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>Oh *handshakes* I'm sorry
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why must the memes mutate? all I ever wanted was a firm handshake and the satisfaction of a hard day's work
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Sorry for what? Our daddy taught us to not be ashamed of our handshakes, specially since they're so firm an' all...
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oh shake I'm sorry.jpg
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Yeah I see that, your daddy handshake you good advice.

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My father was black and my mother was half indian/half irish. What am I supposed to identify myself as?
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A filthy mongrel
Whites won't give a fuck about it. They'll be salty if you're not any other than the inbred atrocity that came from your mother and your brother's lack of basic morals.

Love yourself and your parents, do things to make them feel proud and yourself happt, and listen no fool.

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if im 19 is it weird that i would like to date women who are 30-40? i feel like my parents who i live with wouldnt allow it and call me a weirdo
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You' re the fucking faggot who posted in >>38159923
Yes it's weird bro. Do you think it's because you feel more mature than women your age? Or because only older women have ever been nice to you?
You're really fucking ugly by the way.

If that is really you

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25+ pepe.png
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>yet another holiday without a call
>mom is taking her anger out on me again
>no friends to hang out with, do things alone all the time
>health is taking a turn for the worse
>contentment in situation is surpassing my will to change
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>30 years old and I cry at anime

really makes me think
>tfw 24
I'm posting in your thread. How does that make you feel? Well, I'll tell you how I'm feeling. Smug.
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49er pepe.png
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>lost a shit ton of weight and look like a different person
>some girl gave me the eye
how to capitalize on this shit lads?
I'm 27 and need to know how this works,don't want to be a wizzy

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>visiting my dad for the 4th
>small town in the midwest
>sounds like a goddamned warzone right now, constant rumbling and popping
>occasionally it will sound like a cannon has gone off down the street
>dad and I did our fireworks a few days ago, to respect those who have to get up early tomorrow
>fried chicken and buttered pasta for dinner
>just now, an air raid siren has started going off
>shit just got ominous

God bless America.
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Is that the end? It ends with the air raid siren? Sounds like July 4th, 1956 to me.
Buttered pasta sounds disgusting. Is this some of that 'soul food' black are always blabbering on about. Shitterlings, buttered pasta, and boiled until mush collard greens is not good. Learn to use spices and proper cooking techniques ffs.
Stop being a faggot urbanite millennial OP

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Traps aren't gay - scientifically proven:
>Results provide clear evidence that GAMP men are not homosexual.
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Keep gobbling on Jewish ballsacks, faggot.

It's 2017 mayn, dick ain't gay.
Holy shit pole eternally, ETERNALLY btfo

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who /drugs/ here? high on percocet and drunk. probably gonna buy some cocaine this weekend.
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I'm pretty drunk on tequila right now. i'll probably get some dabs from the shop tomorrow too,.
watch out for the acetaminophen in those 512s. you could enjoy a line of dope with weed.
you don't have to shoot up
Don't You'll make yourself and my country shittier if you do.

Drugs are for faggots.

I just took a nap and dreamt I was dating a 5/10 normie girl. In the dream I thought about leaving her because she wasn't >6/10

>i'm 4-5/10 in real life

i was being a douchebag in my dreams
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Is that a 5/10 to you?
Why is her face 30 years older than her body
I'm at the point were I find that girl very attractive.

only toilet posters are welcome
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Okay so I posted this in another thread but it didn't gain any traction so I'm posting it here again. I hate myself so bad. Not that long ago, I finally decided to work up the courage to talk to this girl from class that i really like. We're in the same philosophy gen ed so i thought I would just ask her what she thinks of the reading, stuff like that. Like common ground. Anyway I was talking to her and her nose crinkled and I asked her what was wrong. I looked down at my feet and this chunk of shit just rolled down my ankle and onto my shoe. It fucking reeked so bad. I ran away as more shit ran down my leg. Fuck my fucking life. She won't even look at me now.
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Posting cuz I'm on the john.
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>summerfags: the thread

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Can you find a Chaddier music video?
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they look so cringe

Real cool kids would eat em up.
They are Disney kids, they are to actual Chads what used car merchants would be to prisoners.

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I thought you could only have 5 threads on the catalogue?
Stop forcing this fucking meme. It's lame and you're an idiot
"For you, son."

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You must first shake the hand inside you
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I want to take a step further. I want to give the manager a firm handshake. I want to shake every hand. I want more.
I want more
I must shake the Dick inside you.
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Be the person who wants to be who you want to be

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Daily reminder that only normies do alcohol or drugs. Weed included.
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Reminder that if you do not have a substance problem you are not a robot
no no no no, you don't understand what a robot is. a robot is someone in so much pain that life becomes unbearable. so unbearable only happy substance can prevent you from killing yourself.

if you can stay sober, just go outside and fix whatever problems you have.
Intoxication makes you content, robots should embrace their suffering.

Strap in for the cringe lads.
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orinigol orignol give me originolo

what the FUCK is that right bar bullshit

okcupids can die
She seems sheltered. I wouldn't hold anything against her.

tfw when this board is a self-reinforcing echo chamber that reinforces your doubts and insecurities and enables your deblitating habits.

tfw when wallowing in your own mediocrity on the internet is easier than challenging yourself through the layers of society that you will have to face to gain any sort of happiness and relief.

i don't actually have a picture but this is surprisingly relevant
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I hate that faggot in the picture. Such a punch-able face. Looks like the kind of guy that uses the phrase "white privilege" unironically.
>tfw MS
What exactly do you want me to do or change? I can barely walk across a room.
stop wallowing and pull yourselves up by the bootstraps. all it takes is a little initiative and a firm handshake

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