewer claim to have escaped from it. For every ambiguous post writing about the unforeseen joys of convalescence, there's more than a dozen posts from people several years in showing no signs of progress - for some, even decades.

In this state, it's difficult to say you're truly alive. No human subject is interesting, and you sense deep-down that no experience can truly satisfy you in the state you're in, which is confirmed every moment you attempt something new.

this is too long for my attention span, but I'm bumping for potential.
Sufferers of this disease have little else to do but wait patiently for their illness to subside, and if it ever ends, come to regard it like a very long nightmare from which no real lesson can be learned, except that there are no limits to the human experience, and some people can be very unlucky indeed.


Appreciate it, man.

Let's have a high school role play, and try to make it as realistic or as fictional as possible, for me I never got to go to school so I'd like to get to experience, mostly high school, let the teenage drama begin!
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Anon!!! Stop pissing in the cafeteria food mix! Everyone has to eat that!
"Anon, leave him alone, you know he's retarded or something, he can't control himself"
ok anon's let's help out op, first we all need to,
>pick a name for the school and a location (can be real or made up)
>name of students and school staff and pick who you want to roleplay as and put the name in your trip
>what grade and age you are as well as a class roster
>what subjects and activities we will be studying
>plot and storyline
and last and not least,
>teenage loves and going to prom
after the roleplay ends we all have a graduation and the game ends, ok people, let's start!

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