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>tfw about to pop a cherry on wednesday
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bumping for some good feels
come on nobody here's ever had some good feels?
I bought a vibrator a few days ago. If that counts as feel.

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need help to stop smoking
I realized It's not gonna do any good to my skin
and so many of the people I know, even the neets, never smoked and they feel just fine
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I'd get 1 again if I could afford it

they aren't near as good as cigarettes but, they make quitting a little less miserable and don't seem to have near as many negative consequences on your physical appearance as cigarettes do
Honestly I'd love to quit too and would also appreciate tips. I've been smoking for almost 10 years. I'm at about a pack a day now. I do still enjoy it, but my teeth are yellow my skin is bad and like 5 seconds of physical activity gets me winded. Plus I'm not exactly rolling in cash and $5 a day on cigs is bleeding me dry and there's just other things I'd like to spend that money on. I've tried vapes but they don't do shit. Vapor makes me cough 10x more than actual smoke, all the flavors taste like shit, and then the vape just makes me crave a real cig. HALP
invest in a good rebuildable vape mod setup and make your own juice from recipes, there are recipe sites. there's a reason it's a hobby, it's fun and interesting.
then start reducing the nicotine levels.

while you are doing this, start jogging on a treadmill every day. remove all the friction barriers and make it easy and comfortable for yourself. i ran naked at home with a fan on me and didn't force myself to meet some goal, just as much as i felt like as long as i ran a little bit.
starting lifting weights at the gym and got up to running 5 miles at a time after a year. started at a quarter mile.

quit 10 years of smoking this way. worked. i still vape a little bit and it's great. get good flavors, not tobacco flavor crap.

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It's a nice day, Anon. You're gonna go out in the sun, right?
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5 minutes to get some vitamin D then back to my room
What if you just soak in the Vitamin D from your window?
why would I want to step out into that 3rd world shithole.
I can smell the stink of Muslims from here.

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Where is my mind?
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shit, i can't find it,
like looking 4 a remote control
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> mfw people say this is 'too thin'
> mfw people think 'too thin' is a thing
> mfw people are so used to obesity that when they see a fit or even slightly underweight person they assume they're on death's door
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>having a mental disorder
>justifying it with MUH FATTIES
jesus you sound just like the fat tumblrites who complain about
She is too thin, making babies with her would probably kill her and the kid.

Chubby is more feminine

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>sitting in a room with two acquantances and a good friend of mine
>they talk, but I dont contribute much
>conversation starts to die out
>dont seem to have anything to say, head totally blank
>not just not being able to think of anything to say, but mind is totally blank
>sit in quiet while everyone is on their phones
this doesnt happen all the time, but after a period of being with someone for longer than half an hour, i start to totally forget everything and go completely blank. makes road trips awful. anyone else?
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I think I'm losing touch with people.
Exactly the same here, anon. They tell us to "be ourselves" but we flat-out can't think of anything.
phones are an actual godsend to the socially inept

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Your thoughts when you see young woman with a child

>She had a dick inside her
>There is no chance of fucking her, she is taken.
>I want to knock you out bitch.
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talk fuckers
>oh, a woman with her child

and then i continue my day and forget about the encounter within minutes because i don't have autism
"he could be my wife's son"

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Imagine actually being disgusted by this.


>tfw ywn be riding in a bus engulfed by the elegant scent of a qt's feet
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Do femfeet smell any different than male feet? Like, do they have a sort of feminine twinge or are they just disgusting?
Is this "womanspreading"?
well, female sweat has different pheromones than male sweat, yeah?

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Assume you just made a million dollars and get to spend 10% of it to ruin the life of your worst enemy.
What are some approaches that don't violate any laws?
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I am my own worst enemy so i guess i will do what i typically do and fuck everything up somehow.
>Pay his gf, mother, sister etc to suck your dick then send him the video/pictures

>buy out his apartment and raise the rent or tell him to move out

>be happy and remind him of it constantly
the ways that violate laws though are so much more fun. e.g. buy some two part, expanding foam cement, pay some guys to break into his home and mix it up in a bucket in his living room.

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Post motivational songs for me to clean my house and get some work done.

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will he hate me forever
nobody ever asked me to listen to music with them
now he hates me
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>will he hate me forever
why not make a new discord account rem?
I have another account that I dont use
thanks I'll keep trying
what time do you sleep btw

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weird how Arcanine went from being the defacto 'smart' board when it was created to a hangout for faggots and trannies to ERP with each other.
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>tfw rebellious musings about society, feels threads, and philosophy threads are constantly dwindling
wat do
>defacto 'smart' board when it was created




*breathes in*



damn that was so close to being symmetrical why'd you have to ruin it?

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>regularly interact with white people
>start thinking they're friendly nice people
>come to pol to remind myself what they're really thinking behind their fake smiles

I can see through you you fuckers, i know your itching to lynch me along with my family.

i will help the jews at the cost of my own life.
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Go play Kingdom Hearts you jigaboo
Just quit stealing, raping, shucking, and jiving. Will be all right then.

Learn genetics m8

How much of a point in there is trying to "stay positive"?

I don't know what would be more exhausting between just letting the depression do its thing and embracing it, or desperately trying to convince myself at all times that it isn't that bad and I'll be okay.
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just chill out it's not so bad
There's good evidence that putting some efort into trying to stay positive can end up with you tricking your body into actually feeling positive. Try it for a while.

Can you present any of this evidence? What you're saying sounds tiresome and fruitless but I can't shoot you down without seeing if there is anything you have to back that up.

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>tfw 19 and just started to learn to drive and everyone else I know has been driving for 3 years

I can't handle this kind of responsibility, what if I run over a toddler or forget to brake at an intersection?
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Dude, I'm almost 20 and don't know jackshit about driving.

I just don't give a single heck, and if someone knows how to drive, then he gotta drive!
>>tfw 19 and just started to learn to drive and everyone else I know has been driving for 3 years
I turned 22 in February and I'm taking my driving test next week, I suffered panic attacks through childhood and school so driving has always been satan's nightmare.

Driving is actually extremely easy and the only people who don't drive that aren't poor are genuinely those with mental problems like anxiety and atychophobics.
It's one of those things where no matter how much you fidget or dislike it you MUST get a car if you want to get anywhere in life
you can put off for a while if you're like me and live in a small town where amenities and family are close.
>what if I

Drop dead tomorrow? Yeah then trying to learn how to drive was completely moot.

Why don't you just kill yourself now and get it over with? Nothing matters anyway.

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