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Was a robot and now I have a gf but now I dont know what the fuck to do.


>Aryan with green eyes
>Has money and good job
>Pussy doesnt smell
>Common interests and tastes
>Mutual affection
>Conservative rich family


>shit tits
>Cant into rekt, gore or degeneracy
>Will probably drag me down if I want to travel

I'm in my 20s and starting to get my shit together , what would you do?

I must add fucking doesnt feel as good as jerking it to gelbooru.
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How old is the little shit?
Is his dad still around?
Is the son white?
Do you love her?
If the answer to both is yes, then stick around, but don't ever provide for someone else's kid.
Fuck off Norman, go back to normaland

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i live in a smallish town where everyone knows each other and they all hate me i can't leave my house without strangers literally booing and hissing at me it honestly feels like being a celebrity sometimes
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What awful, perverted thing did you do?
Green text
Because no one boos and hisses people because they feel like it
Open up.

honestly i have no idea.
i used to socialise a bit but, i got tired of unhappy people. so i just stopped.

been called names by people i've never seen or met before, it's like my own life is the mystery

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>mfw all my friends from High School are married
>mfw all their wives think I'm a weird autist and pressure them to not invite me to events
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Those bustas aren't your friends anymore
>keeping up with friends from HS

That is your problem. My friends from HS are probably getting married right now but I don't care.
You need new friends, anon.

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who /sleeplet/ here?

I can never maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule because I eat too much sugar late at night and it keeps me up

what the fuck am I supposed to do about this?
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It's 8 am where I live. Been awake the whole night. I've got classes in an hour.

I can never wake up, so I go to sleep in the afternoon and wake up in the middle of the night. Works for me although I end up really disconnected with the world.
Don't be a little bitch, a bit of sugar won't keep you from sleeping. Or, stop eating so much sugar you fat piece of shit
I work the nightshift but like being up during the day. I get roughly 3-4 hours of sleep a day and sleep 12+ hours of my days off.

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>yfw your boyfriend beats up your cuck
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Don't you mean >yfw you're a cuck and you fantasize about somehow having a gf that cucks you and her bf beats you up and hfw?
>when the boyfriend is black and the cuck is white
Why would you beat up your cuck?

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Can we agree that uncut dicks are the best?
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Gay af tbqhwyf
Sure I get banned for asking wat do
But mentally deranged shit chuggers can roam free and slap their disgusting bullshit in our faces 24 7.

This board is dead. Take your shit to lgbt or the ground
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rai presenting.jpg
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Gays are the best.

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>mom knows I'm alt right
>Still brought her nigger bf to Easter
How do I teach this stupid WHORE a lesson?
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By letting him fuck you, assert dominance and make sure she knows that BBC is yours. It's your responsibility to take his cock as a white man.
>Mom knows I'm a racist Nazi
>fixed that for you.
Fuck your mom and lynch that nigger.

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>tfw no fat plain gf
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>tfw only fat girls are into me
>tfw one of them is a powerlifter
K-Kinda hot.
that s chubby
Asians consider this fat

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>Please put the suppository in already like the doctor said, daddy!
Wat do?
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Bitch your like 22

I'd prolly push it in with dick tho anyways
she has a ugly anus so why is she showing it but legs and ass are god tier tho
Okay *puts suppository in ass*

...Stacey get out of the bathroom, Daddy's trying to take his medicine.

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book pepe papa.jpg
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"5. Gibberish at the end of a post to force originality may result in mod intervention (no BLOX posts please)."

why is this rule ignored all the time
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Because it's a shit rule
i unironically report every post that does this
me too de gaso

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How did hiring an escort to blow you change you?

Would you do it again?
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What was his name? You dirty little fag.
They charge by the hour usually. Anything "normal" is included. You might pay extra for anal, but a blowjob or sex is in the price.
in which country do you leave? better to get a 30 min than an hour.
Yes would do again.

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what does a girl vagina smeIl like?
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Salty coin milk.
fish grease and rotten eggs
nothing unless I came in it that day then it just smells like my cum

>some nigger says I don't belong here
>wait for him to finish ranting
>calmly pull out my Posters' Card
>point to my Robot Party Number
>triple digits
>he goes white as a sheet
>starts stammering and making excuses
>as soon as he dries up, ask for his card
>he hands it in, shaking like a leaf
>look it over
>lol, six digits and he didn't make (you)quota last month
>hand it back to him, he expects me to tell him to report to Board Commission for demotion
>say nothing and walk off
>he tearfully thanks me
>I memorized his ID number
>report him to Post Correction Department
>he's arrested and sent to /sci/beria
>they having him mining frogium to make rares

Fucking juniors, when will they learn?
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Fucking checked.

I made this, this is an original post.
>>point to my Robot Party Number
>>triple digits

Kev is blessing you today m8
Kev's blessing unto you brother

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I kindly ask all normies on this board to not shitpost in this thread please, thank you.
Anyway here's me.
>high school drop out
>get physically sick when having to talk to people
>no friends because of this
>no interesting hobbies
>can't even argue on the internet and get btfo everytime

I am constantly planning suicide but I'm too much of a coward to try and do it after failing once. I spend all day in my bed listening to music and imagining things I would do if I had complete power over the universe.

Please kill me
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You sound very depressed. You should consider a lifestyle change. I know it isn't easy to get started, but regular exercise and better diet could significantly lift your mood.

And maybe if you lost some weight you wouldn't feel so bad in social situations?
>Have a master's in electrical engineering
>Plenty of friends
>Multiple interesting and engaging hobbies
>Master debater

Feels good
If this isn't a bait, get the Fuck out of here you fucking normie REEEEEEEEEE. If it is a bait, go Fuck yourself

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Do you guys actually want other people in your life?

I don't think I've ever met a person who I truly, genuinely wanted to be around for some non-material reason (money, second player in a video game, etc)

I guess that sounds a bit selfish, because it is, but now that I spend the vast majority of my time alone, I'm happier than ever. I'm free to be me, unchained by anything but my imagination and curiosity.

So what say you, folks? Do you guys actually enjoy other people?
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Here's a butt to get the conversation rolling! And if that doesn't happen, enjoy the ass!
no I don't enjoy having other people in my life. I hate being around people and I hate when people try to talk to me. I even started not wanting to talk to the only friends I've ever had. It doesn't make me happy to be this way but It. doesn't necessarily make me sad either.
I had friends a few years ago, even though I was still NEET - of course they were friends I've known for a long time, so I didn't have to go out of my way to find them. It was nice having them over occasionally, but as the years of neetdom kept going by and we stopped talking, the idea of being able to tolerate someone else near me is hard to imagine.

The more I think of how everyone really only cares about themselves (i.e. they care about you because either you are their friend/son, etc. or because you make them feel important) it seems like a giant act. Especially if they come to you with a problem; in the past I can remember always doing my best to pretend that I cared - I can imagine they felt this way when I went to them with a problem.

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