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What do you have hung on your wall?
Pic related is all I have up.
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oops it's upside down
is that an early rothko?
kinda sloppy
You're a kike faggot

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It's that time again. Give your sister a hug, hold her hand, maybe a kiss on the cheek.

Post results.
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I hugged my aniki and gave him a kiss. He smiled at me and pet my head.
>wake up to a new thread
My head hurts. How do I best tell my sister about orgasms as healthy, all-natural pain medication alternative?

Laura needs to do this

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What is the weirdest thing you've ever fapped to?
Do you think it was worth it?
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it was not worth it
This probably. I don't regret it
wth am i looking at

>be participating in a Battle Royale/Hungerford Games survival game
>manage to get a knife
>kill some people with better gear and steal it
>slowly become respected
>have qt's gift me weapons and cigarettes and wanting to follow me around
>make a major enemy
>they start spreading lies about me in another part of the game district
>they're getting a lot of followers
>jump in my trusty 4WD jeep
>cruising towards the region where propaganda is spread, armed to the teeth, ready to deal with the fuckers
>alarm clock goes off
>thrust into grim reality
>have to go back to stale mediocrity


I'm finally having cool dreams instead of constant nightmares and reality won't even let me finish them.

REEEEEE. I'm both pissed and kinda hyped today from having a cool ass dream but also being torn from it prematurely.

Post your recent dreams, robots.
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Meant Hunger. Guess that's what I get from phone posting on my way to work.
>little brother has been captured by a demon of some sort
>jump through portal which leads me to hell
>there's decapitated heads and limbs as far as the eye can see
>see a field of heads on spikes behind a large gate
>little brother's head is there as well
>all of his suffering is being uploaded to his head through the spike
>know he's still alive
>approach gate
>demon appears in front of me
>looks like a combination of gravelord Nito and Sauron's mouth, standing about 10 feet tall
>run towards him while my right arm turns into an energy sword of some sort
>stab it in the stomach and run my sword upwards towards its neck
>wake up
>realize I am the demons
It's an older meme, but it checks out.

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>had my first ever lucid dream this morning
>I was getting raped by a woman I couldn't physically look at it in a bedroom that had curtains on the outside so people could look in and watch

Wew lad

You bots ever have one?
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You had a lucid dream and instead of flying, fucking or flinging feces you got raped by a woman?
I know right? And she was a heavy bitch too

I still fapped
I've been trying but I just don't have the commitment

Is it worth?

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Cats or dogs? Lizards for me.
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birds are the cutest i hate all this LE BIRB MAY MAY (((haha))) bullshit going around now

i never put much stock into the whole "normies ruin communities thing" until just now, i have just realized that normies have actually significantly damaged my appreciation for something as pure and wholesome as watching pigeons chase eachother in the park or seeing crows kick ping pong balls around parking lots
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>taking some beta verison of dinosaurs this seriously
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>implying birds aren't the final release

help me respond robots im autistic with girls
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seems like she is already into you.
just be yourself.
im a fucking robot i dont have a personality
Of course I'm gonna be using you for your vagina later as well ;)

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Anyone else here have a facination with war?
>Granpa told me about Attila the Hun after I saw something about it on TV
>ever since then fell in love with the study of war
>would always read history textbooks and war books for fun
>favourite childhood games were age of empires
>get into total war as a tween
>play paradox grand strat now
>on a bad day start a destructive war in one of my campaigns,killing millions.
>mfw I realized the hunger will never be quenched

Keep me away from the codes boys.
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So much people who could be released from this sick world! Wish you good luck on your future RL campaign, pls kill me ^^
>keep me away from the codes boys
don't worry, you won't be able to get them
Id make you a 5/6/5 general in Eu4. Surest way to die right there

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>trying to forget the day and bury my sorrows with a Publix sub and root beer
>fire up Youtube on my phone to watch some WWII shit
>AMBER Alerts start coming on every fucking two minutes

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You can turn those off anon. It's under wireless and networks/more/emergency broadcasts for me.
doesn't that put you on some kind of list though
what the fuck is that
I don't have a smart phone wtf am I watching

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>tfw /r9k/ is right and you have no value other than your vagina
I just wanted a husband and a family to love..
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have you tried not being a whore?
I never said that, ever.
i mean they aren't exactly right. you like everyone else on the planet has the value of growth and potential. if you don't feel valuable make yourself a better person. develop new tastes and interests and values. you are just inherently valuable for your vagina you can be valuable for other things to but those require work

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Weird School Happenings thread
>had a student teacher
>gym teacher
>was to be around for about a month or two
>comes and teaches
>seems normal, not liked or disliked
>comes and goes
>6 months later
>in locker room
> friends run in
>" Hey Anon, remember pic related?"
>" Yeah?"
>He molested a 13 year old girl 8 times
Top kek pic related
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Franklin TN? What year
No PA, and I don't go to Franklin anyways just close.

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>tfw normies sit next to you and then complain something smells bad
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What's that smell? I think it's coming from this thread.
Take a shower stinky pants
go shower you fucking degenerate

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we were born in fleshy-tombs instead of our natural metallic bodies

i hope we can download ourselves onto customizable robotic frames one day

Probably because your mother is/was distant during your formative years & present if you aren't trying to get laid.

If you are trying to get laid: stop jerking off so much and watching porn so you can take pussy off a pedestal. Desperation reeks through your mannerisms/body language and people do pick up on it.

It's alright brah. We are all going to make it. Now start lifting and leave 4chan for awhile.

>just paid off all $1,000 in hospital bills
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>doing your part
>tfw jealous Eurofeels
I have to pay 1000 EUR of my salary every month for healthcare, no matter if I need it or not.
Thank goodness I paid it off so that billionaires can get tax cuts.

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Why are women so obsessed with getting good jobs and having careers these days? If I could make a living off of being a twitch camwhore or just be a housewife, I would do so in an instant. Working a job as a woman is like the stupidest decision you could make.
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They've been sold a lie, that they can be happy and work a job. Blame it on the media and the nativity of modern women.
Mmm I'd rather not make a living trying to shill with my tits. Im not 20 forever so why not spend this time getting a real job instead of waiting for my looks to shrivel up and dry out?
women seem to think that men go to work and get drunk with the other co workers while giving each other high fives and promotions
in reality men are disposable and treated like shit by society, so when a female comes into the workplace, she gets treated the same way. however since she is used to being pampered by society her whole life she thinks that its sexism and that they are keeping her down because shes a woman

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