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9 days
9 days ago I watched the Instagram live stream of a girl I like. It ended with us face timing each other till 4 am. She told me she does the live streams alot. Today is day 9 of me waiting for her to stream so it can end like before. That face time call was the most we had talked ever. I need to do it again.
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Dont get your hopes up, youre already setting yourself up for failure
Don't act too attached. Don't let her know you're waiting for her to live stream again or that you put off something else so you could watch it. Girls don't like when a guy is straightforward about liking them

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*Faster than my bullet
If you're gonna shitpost, at least do it right.
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okay so 20% of girls are sluts
what about the other 80% of girls

how about this
100% M, 100% F
M = Male. F= Female
20% F get fucked by 80% M
that leaves 20% M and 80% F

of that, we can assume that 20 percentage points M get with the 20% F
so that leave 60% M that fucks a lot, 20% M that is more serious about who he sleeps with
and 80% F that are more serious who they sleep with
60% of that M are still fucking/have fucked those 20% F earlier
of that 60% M, they'll eventually be with 60% of the F who don't fuck so casually (granted, there will be a percentage from that 60% M that won't get in a relationship and keep things casual with the 20% F sluts)lets say 10 percentage points of the 60% M who like to fuck casually don't settle down and stay casual
that leaves 70% M (50% M who like to fuck a lot, 20% M who don't like to fuck a lot)
and still 80% F that aren't sluts
somewhere in there that 20% M that don't do casual sex will get with 20% F that don't slut around
that leaves 50% M and 60 % F
the leftover M are the ones that have slept with a lot of women, the 60% F who hasn't slutted around
they'll eventually mix together leaving 10% F
but we still have the 30% M who fuck a lot
and the 20% F who fuck a lot

lets say 4% of that is gay and lesbian
which would be accurate
so they are together

so we are left with 26% M who fuck a lot
and a mix of 26% F who slut and don't slut (mostly slut)

they'll eventually intermingle with each other
leaving 0%
except it doesn't
since there's more women than men in the world
so it would be more like 0% M left, and 5% F left
being that there would have been a starting point base 100, 100% M, 105% F

so the 20% of guys who aren't fucking a lot get a much better pick of women who haven't fucked a lot, theoretically speaking
but of the 20% of M that don't fuck a lot, they could get a 20% F who slutted but is ready to settle
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natural selection

You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.
point is even if you're aren't part of the M that is fucking the small portion of the F, you still have a good chance with getting with someone
who hasn't fucked a lot

there's still the 80% guys that fuck a lot
who still have a somewhat equal shot with the 80% F

sadly with relationships it's not as linear as 80% 20%, so the 80% M still has a chance with the 80% F too.

So, what are you? The 20% or the 80%?
How about you show me some actual research and statistics and some fucking random math acrobatics?

>do 50 pushups
>do 50 squats
>sit in a chair for 5 minutes with a book on your head
you're welcome
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>Still thinks he can work the legs with high-rep squats rather than being a man and just lifting

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EDIT: Thanks for the goId, stranger!
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So I've made a deal with my imaginary friend.
It involves giving me a name, so give me a name and I'll make one thread everyday for the rest of /r9k/'s existence.
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itt: how to sppot reddit
>not him but
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>I just ate 12 swiss rolls
I feel disgusting. Am I on my way to becoming fat?
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This is a FULL bottle of my piss. Does anybody else here unironically piss in bottles/jugs?
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Good job staying hydrated.
I piss in bottles to pour on my windshield when it freezes over
Thats a neat idea!

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Does anyone else feel as if they'll never get along with others?

I've never had any serious friends and haven't had any friends for years. Even when I made internet friends I would get bored of them or screw them over and end up alone again. I get banned on pretty much every platform of social media and even gaming servers for one reason or another. I've never had a date or anything close to romantic encounter.

I like the idea of friends or a relationship but despise the concept in reality. There are so many issues and problems with relationships that I don't see it as valuable. I have a lot of philosophical issues with romantic relationships. I'm not some teenager that says they "hate the world" but I tend to be repulsed by so many normal activites or beliefs of normal people.

I don't know where to progress with this. I have no desire of running and business and achieving wealth and success. Everything else seems to be impossible as it would require me to socialise. I don't see the point in much else as it is unfulfilling. I just don't want to interact with anyone anymore in real life.
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I made friends in the past but I would turn down 9/10 of their invites and they'd stop inviting me. Or when I'm around them I'm just a negative person I think, because of shit self esteem or because I'm used to talking to cynical ironic pricks on 4chan all day usually. Those two things combined lead to people not inviting me places. I get butthurt when I find out I'm not invited to stuff, even though I knew I wouldn't go if I was. I just want to be invited.
And I should add that /r9k/ is pretty difficult to relate to as well.

I don't even come here anymore. It's like a new /b/

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cool guy md.jpg
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Hes back again... this time hes gunning for your mom (after he just got laid). What do you do?
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Is retail really that horrible? i might become a wagecuck soon and retail is the most obvious option.
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It's horrible in that it's boring, tedious and that no one ultimately cares about the work you do.

It's easy to do however, none of it takes real skill. Unless you're purely stocking, you need some level of social skills as well.
Most robots would not be able to handle a retail job. 90% would quit or be fired within the first 3 months even if they tried their hardest. Generally speaking anyone who's able to hold down one of these jobs is a normalfag hybrid at the very least.
I could never work retail, having to interact with random people constantly while having the anxiety of something going wrong and them bitching me out or complaining about me because I have a resting angry face would drive me insane. I've been fired from a retail job before for "not smiling enough" and having an "attitude that makes it seem
Like I don't want to be there."

Never, ever again and like another anon said stocking is pretty much the only route for a robot.

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Just ban every thread off /r9k/ already, it's time to put the final nail in the coffin please.
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>be me
>14, 8th grade
>my fagass self is in choir
>concert that night
>parents get some coupons for family video
>30-50 minutes early for concert
>stop by family video
>i stay in the car while parents go inside
>i see the school tard fly out of the exit door
>i ignore it like a dumbass
>tard is locked on target
>i didnt even see him sprint in around to the passenger side of my car
>my door flies open
>he grabs me like a fucking doll
>with only my seatbelt holding me back, this fucker tried to yank me out of my car while simultaneously trying to "hug" me.
>he finally lets go of me
>im gasping for breath after i was done being strangled by my fucking seatbelt
>his mom apoligizes to me
>i shut my door slowly
>parents get back in the car
>ask me if im okay
>i didnt say a damn word
>i get to the stupid fucking concert and sang the songs
>parents offer me food afterwards
>still didnt say a fucking word
>they drive me home
>go to room
>slam door
>never speak to anyone for 2 days
>still reminded of it every time we drive past that fucking video store
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>tfw can't afford food, ran out of money over a week ago
>tfw watching fast food reviews from reviewbrah enviously
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And when I get money I will spend it on crappy food because I need to binge.
Dumpster dive bro. Grocery stores throw out food all the time.
Homeless shelter my man.

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