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>just broke up with bf of six months
>Depressed as fuck all day
Why am I incapable of finding a decent guy? I feel like I'm destined to become a fembot wizard
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>six months
It took you six months to figure out he wasn't decent? After you sucked his cock of course hundreds of times.

Kill yourself used goods turboslut.
you're a disgusting tranny and should be ashamed of yourself. go fucking work on being a better person so your next fuckmate doesn't get bored of you
You are under arrest.
The word is cumdumpster.

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I thought girls weren't into manlets?
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Are you retarded? Original question.
It really doesn't matter to be honest as long as your taller than the girl you're interested in or approach.
I'm a little over 6"0 and my GF is 5"5.
They're still young. She'll get into college and have lots of sex with males of all kinds.

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People on 4chan are generally smart
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thanks I btfo a lot of redditors today finally nice to get some recognition
Pseudo-intellectual =/= smart
a lot of fuckin good that did me or anyone else here

My online boyfriend broke up with me for being a loser and all I do is cry all day for like a month now. I haven't posted here in like a year since we were dating I feel like killing myself again now so I figure I fit in again
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Any interest in rebounding with a man sleazy enough to hit on someone who just got dumped?
i hate this world so much
i want to fuck you in the boy pussy until your mind turns to mush and you forget about all of your pain
are you a grill(boy)?

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what does it mean when a gril tells you you're mysterious? is she saying im autistic?
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she has that fantasy where she's the only one who knows all about the "mysterious" guy and is her secret rendezvous
She thinks you might shoot up a school
It is a polite way of saying "you are pathetic worthless parody of a man, what the fuck is your problem? Stop wasting my time, do me a service and disappear from my life, loser".

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>24 in october
>never had a job
>never had more than 500$
>never had my drivers license
>didnt graduate high school
>overweight my entire life
>even if i lose weight i'll still have gyno

is there any reason to keep living?
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I have gyno , but as long as you lose enough weight it won't be noticeable with a t-shirt on. I'm about 140lbs at 5'8 and people say I'm skinny and can't notice my gyno
Do you actually care about any of that? Do you actually feel bad about your life or do you feel like you should?
your parents must be so proud that they took the time and money to raise you

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>you will never be selected for a special attack unit
>you will never have a sash made out of 1000 stitches by 1000 different qts just for you
>you will never have one final toast of sake with your superiors
>you will never be sent off by qts waving goodbye with cherry blossoms
>you will NEVER be a kamikaze pilot
How do you live with these feels?
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Simple, I just live.
honestly the world would be so much better if imperial Japan beat the United States and was allowed control of the asian sphere of influence
It's very easy to not feel bad about not being tricked into wanting to participate in a suicide attack

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the metal gear series has changed my political and moral beliefs
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Why does metal gear attract so many autists. It's like sonic the hedgehog
Because it's an autistic series made by an autistic man. Big, stupid characters with big, stupid personalities and motivations.
autism made me believe all women want chad.

but it makes sense if you think about it. right? RGIHT?!

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A female friend of mine told me I have an "interesting voice". I wasn't singing or anything, she's just talking about my normal speaking voice. And there was a pause too. She said "You have an... interesting voice". What does this mean?
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It means your voice is weird
Either she was being nice and giving a compliment or not being nice and giving a backhanded compliment.
Need more context.
Okay, I was reading something publicly, and it had a list of names, and I got to one name that was kind of unusual, but I asked how to pronounce it, and I was pretty sure I got it right. When I read it, people laughed. I'm talking to her later, and I say, you know, "I'm pretty sure I said the name right", and that's when she said that people laughed because "You have an... interesting voice, and you paused a lot reading it."

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This is a thread for robots to talk about how constantly they're shit on

No matter what the situation may be, for whatever reason we were just born unlucky. No matter what the event, we just can't win. No matter how hard we try, we don't succeed. And that's why we're here, because no matter what we just keep getting shit on.

Tell us about it
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Do something right and it's mediocre

Do something wrong and it's the worst thing that ever happened
If this doesn't describe most people here I don't know what does

Besides no friends or gf, that describes all here
>Freshman year of highschool
>go to homecoming or whatever dance
>"you'd be such a loser not to go!"
>too pussy to refuse to go
>go to dance
>start autism "dancing" with friends
>bump into some asian chick
>She tells me I'm awful at dancing and should probably stop
>have classes with her for the next 3 years of highschool
>she doesn't remember this happening
>in fact she doesn't remember me
I can't even ""dance"" without getting fucked over.

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>shoots roastie
>she's now fucking the Chad that saved her
>tfw Elliot has no idea
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This is what a love guru looks like
wonder how he'd react if he knew
He'd kill him too. Just imagine, he shoots them because if he can't have them, then no one will, and Chad plays the hero and gets her pussy.

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Not having a girlfriend I can understand but how is it possible to not have friends?
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Low quality bait but effective 30+ reply thread
Everybody starts off without friends

It's just that some never bother/are able to make any, or end up losing contact with those that they do make and end up drifting far apart enough that the label doesn't really fit.
Well just be a moron like me.

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>Staying at Grandmas house
>Go to take a piss
>Walk by little 1o year cousins bed
>Shes watching a youtube video
>Waves me over
>Go over
>She grabs my hand and makes me feel her up
>Pull back
>About to kill myself
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Yeah I'm sure that's what happened, OP. She made you. The jury will love that.
>not at least giving her little pussy a rub through her pants
Why are you even a real person?
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I mean if she made me do it then its not like she is going to tell anyone or make a big thing out of it. Which is probably the only reason I haven't fucking sliced my throat yet. It was literally like my fucking Japanese Doujins.

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Lads, roasties are making articles about us

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>its another "turn your adblock off, I want to show you some kike merchandise!" episode
Thats the most attention i've ever gotten from a woman.
That's not about us. Stop shilling your agenda. Fuck the fucking fuck off you slutty butt fuck.

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Why are Latin males so alpha?
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because of PASSION
What animes is this?
l want to know too

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