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>gf uses female pronouns for my penis
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do this, show her who's boss
glad I never had a gf if that's the case
post original bobos

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my neet life is finally over anons. might as well celebrate huh?

also why does pic related taste like piss??
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Congratulations, anon.

Be sure to complete all of your training modules, sell 9 membership rewards cards, and have 25 customers fill out and give back their feedback surveys by the time I've finished this coffee.
If you can't enjoy a cold Heineken, then you're truly still a NEET.

Cold piss beer is for hard working men after a hard working day. You gotta be so exhausted that shit starts tasting like ice water. Manual labor cucks know that feel.
should i add ice anon?

good morning wagecucks, are you ready for another week of hard work at mr schlomo's office?

don't mind me, I'm more than ready to start my week and continue to pursue my hobbies and life goals in this idyllic life of the master race.

well, see you later, I don't want to delay you in your daily routine, you've got no time after all.
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This and another day and another dollar.
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>all these wagecuck threads
>i'm still off for the weekend
>tfw only have time to get hair cut monthly

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>ex calls me & says she misses me now that im not a neet (literally said that)
All you have to do is have a job or money and all sorts of woman will wander into your life for the sole purpose to fuck. Its literally that easy.
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>demonstrating you have ambition makes you more attractive than wallowing in nothing
Oh really
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then why does a whore who works in retail think she can just offer you vagina
>having a job makes you attractive
No, that makes them whores who need to be shot in the head with a double barreled shotgun.

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Why aren't you fapping to splatoon right now anon?
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I used to. It's not worth it.
I'm not a retarded Nintendrone
I'm too lazy to find it.

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>"uhhh anon, can you get me my tampon box from the dresser??"
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no that is too emasculating of a request for me to fetch an object from the other room what do you take me for I'm a real man and men don't even think about feminine hygiene in fact women are supposed to do things for their man nope not going to do it no way no how pow zip zoom straight to the moon
"uhh why do you need the whole box?"
qt radiator

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>"man i havent had sex in over a month, im gona go crazy hahah"
>"when was the last time you got some pussy anon?"

This is the only thing i continuosly lie about. But i think people can tell im full of shit.
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>people talk to him

If I weren't this unmotivated i'd ree you out
Just say you're a virgin, easy
You just gotta take who you are an roll with it
Be proud of it and if people ask you why just laughingly say you're too ugly because everybody loves mildly self deprecating humor
>everybody loves mildly self deprecating humor
Don't tell yourself that too much
Maybe, in some specific situations, but mostly it just makes everyone feel awkward. Don't do that

Themajority of women women are just fucking animals who only have a tiny lizard brain that is only capable of constantly craving material possesions, status, and big dick, and are not capable of rational or introspective thought s
If they like a band, or have a hobby that is not basic as fuck it is because they think they are "supposed to like it", just whatever is on the TV or whatever
If you ever meet a girl who has an interesting or "unique" taste in either music or literature, it is literally just imprinting from one of her previous boyfriends
Women are not "treated" like cattle, women ARE cattle, they need to be hooked up to a machine and milked and smash their fucking heads in with hammers SASH their fucking heads in
Males still rule this fucking world. In most of the world, a fucking bitch can get killed for looking at a man straight in the eye. In America and Europe, every day dumb sluts get their holes penetrated without their so-called consent, which isn't rape, just them getting the fucking dick they deserve up their asses.

Sexual abuse is on the rise, spousal abuse is on the rise and more bitches die every year. Fucking cunts. I am so glad I was born a man. I am so glad there is a bunch of retarded sluts jumping trough hoops just to get my cock.
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>says that while on a board full of men that play video games all day and rely on mummy for their tendies
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>a bunch of retarded sluts jumping trough hoops just to get my cock
>I am so glad there is a bunch of retarded sluts jumping trough hoops just to get my cock.
Yeah I doubt that

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Sometimes I check some stacies instagrams
and I notice that they take so many fucking
pictures of their travels that it feels they enjoy
more showing that they are there rather to
experience the travel itself. When women
became this vapid? What did I lost?
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>checks instagrams of dumb and vapid girls
>surprised when they post dumb and vapid things


Traveling is pretty fun tho.
the same is valid for the average slut too

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big don't.jpg
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What is a "new male"?
pic unrelated and not me
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Frail, twiggy and meek. Constantly apologizing to roasties while getting stepped all over. Parrots all the SJW talking points poorly.
frail twiggy boys and really cute tho, assuming they're boyish and not a neckbeard
>frail twiggy boys and really cute tho

They're pathetic men who couldn't defend themselves from a paper bag

>be me
>9th grade
>have gf at the time
>we go to the park
>we lay next to eachother
>she likes to lay on me
>after a while of that we start kissing
>she takes me into the park bathroom and she locks the door
>she takes off her top and my pants

oh no

>she sat on my lap so long it cut the blood flow from my dinger donger
>she trys to suck me but its like playing with wet spaghetti
>eventually we give up
>she says its probably a sign
>i break up with her over text two weeks later in embarrassment

goodnight dinger donger
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I once held a girls hand in 7th grade but not because she wanted to
It was a school thing where everyone had to form a line holding hands
Can you brag about it anywhere else than this board thanks ?
I'm not sure if it was sexual but when I was about 5 or 6 I was friends with this girl and for some reason I got her to piss on my hand. I remember thinking it was amazing.

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Does anyone feel themselves gradually turning into a normie? I feel so confused all the time now
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bumparoni with oregano
Yeah man i got my super autistic friend laid and he swears hes still a robot
good luck robot
I'm a full fledged normie now.

>last summer
>shut-in, always at the PC
>awkward, don't talk to people
>no friends

>now at uni
>go out at least once a week
>make friends, people genuinely like me
>kiss a lot of people, was in a relationship, lose virginity last week to a 9/10

I don't belong here anymore but it's hard to stop. I've been on 4chan for over 8 years now

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>be 9/10
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I liked you better when you were avatarfagging the blind eye dude. Stanley must have pissed you off personally.
Please stop posting here we are sick of your droopy old man face
dude you're a 3

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Anyone else utterly paralysed and scared thinking about their future?
Just finished university and for the first time in my life I'm faced with the prospect of having to get a job and all the normie shit that comes with it. Yet I have no clue what to do and at the same time I know I can't be a NEET either.
It's so scary to me /r9k/, I just want someone to tell me everything will be alright, give me a nice easy job (don't care about the pay) and let me live in peace.
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There's no certainty.

Fortunately my career shapes my lifestyle. So I can just follow the path laid out with minimal stress for planning or decision making.
I think it's time for that haircut!
It won't be alright. If this were ever a world fit for people who just want peaceful lives and a nice job it isn't anymore.
Everyone, from the government to the CEOs to the bosses to the co-workers to the interns and to the unemployed is desperately trying to kill each othet so they would come out on top. Trying to opt out of that game just makes you an easy target.

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>lose my virginity
>Its awkward and sweaty
>Afterwards the girl says "I feel nothing"
>I said that she could feel my warmth and there was another human being who was there and cared about her.
> "after hearing that I feel disgusted"
How do I somehow feel worse after having had sex then when I was a virgin?
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It's because you're becoming a normie Chad
She sounds like a right cunt
Because what should have been an affirmation of your humanity and connectedness instead alienated and rejected you when you were at your most vulnerable.

Sounds like she was a major bitch.

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