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have any of the virgins on /r9k/ ever actually tried asking a girl out?
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I'm the reverse. By a stroke of luck, I'm not a virgin but I've never asked a girl out ever
Only when I was in the mental hospital, boredom turned me into brad.
Maybe once or twice

Is it true that dominant femdom gfs don't exist?
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I'm dominant girl. Give ur personal details and I will bully you.
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kermit ulp 2.jpg
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Unless he had a great personality, she probably just has a thing for short weird-looking dudes. What his the chances otherwise?
Role players fuck off
They're extremely rare, like 1/500

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Tfw she gangbanged these dudes..... brb killing myself rn
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Do you know that or are you saying that?

Looks like she'd say, "oh my god anon did you actually think that I can't believe you'd think I would do that don't worry about a thing" and you'd think i twas a lie but it actually wouldn't be.
>she gangbanged
You mean, THEY gangbanged her.
What would happen if you were wearing a full Nike track suit and you saw these Slavs?

Just a reminder that you CANNOT be a robot if you're not a virgin. If you can get to that point with another human you're a failed normie.
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If by "robot" you mean "potentially dangerous psychopath" then you're right, I am not a robot but a normal.
>that shirt
>that face
Just a reminder you think about getting pussy all the time and are pissed off
or bait
or you're really retarded which I wish you all the luck in the world

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>you will never take Anri Okita on a dinner date, pick her up at her house, take her to a seafood restaurant, stare into her eyes as you converse over dinner, have some bubble tea afterwards, go catch a romcom at the cinemas, go back to your place and play some vidya with her and watch anime, cuddle on the couch a bit (no sex), drop her off back at her place and give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek

Is it bad that I want this more than anything?
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Who the fuck is Anri Okita (???)
Norwegian rap singer
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I want to be Anri's platonic friend and emotional confidant!

>Mom found Indiana Incest Injecting in my room in Iraq
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>Sister found Syrian Sex Scandal in my safe in Sudan
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Pepe 4.jpg
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>Father found my French friend fucking the faggot in Florida
Been browsing here for years now, I still don't understand these threads. Are they for collecting pepes or what?

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How do I get neetbux as an american?
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Why? It's like 900$ usd for one month.

That's a long time in between checks, your budget is $30 usd a day.
That's more than enough for me to survive off of. I'm too autistic to operate in the real world.
Is that $900 spending money, or are you expected to pay rent/utilities with it?

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>tfw my sis is a Stacy and has had about 15 boyfriends over the years

I'm sad about it, she never talks to me anymore. She's always out with her friends or boyfriends.

Pic is her
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She doesn't look very happy/content with life.
maybe because you're the type of guy that posts her picture without her consent for anonymous strangers on an anime forum
You sound like a blast at parties desu

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*licks monitor*
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This is all I have to add to this list
>Be straight boy, like girls
>Also want gay boys to lust over me

Life is weird
sounds like a power thing ur prob a phycopath dont u dare use a gia bioe and break his heart naono

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Robots, beware this Jewish trickery, you don't actually want to be a smug anime girl!
Don't become your own gf, that is degenerate and exactly what (((They))) want you to do.
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I wanted to be a girl before I ever used the internet

I don't even like anime
You do support freedom, right?
>transgenderism was invented on the internet in the 21st century
when will these idea end

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"hey mister, do you have the time?"
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Yeah it's time to get a watch LMAO
LMFAO dude what the fuck

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>marry "perfect" girl
>she wants everything she sees
>i used to work for fun, but my life has been reduced to working for her material desires
>she's going to have my kid soon
I thought marriage was supposed to be a give and take, I'm not even sure I love her anymore.
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bang bang.jpg
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dont call it a ball n' chain 4 nuttin

>he fell for the marriage meme
gtfo r9k u spastic u not only have a woman but u're actually married and about to have a kid with her
>>she wants everything she sees

this is your own fault for giving in to her childish bullshit to begin with, should've stopped it at square 1.

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Lets have a thread where we just talk about growing up and stuff we are going through while trying to make it.

Ill start off with a topic. Its my first time moving out and I didnt realize how much it takes to just move into a new place. Im at the point where Im too tired to unpack everything. I could just make my furniture out of the moving boxes
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if it's your first place how do you have that much stuff
>having furniture
Cause I brought a lot of stuff from my mom's house. She wanted to get rid of the clutter. Also I like to collect stuff

I need something to sit on and something to eat off dont I

>Ok class, everyone find a partner.
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Jesus don't remind me.
I dropped many classes in college after hearing these words. This may be a reason why I'm still here after 7 years.
I never did that. I just sat there until the teacher put me with someone. I also never helped at all, so everyone who had to work with me despised me

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Age of consent in my state is 16. I'm 22. How do I leverage my age to get younger women?

I work at an amusement park in the summer where there are a lot of them around so I have exposure. I feel kind of wrong wanting to do this but I have always been better at talking to people younger than me than people my own age and I want to lose my damn v-card already.

Pic unrelated
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Just ply them with alcohol, don't pretend you haven't thought about it already, you know it's your only chance since you are the loser than has to go for high school girls
I don't drink alcohol besides the occasional wine at supper but nice trips my friend
they gonna beat thyne azz if they find out regardless

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