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How do you talk to somebody you like? I even tried alcohol to work up courage but I'm just too scared it will go bad. I've been sitting here drinking more and more alcohol hoping I'll eventually gather the courage but it's just not happening. Somebody help before they go offline and I lose all courage forever.
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i join discords hoping someone talks to me
Describe the situation

or copy and paste

Hey, how's your day going?
keep it lighthearted and clever, the art of small talk goes a long way. Then just keep the conversation flowing by being interested

That sum nice handwriting, wish mine was that sexy

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How do i stop hating myself r9k?
Pls respond
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start loving others
>Join Tsuki
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i wish i knew so i could actually try to be someones friend again without being worthless

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Pic related is my trap friend I met in a psych ward
Should I seduce him? He looks so damn cute to me
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Wait so ftm? or mtf? (kinda hard to tell soz)
Mtf ofc
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So is it not technically a female? aNyway doesn't really look like a passable girl to me; I probably looked more like a girl than him when i had long hair... I assume you're bi to an extent then?

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I want a chubster to sit on my face and milk my cock!
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Perfect time for this thread, friend.
>talking to a thicc girl on Tinder
This is it boys
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>fake tits

What would you do if you could stop time without consequence?

I would eat girls assholes
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Go around assassinating various oligarchs

Also probably fondle some boobs
Gain monetary wealth and acquire material goods.

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nelda the witch.jpg
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>An Oklahoma City woman accused of dressing up as a witch and abusing her granddaughter was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, officials said.

>Geneva Robinson, 51, was ordered to serve three consecutive life sentences, KFOR reported. In February, she pleaded guilty to multiple counts of felony child abuse.

>Robinson's boyfriend, Joshua Granger, also was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly beating two children and aiding Robinson.

>Police came to Robinson's home in September 2014 after she tried taking her granddaughter to the hospital, KFOR reported.

>The girl, 7, appeared to be malnourished, had burns and bruises all over her body, and infected cuts on her ankles, according to a police report. Her wrists also had marks that "had the appearance of possibly being bound."

>The girl told authorities that her grandmother would dress up as a witch named "Nelda" and torture her, according to KFOR.

>Robinson allegedly would wear a green mask and punish her granddaughter by binding her wrists and making her sleep on a pair of pants in the garage.

>Other times Robinson, dressed as "Nelda," would "take a pink dog leash and hang the victim in the middle of the garage underneath her arms." Robinson then would tell the girl the "the creatures in the attic were going to come get her," according to KFOR.

>Granger would stand by and help Robinson take on her witch persona, prosecutors said.

>Officials found a witch hat, chains, and whips allegedly used to torture the girl at the scene, police said.

>Though Robinson's defense argued the sentence was too harsh because the child did not die, the judge said Robinson robbed her granddaughter's innocence and "sparkle," KFOR reported.

>"She has scarred them for the rest of their lives," Prosecutor Merydith Easter said in court on Thursday.

What do you think? Should the old bitch get life?
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No, old bitch should get death
My voice gives me super originality.
That's messed up.
Was this her fetish her something what the fuck?

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I'm interviewing a legit researcher tomorrow on why the suicide rate is so much higher in men than it is in women, worldwide (sans China, weirdly). What should I ask or point out?
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women are leaches
women go on cock carousels and marry to beta when their pussy is worn out
women are all sociopathic and materialistic
women cheat at every opportunity
women are overall cancer

also they refuse to have sex with me because I'm so good, they cannot fathom it
Ask him about the effects of feminism on the suicide rate of men
Lack of sex, you retard. China has a surplus of women. Everywhere else has the 80/20 rule.

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Going to walk around a shady neighborhood to look for a dealer. Any tips?
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don't be white or act like a narc

dress like a wigger
Don't. No dealer is going to tell some random person he's a dealer unless he already knows you're not a narc
some food for thought:
once i was blackout drunk in a bar in florida and some fidgety looking nigger was sitting at a table alone with tattoos looking around sketchily. i JUST KNEW he was a dealer by the way he was acting. i was certain of it. i was getting ready to ask if he had any blow when a waitress came over and gave him a pat on the back and gave him a free soda

obviously he was a narc there to look exactly like that and i almost got thrown in jail while on vacation. anyway godspeed but its shady as fuck

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>tfw gross hands
>tfw no girl will ever let me touch her
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Pic related is my hands. The black stuff doesn't come off for days.
i-i'll rub lotion on your hands anon
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>tfw spooky skelly hand
B-but emo girls dig this r-right?

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>get a gf
>she ends up wanting to try anal
Every time. Why does it seem like all women want to do anal? I don't want to stick my dick in a pooper. Yet all women seem to want it. Why do you all seem to be so interested in anal?
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Porn brainwashing
Just try it, it's okay but your gf probably won't want to do it again
>not wanting to fuck your gf in the ass

are you gay op?
Be ready for poop. A good rule of thumb in any situation actually.

I think it's better to get input from my brethren. I can't decide whether I should keep my head shaved or let it grow. Ultimately, my dick is trying to get wet. I need a mate.

Which looks better?
This, or... (see next post)
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or this?

I personally like shaved better but in terms of "socially objective" terms, which is better?
After the role of a lifetime, I've been (((busy))).
Hmm, I'll spend the next hour trying to figure out how that is relevant. Great challenge, thanks!

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>That kid who always wore the same black hoodie, even during summer
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>that kid who told me to check out his Manifesto

I moved away so no idea what happened to him
>that kid who slept outside during lunch period
>even when it was raining or snowing he'd be out there, wrapped up in his hoodie, backpack under his head
>one time he brought a hammock and swung it between two trees outside
I was that kid
God damnit anon.

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"Anon, I heard you like the soundtracks from the Silent Hill games so I think you should try listening to this."

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who is she? profile plx
Thanks, I guess. Who are you again? I've never met you.

It's okay if you don't know her. She hasn't been posted much in the past year.

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Is it possible for a black girl to be as cute as Asian girls like pic related and have a cute white bf?im watching this girls videos and I can't help but feel jealous of her and her bf is so handsome too. Is it even possible to get a handsome bf like him?
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Jeus that video is awkward.

>She's only there for the money
>Isn't even very pretty, classic moonface
>He's like twice her age
i honestly think the oriental attraction must be linked to autism. i reckon it's because autists are bad with faces and can't recognise that mongoloids like that girl are fuck ugly and weird looking
what a strange channel

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come and join us, watch some movies and/or chat with other robots

rabb.it is basically a chatroom with an implemented virtual machine,but we normally use it just for movies
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watching the imposter rn
some docu about some guy who faked being a missed child so he can have a family
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>Going to the /nastybullyroom
I tried a few times, you guys never watch anything good and the chat is full of drama

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