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What's /r9k/'s opinion on securing a future for the mestizo race?
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Also /mestizo pride/ thread
I don't know but that's a nice picture of a white couple.
Race-mixing/mongrel-making is degenerate.

Race mixers will be the first to go on the day of the rope.

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It's been rough hasn't it?
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It has, Anon. It has.
At least you understand me
Total breeze. Cakewalk life on easy-mode for me.
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It'll be alright
Take it easy for a while
You need to regain your strength
We have to stick together

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>fell in love hard 6 months ago
>turned out she loves me back
>we started dating 2 weeks ago
>its so god damn beatiful with her
>first time on /r9k/ in 2 weeks
A Gf you truily love really is the key out of this place.
And dont even bother trying to tell me how ill be back because she will cuck me or fuck chad behind my back or whatnot, because i know she wont. Because i know her and she knows me and i felt this with this girl things i have never felt for a girl in my entire life. And i just feel she's that special one with every fiber of my body. So if you think that the bullshit of some of you bitter idiots will do something, too bad.
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Proof? Also Fuck you normie.
Anon I know exactly where you are right now, and I'm really happy that you found a girl. But for your own sake, do not put her on a pedestal; If she does anything wrong, your idealization of her will make the impact 10x worse
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just wait until the initial high wears off and she starts to notice how jaded and emotionally stunted you really are

you'll be back

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unrequited love is a bitch
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Unrequited love isnt what you think it is
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Especially when it's obviously a lost cause.
What does that mean? what you said

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white girl.jpg
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>Wake up
>Look yourself at the mirror
>See this
wat would you do?
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walk into the ghetto completely naked
>Start up a cam site.
>Make easy money and get dudes to buy me stuff on my Amazon wish list.
>Try and get with this qt lesbian chick I know.
Fleece a billionaire beta from South Africa

how many pets should i give my cat for being a good boy?
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pets are emotional crutches and shouldn't exist any longer within a mature and rational human society
Finger his anus. That's how my mom rewards me for good behavior.
all of them!! And tell him I love him!
Someone got raped by a dog as a kid

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>tfw mommy found my frozen cum-filled condom sandwiches
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>dad found my ass
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>tfw studying abroad
>tfw host parents found the cum sock
What shithole country are you in

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>tfw pretty sure I'm gonna get put in the psychiatric ward next time I visit my therapist

Any anons been there before and can give me a run down of what it's like? It differs a lot from ward to ward though doesn't it?
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need help, bumping
You're most likely a murifag so I can't help you.
Good luck?
Why don't you do some research on facilities near your area.

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Uten navn.png
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who only eats to survive here? my appetite is non-existent, and i only ever eat when i feel like i've gone too long without food.
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I'm like this everytime I have a major depressive episode. During those weeks I only eat once every 2-3 days or (rarely) force myself to have scheduled meals. I have no appetite and everything is tasteless anyway.

I'm the same way anon. Outside of the lunch served at work everyday I have a granny-smith apple with peanut butter for breakfast and for dinner.

My normie coworkers must never know
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tfw have so little appetite you consider an heroing via starvation

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I don't get why being a virgin or not having a girlfriend is something that's destroying you guys. Isn't there anything you want to do? Isn't there anything you want to be?
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its the societal aspect. id love to just be a hard working man who earns his bread with the other men but whenever sex is brought up, all of a sudden youre a kid and you are no longer allowed to have friends, and more than once this means youre not allowed to earn a wage either
Sex is overrated honestly. But I don't think I'm allowed to have an opinion on whether or not it matters cuz I got really lucky once in high school
all in denial

>mfw women in their early 20's are so insecure and afraid of being left they have started dating guys under their league both in looks and financially

why are women so insanely afraid of being left by men now? abandonment issues are at an all time high
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Maybe because they grew up without father's?
Divorce had run rampant.
Perhaps we're coming full circle?
>tfw no qt clingy wife that truly loves me and goes an extra step in showing her affection for me

I'm not good looking enough to ever get that.
It's how society has conditioned people, both male and female. Also nobody wants to be the only one of their social circle who ends up alone.

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Take the trap pill anon
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But op I want to BE the trap
>Take the trap pill anon

Do you mean become a trap?
Ok sure I'm gonna start hrt soon desu
when you put it this way, it seems like a pretty good deal

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>Step out of room to grab another cup of coffee
>Mom gets frustrated, telling you to get of your room, stop playing video games, fix your car
>Go back into room and continue playing video games

I'm sorry Mom. My ongoing stress and anxiety has found a way to manifest itself through my my day to day. I don't mean to be a bum. Things are getting better and I start work on Monday. I'll have money again.
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>He has a car

Get off my board, you're not a real robot YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!
who the fuck uses piss bottles
I will never understand piss bottles
/r9k/ has been a cyborg board for months if not years, how about YOU get off MY board rustbucket?

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Phil Collins was right
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Pepe had a creator that wasn't just some anonymous shithead on 4chan?
Pepe is not patented
the guy that created pepe seems like such a fag , years of bitching about not being credited everyone someone posts it, then actually believing pepe is now an alt right symbol (a few pol douchebags doesn't change the usage for everyone). you can't kill things on the internet

She didn't get it.
What do
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Ask her mom out on a date, obvs
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This but only this
she has probably heard this stupid fucking joke her entire life
you already blew it

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