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If penis grafts become a thing, would you sell your penis for money? For how much? Honestly, for around 50k I think I would.

Also don't you think there'll be a horrible black market for this? Guys getting kidnapped and waking up dickless?
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Well technically you can still get kidnapped anyway for your other organs.

But IIRC penis grafts are mainly done for military guys that had their dick blown off while fighting mudslimes. So penises are probably not that in high demand.

Also dickets would make less money selling theirs desu
What is the point if they cannot regrow the nerves?

This has been bothering me for years.
"black" market

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When you were a kid did you feel like you were better than other people? like on some level you were just superior. Is this a common autism trait? just wondering if i was the only one to feel this way
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>When you were a kid did you feel like you were better than other people? like on some level you were just superior


Now I feel like I'm the worst beta faggot in existence and I hate myself more than I hate normies.
I'd blame it on the millenial everyone is a winner attitude. How old are u?
Wew look at those numbers
So youre like me,deep down you know you're better than other people, admit it

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ITT: /r9k/ approved films and TV shows
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peep show is excellent. nice work sir
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>there will be blood
>taxi driver
>it's an autists attempt to claim that hyper-popular media was created purely with them in mind thread

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To the girl at the gym said "happy birthday" when I scanned my card yesterday.Thank you, you're the only one who's not my parents and sibling who acknowledged I even exist.
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she secretly laughs at what a pathetic and autistic looser you are
It was more of a "haha you are still alive you sperg virgin? how about you kys with one of the training machines while chad fucks me behind the counter"
I know that feeling.
On Valentine's Day a friend of mine gave me a card saying that I was a great person and that I was special.
I usually loath and feel depressed on Vday but that made me so happy I texted her later thanking her. I still have it
Do you write loose or lose?

Loosing or losing
Loosers or losers
Lost or loost

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>therapist says I need to learn to express myself

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>his insurance doesn't cover it
She's wrong. Clearly what you need are anger management classes.
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>therapist says I need to put the gun down


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>have adult braces
>old but qt orthodontist love hates me
>she always puts in extra strong wires, power-chains and springs just to fuck with me
>but she loves seeing me and treating me like a kid, I cant do anything since she's always in my mouth when she says shit
>so I just sit there & try to chuckle it off with her boobs on my face and her eyes staring into mine while she tightens my wires to the point of tears
>sort of like a dominatrix mommy gf
>ANYWAY its been 2 days and each tooth still feels like its being slowy twisted by pliers
Anyone else here /braces/? I never get used to the pain, how do kids fucking do it? Its so distracting especially with a new job. People with nice teeth cant be robots.
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I still have my braces. My teeth are more straightened the they were so it causes less pain. Also my last appointment was done by a black lady and she fucked up and didnt focus on what she was doing.
oh well, two more years and they're off.
>tfw no qt busty dentist
My teeth are passable, but still a bit messed up. (elevated canines) I've thought about braces, but it just sounds awful. The thought of having something in my mouth that I can't take out sounds horrible, considering I'm the kind of person that pokes at sores in my mouth with my tongue for days, and will won't stop until I get piece of corn out of my teeth. Then there's other shit like retainers; apparently you're supposed to wear those for the rest of your life, absolute bullshit.

At the same time it really sounds nice to have perfect teeth. It's frustrating to think that if I ever gained publicity, the first thing people would do is call me Dracula.

Also I hear there's some kind of mold you can put in as an alternative to braces.
The pain only lasts for a couple of days after each ortho visit, just take painkillers and eat soft foods during that time, it's not that bad.
The other 28 days are perfectly fine.
Honestly the thing I hated most about braces is that it takes you 10 minutes to brush your teeth.
Brushing them after getting braces off is the most liberating thing.

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So is this were the alt right kiddies come to play?
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No. You're thinking /pol/. Please go and stay there. Politics are ruining this fucking board. Dumb frogposter
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Stay mad blumpfkin, isn't it past your bedtime?
>politics is ruining this board

yeah its just politics that has made r9k shit

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So, you fucking mess, are you really fucked up, or are you just pretending to be depressed for attention? Perhaps your jealousy of Chad has led you to think you're different to all normies, and that you're a victim because you feel a bit sad.

Either way, take the test below. Post results.

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fuck you and your scam website.
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got 34 on depression, and other are below average

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What kind of music does /r9k/ like ?

I personnaly like psych rock, heavy metal, punk rock and alt rock most likely
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>alt rock
>look, I'm a fucking numale
post what you like and let me juge then faggot
I try to widen my horizons and experience new music all the time
I like most types of electronic music, funk/soul/disco, jazz, heavy metal, doom/gothic metal, tango, ambient, prog/classic (and some alt) rock, reggae/dub, latin, new wave/synthpop, some classical, hip/trip hop.

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pray for me please
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you need to go tyrone some white girls that carry their phone and carmex in their hands everywhere cause they're too stupid to wear clothes with pockets/have a purse with their outfit

there's no need to pray

i am sick in africa
Why are you in Africa.. Hurry and get the fuck out of there.

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LMAOOOOO she's being so random hehe
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I would fuck her thighs.
>tfw women will never think your fetish for legs isn't weird
At least it's not a foot fetish r-right g-guys?

I want to get her a piggy back ride so I can feel her plump thighs on my head/ neck.

how good is your memory bots, i feel like the past few years were a blur after losing my memory disk
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Absolutely horrible, I can't even remember the pin code for my phone
I need 1(one) reply.
I need 1(one) reply.
If you're not doing anything memorable of course your memory will deteriorate

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Suicide/depression meme thread
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I guess there isn't any real discussion value in this thread , though
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So how was your day, r9k?
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Truth be told my day was OK. I woke up pretty late so I only had a couple hours to do what I wanted before I had to go to work. But that's fine

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>2007 was 10 years ago.

Unsuprisingly this is not an original post
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I started going to high school in 2007, those were simpler times
I was class 2015, I never really fit in with the normies at my school. I yearned constantly for the days where me and my bros lived in the same house and G4 was still alive/Adult Swim didn't suck ass
>2018 was 10 years ago.

goddamn it, I was hoping that post would be original so I could ruin this for someone else.

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Fembots, I've noticed the best way to catch your interest and start a conversation on here is to belittle you or make fun of you? Is it because you feel the need to prove that you're better than implied? Or why else?
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Funny that. I'm a fembot and I've noticed the exact same thing about robots, oftentimes to the extent where they go out of their way (twitter and tumblr, for example) to make themselves get mad.
I like to crush with truth.
This image is scary. Why won't you protect me?

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